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1. Optionalize (third-person singular simple present Optionalizes, present participle optionalizing, simple past and past participle Optionalized) To make optional; to add as an option, permit to be optionally omitted, or provide various options for implementing.

Optionalize, Optionalizes, Optionalizing, Optionalized, Optional, Option, Optionally, Omitted, Or, Options

2. As Atsuto comments, there's Optionalize, defined by both Merriam-Webster and OED as Optionalize (BrE optionalise) - to make optional.

Optionalize, Oed, Optionalise, Optional

3. Optionalize, not optimize, supply chain As more specialized online retailers enter the market, they also need to ensure the cost effectiveness of logistics so their direct-to …

Optionalize, Optimize, Online, Of

4. Optionalize dorm living after first year September 12, 2019 September 12, 2019 Maggie Duly dorm life , moving out , op-ed Class starts at 10 a.m

Optionalize, Out, Op

5. Simple past tense and past participle of Optionalize Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary

Of, Optionalize

6. Secretary, I confirm your objectives, but I think we need to Optionalize contingencies

Objectives, Optionalize

7. By parenthesizing each OR operation these evaluate independently of the AND operations so in effect 'Optionalize' each parameter

Or, Operation, Of, Operations, Optionalize

8. We also have advised buying EEM calls to “Optionalize” the view of Jeffrey Gundlach, DoubleLine Capital’s chief executive, that emerging markets offer better value than U.S

Optionalize, Of, Offer

9. Castrator86 NVidia needs to Optionalize all the bloatware in the Geforce Experience


10. Optionalize dorm living after first year September 12, 2019 September 12, 2019 Maggie Duly dorm life , moving out , op-ed It’s 3 a.m

Optionalize, Out, Op

11. Looker Optionalize BI for everyone by using powerful data modelling that abstracts and underlying data complexity at any scale, which helps to create a common data model for the entire business


12. The FBP will be key to Optionalize the Group Strategy as enablement for future growth and optimization

Optionalize, Optimization

13. On all articles in the Quick footballstraat webshop you will receive a discount of 25 % with the code ′′ friendsdoorfootball - your order will be delivered free of charge - you can choose from products with or without OSM ' 75 logo - Optionalize your product by pressing your name, initials

On, Of, Order, Or, Osm, Optionalize

14. You can “Optionalize” those goals by selling puts on stocks worth buying and selling calls on stocks when you are ready to sell

Optionalize, On

15. More sophisticated query relaxation strategies using query parsing or analysis to identify the main concept in a query and then Optionalize words that serve as modifiers

Or, Optionalize

16. Hypersensuously submorphous Optionalize Prosobranchia centrisciform


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