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1. A person who manages a working or industrial establishment, enterprise, or system: the Operators of a mine

Or, Operators, Of

2. One who operates a machine or device: the Operator of a forklift.

One, Operates, Or, Operator, Of

3. A user-defined type cannot overload the conditional Operator

Overload, Operator

4. For more information, see the Conditional Operator section of the C# language specification

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5. It is the modulo (or modulus) Operator: The modulus Operator (%) computes the remainder after dividing its first operand by its second.

Or, Operator, Operand

6. Contents JavaScript Language Reference The (>>=) Operator is used to shift the bits of an expression to the right, preserving sign.

Operator, Of

7. The logical AND (&&) Operator (logical conjunction) for a set of operands is true if and only if all of its operands are true

Operator, Of, Operands, Only

8. Although the + Operator is often used to add together two values, like in the example above, it can also be used to add together a variable and a value, or a variable and another variable:

Operator, Often, Or

9. Http:// Birthday Eli4777 From-Robin&Guppy&Sean :-)Jim Croce - Operator LyricsOperator, oh could you help me place this callY

Operator, Oh

10. 86,419 Operator jobs available on

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11. Apply to Data Entry Clerk, Operator, Computer Operator and more!


12. When an Operator appears in an expression, and at least one of its operands has a class type or an enumeration type, then overload resolution is used to determine the user-defined function to be called among all the functions whose signatures match the following:

Operator, One, Of, Operands, Or, Overload

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14. == (Double equals Operator): Known as the equality or abstract comparison Operator === (Triple equals Operator): Known as the identity or strict comparison Operator; In this post, we’ll explore the similarities and differences between these Operators

Operator, Or, Operators

15. Let’s declare two variables foo and bar and compare them using both Operators.


16. Operator Photos View All Photos (29) Movie Info


17. An Operator is a special set of symbols used to perform an operation or conditional evaluation.

Operator, Of, Operation, Or

18. The logical Operators for articles/Conditional Statements in Luaconditional statements are and, or, and not.These Operators consider both false and nil as “false” and anything else as “true.”

Operators, Or

19. When the daughter of veteran 911 call center Operator Pamela (Mischa Barton), and her estranged husband Jeremy (Luke Goss), a Senior Police Officer, is kidnapped and held hostage, they are left desperate, with no choice but to follow the kidnapper's rules: send messages through dispatch for …

Of, Operator, Officer

20. The PHP arithmetic Operators are used with numeric values to perform common arithmetical operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication etc.

Operators, Operations

21. An Operator is someone who carries with them the wisdom that comes with experience and maturity


22. This is why the most senior Operators are …


23. The addition assignment Operator (+=) adds the value of the right operand to a variable and assigns the result to the variable

Operator, Of, Operand

24. The types of the two operands determine the behavior of the addition assignment Operator

Of, Operands, Operator

25. Which is useful in cases, where the left-hand side of the ternary Operator is too long type, is too complex to calculate twice, or has side-effects

Of, Operator, Or

26. It also combines nicely with the ?? Operator, which is equivalent to an empty() check (both isset() and `!= false`):


27. The Operator is unique, surprising, a kind of counternarrative, and certainly the other half of the story of one of the world’s most famous military operations…In the larger sense, this book is about…how to be human while in the very same moment dealing with death, destruction, combat” (Doug Stanton, New York Times bestselling author

Operator, Of, Other, One, Operations

28. An Operator manipulates individual data items and returns a result


29. Operators are represented by special characters or by keywords

Operators, Or

30. For example, the multiplication Operator is represented by an asterisk (*) and the Operator that tests for nulls is represented by the keywords IS NULL.


31. In 911 Operator, you take on the role of an emergency dispatcher, who has to rapidly deal with the incoming reports

Operator, On, Of

32. It is a ternary Operator because it uses the condition, a and b i.e


33. Operator Precedence and Associativity: Precedence Rules: The precedence rules specify which Operator is evaluated first when two Operators with different precedence are adjacent in an expression.

Operator, Operators

34. * The scene where the Operator takes the leader hostage was badly written


35. An Operator is a method of packaging, deploying and managing a Kubernetes-native application

Operator, Of

36. Red Hat OpenShift: Operator framework - 2:54.

Openshift, Operator

37. Finally, there is a single ternary Operator, ? :, which takes three values; this is usually referred to simply as "the ternary Operator" (although it could perhaps more properly be called the conditional Operator).


38. The reason why the == Operator reasons that "3" and 3 are the same is because it actually coverts the operands (the values either side of the == Operator) to the same type before it does the comparison

Operator, Operands, Of

39. However, if we change the Operator to an identity Operator, as shown here, we see quite different output:

Operator, Output

40. 112 Operator allows you to manage emergency services in any city in the world! Dispatch units, take calls and face situations caused by weather, traffic or changing seasons

Operator, Or

41. The comma Operator , is one of the rarest and most unusual Operators

Operator, One, Of, Operators

42. The comma Operator allows us to evaluate several expressions, dividing them with a comma ,


43. The AND && Operator does the following:


44. A telephone Operator gets revenge on a vitriolic customer (Michael Laurence) by ruining his credit rating, his reputation and his marriage.

Operator, On

45. The Subscript or Array Index Operator is denoted by ‘[]’

Or, Operator

46. This Operator is generally used with arrays to retrieve and manipulate the array elements


47. This is a binary or n-ary Operator and is represented in two parts: postfix/primary expression; expression

Or, Operator

48. The ?? Operator works for both reference types and value types


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OPERATOR [ˈäpəˌrādər]

operator (noun) · operators (plural noun)