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1. Operational definition is - of or relating to operation or to an operation

Operational, Of, Or, Operation

2. How to use Operational in a sentence.


3. Operational definition, able to function or be used; functional: How soon will the new factory be Operational? See more.

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4. Operational synonyms, Operational pronunciation, Operational translation, English dictionary definition of Operational

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5. 12 synonyms of Operational from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 21 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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6. Find another word for Operational


7. Operational: being in effective operation

Operational, Operation

8. If a system is Operational, it is working: 3


9. Find 19 ways to say Operational, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


10. SRUS43 KMSR 041050 SCVPTR .BR MSP 051104 DM110406/DC11041050 /SDIPZ : :----- :National Weather Service :Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services :National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center :Chanhassen, Minnesota (952) 361-6610 :----- : :Modeled Snow Depth Over Land by Elevation Zones :Modeled 05110406 : :LITTLE PRICKLY PEAR CR.

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11. ‘A good example is that of computer systems that support the Operational activities of an organization.’ ‘He took charge of all Operational functions as well as information technology, human resources, customer service and finance.’

Of, Operational, Organization

12. Operational excellence is a framework for businesses to focus on growth and execute their strategy better than their competitors

Operational, On

13. Operational planning isn’t done in a silo, and it doesn’t work without the full weight of the team backing it up

Operational, Of

14. is an award-winning pm software dedicated to helping businesses smooth out their Operational plans for a better year ahead.

Out, Operational

15. Click on the above map for the latest Operational status of courts nationwide.

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16. 7 ways to abbreviate Operational


17. How to abbreviate Operational? Get the most popular abbreviation for Operational updated in 2021


18. Operational Excellence vs Continuous Improvement


19. Operational excellence is a perfect example of such a change

Operational, Of

20. We’ll talk about the importance of Operational excellence in this article and also highlight some of its core principles

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21. Let’s get started: What Is Operational Excellence? Business Dictionary defines Operational excellence as,


22. The Operational Services Division (OSD) serves both our business and government customers through a variety of services and programs ranging from managing the state fleet of vehicles, managing the Commonwealth’s COMMBUYS Procurement Market Center, certifying diverse businesses looking to do business with the Commonwealth, to management and oversight of the procurement of goods and …

Operational, Osd, Our, Of, Oversight

23. Operational efficiency is primarily a metric that measures the efficiency of profit earned as a function of Operational costs.

Operational, Of

24. Indo-Pacific Command in 2021 for the first-ever virtual Pacific Operational Science & Technology (POST) Conference as we examine regional security challenges and collaborative technology engagement in the S&T community.This virtual conference will feature: DoD opportunities for joint research, development, and experimentation

Operational, Opportunities

25. An Operational definition ensures a succinct description of concepts and terms as applied to a specific situation to facilitate the collection of meaningful and standardized data

Operational, Of

26. The Operational Law Handbook was originally published in 1987

Operational, Originally

27. One area that may involve Operational risk is the maintenance of necessary systems and equipment

One, Operational, Of

28. DoDAF-described Models in the Operational Viewpoint describe the tasks and activities, Operational elements, and resource flow exchanges required to conduct operations

Operational, Operations

29. A pure Operational model is materiel independent


30. The Operational Risk Management (ORM) process can be used to assist agency leaders, supervisors, and employees with identifying and mitigating risk associated with the work we perform

Operational, Orm

31. Operational art is defined by its military-political scope, not by force size, scale of operations or degree of effort

Operational, Of, Operations, Or

32. Likewise, Operational art provides theory and skills, and the Operational level permits doctrinal structure and process.


33. An Operational definition of behavior is a tool for understanding and managing behaviors in a school setting

Operational, Of

34. Operational risk is the risk that a firm’s internal practices, policies and systems are not adequate to prevent a loss being incurred, either because of market conditions or Operational difficulties

Operational, Of, Or

35. Although Operational risk is harder to define precisely than market


36. Operational technology (OT) is a vital component of a functioning economy

Operational, Ot, Of

37. Dos — April 2011,” for Operational lessons learned from that event


38. Operational Delta Queue is a physical Queue (T-Code: ODQMON), present in the source system

Operational, Odqmon

39. Idaho State University is prepared to make Operational adjustments to respond to the evolving COVID-19 situation


40. Operational adj 1: pertaining to a process or series of actions for achieving a result; "Operational difficulties"; "they assumed their Operational positions" 2: fit or ready for use or service; "the toaster was still functional even after being dropped"; "the lawnmower is a bit rusty but still usable"; "an Operational

Operational, Or, Of

41. • The budget is an Operational statement in monetary terms


42. • In education Operational time scales tend to be longer than commercial ones, certainly so far as joint projects are concerned

Operational, Ones

43. • This provides us with a very Operational view concerning these matters.


44. Operational Stress Control Program is no longer just a pre-deployment training check


45. Adversaries’ capabilities and Operational concepts, and superimposed over a U.S

Operational, Over

46. ‘A good example is that of computer systems that support the Operational activities of an organization.’ ‘He took charge of all Operational functions as well as information technology, human resources, customer service and finance.’

Of, Operational, Organization

47. Please enter a keyword (street, city, or state) to find the nearest immigration court and its Operational status

Or, Operational

48. We’ve established three Operational postures that drive our decision making and activity levels

Operational, Our

49. Pitt’s Operational postures define what is allowable across our people, places and programs.

Operational, Our

50. An Operational CRM is designed to improve routine business operations and securely store data on all your business activities with customers and prospects

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