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2. Operability is considered one of the ilities and is closely related to reliability, supportability and maintainability

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3. Operability also refers to whether or not a surgical operation can be performed to treat a patient with a reasonable degree of safety and chance of success.

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4. Operability is the ability to keep an equipment, a system or a whole industrial installation in a safe and reliable functioning condition, according to pre-defined operational requirements.

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5. ‘‘The engine performed extremely well insofar as Operability, stability and the way it responded to pilot commands, but the fuel burn was excessive, just as we expected,’ he conceded.’ ‘If the survey determines that a high percentage of the windows cannot be easily opened and closed, and that Operability is a desired feature for the

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6. Operability: the properties of a system which make it work well in Production Operability is an engineering term concerning the qualities of a system which make it work well over its lifetime, and software Operability applies these core engineering principles to software systems.

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OPERABILITY [ˌäp(ə)rəˈbilitē]


Synonyms: operable .

operable (adjective)