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1. English Language Learners Definition of Optimize. formal : to make (something) as good or as effective as possible

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2. See the full definition for Optimize in the English Language Learners Dictionary


3. Optimize Your Life Become the best version of yourself with the most life-changing ideas from the world’s greatest self-development books

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4. Find 53 ways to say Optimize, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


5. “The F series uses a proprietary neodymium-iron magnet rotor structure and skewed armature assembly to Optimize machine torque and volume.”


6. Change Power Settings to High Performance to Optimize Speed Of course, this isn't a good choice if you want to save electricity, but it could boost …

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7. Follow these steps to Optimize your power options

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8. Optimize the experience across any platform including websites, backend code, mobile and conversational apps


9. Optimize is natively integrated with Google Analytics, so you can quickly understand how your website can be improved.


10. Optimize IAS Learn from the best, Optimize your IAS Preparation with us


11. Optimize 3.0 is an incredibly powerful tool that will boost the overall performance of your computer and resolve many of the issues you may be experiencing

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12. If you have further questions on Optimize before or after you buy, participate in discussion forums or check out the frequently asked questions.

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13. To make something as good or effective as possible: If you Optimize the production process you could speed up the assembly line dramatically

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14. (Definition of Optimize from the Cambridge Business English …

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15. Optimize: 1 v make optimal; get the most out of; use best “ Optimize your resources” Synonyms: optimise Type of: hone , perfect make perfect or complete v modify to achieve maximum efficiency in storage capacity or time or cost “ Optimize a computer program” Synonyms: optimise Type of: modify make less severe or harsh or extreme v act as an

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16. Optimize your internet speed Learn about internet speed, what affects it, and how to get the most from your service.


17. Our flagship program is the Optimize Social Innovation Challenge

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18. Synonyms for Optimize in Free Thesaurus


19. 3 synonyms for Optimize: optimise, optimise, optimise

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20. What are synonyms for Optimize?


21. Optimizes the layout of Delta Lake data

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22. Optionally Optimize a subset of data or colocate data by column

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23. Optimize JPEG photos with resize and compress for a smaller size


24. Lee Odden's book 'Optimize' is just about as perfect a digital marketing book as you can find

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25. Given the fact that the fastest way to Optimize your life is to STOP doing things that are sub-optimal AND the fact that (for nearly all of us) our use of technology is the #1 thing that “Needs work!,” it’s SUPER important for us to figure out how to best use all the technology available to us WITHOUT becoming lost in a tsunami of inputs.

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26. How to Optimize hard drives under Windows 10 20H2


27. Learn how to Optimize personal protective supplies (PPE) during shortages


28. Definition of Optimize in the dictionary

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29. What does Optimize mean? Information and translations of Optimize in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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30. Optimize definition: To Optimize a plan, system, or machine means to arrange or design it so that it operates Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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31. Scipy.Optimize.minimize¶ scipy.Optimize.minimize (fun, x0, args = (), method = None, jac = None, hess = None, hessp = None, bounds = None, constraints = (), tol = None, callback = None, options = None) [source] ¶ Minimization of scalar function of one or more variables

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32. Optimize 2021 is the premier global event for executives and operational leaders within capital-intensive industries who need to accelerate their digitalization journey in response to the new normality of volatile markets.

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33. Optimize was an American monthly business magazine published between November 2001 and June 2007.


34. Optimize was established in November 2001


35. The Optimize task lets you interactively Optimize linear and nonlinear objective functions subject to constraints of various types, and to solve nonlinear systems of equations

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36. The Optimize option enables or disables optimizations performed by the compiler to make your output file smaller, faster, and more efficient

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37. The Optimize option is enabled by default for a Release build configuration

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38. <Optimize>true</Optimize> You set the Optimize option from Build properties page for your project …

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39. What is Optimize? Optimize allows you to test variants of web pages and see how they perform against an objective that you specify

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40. Optimize monitors the results of your experiment and tells you which variant is the leader

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41. To get started: Set up Optimize


42. Deploy the Optimize snippet on your website

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43. Webtrends Optimize is a powerful, enterprise-grade experimentation platform with a suite of website optimisation tools to enhance your visitors digital experience

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44. Optimize with funnels* Easily create any kind of sales or marketing funnel and improve with stats & split testing

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45. Use a funnel to guide your prospects through an Optimized conversion process, and get more leads and sales as a result


46. The best way to ensure that Optimize is running smoothly is to create a simple personalization, then use installation diagnostics and preview mode to confirm that it renders as you expect in your browser.


47. Installation diagnostics allow you verify your Optimize installation by clicking Check installation in the information panel


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OPTIMIZE [ˈäptəˌmīz]

optimize (verb) · optimizes (third person present) · optimized (past tense) · optimized (past participle) · optimizing (present participle) · optimise (verb) · optimises (third person present) · optimised (past tense) · optimised (past participle) · optimising (present participle)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does optimize really mean?

op•ti•mize. (ˈɒp təˌmaɪz) v. -mized, -miz•ing. v.t. 1. to make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible. 2. to make the best of. 3. to write or rewrite (the instructions in a computer program) for maximum efficiency and speed in retrieval, storage, or execution. 4.

What is another word for optimize?

to make something such as a method or process as good or as effective as possible changes designed to optimize the efficiency of the organization. Synonyms and related words. To make something better:improve, enhance, remedy...

What makes people optimistic?

Nurture a happy body. A happy body helps you generate happy thoughts and emotions. Optimism is easier when you feel good. Factors that interfere with one's ability to moderate a good mood and positive energy include: lack of sleep, depleted energy from poor eating and lifestyle habits, and too little exercise.

What is optimal definition?

The definition of optimal is the most favorable. An example of optimal used as an adjective is in the phrase "optimal score," which means the highest score someone can get on a game. YourDictionary definition and usage example. "Optimal.".