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1. Oozing synonyms, Oozing pronunciation, Oozing translation, English dictionary definition of Oozing

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2. 19 synonyms of Oozing from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 15 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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3. Oozing: to flow forth slowly through small openings

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4. Find 27 ways to say Oozing, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


5. This is typically due to plastic Oozing out of the nozzle while the extruder is moving to a new location

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6. Deliver three Oozing Ingredient: Viscous Oil to the Pool of Potions

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7. If you haven't solved the crossword clue Oozing yet try to search our Crossword Dictionary by entering the letters you already know! (Enter a dot for each missing letters, e.g

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8. “P.ZZ..” will find “PUZZLE”.) Also look at the related clues for crossword clues with similar answers to “Oozing


9. Definition of Oozing in the dictionary

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10. What does Oozing mean? Information and translations of Oozing in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

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11. The condition of Oozing may last anywhere between several hours to a full weekend, with extreme Oozing persisting indefinitely

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12. Dictionary entry overview: What does Oozing mean? • Oozing (noun) The noun Oozing has 1 sense:

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13. The process of seeping Familiarity information: Oozing used as a noun is very rare

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14.Oozing (adjective) The adjective Oozing has 1 sense:


15. Leaking out slowly Familiarity information: Oozing used as an adjective is very rare.

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18. Oozing Leftovers unravel themselves, losing 5% of their maximum health every 1 sec

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20. After eating so much junk food all day, it felt like grease was just Oozing from my pores


21. Synonyms for Oozing in Free Thesaurus


22. 4 synonyms for Oozing: seepage, ooze, oozy, seeping

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23. If your scab is still Oozing with yellow-ish or pink-ish fluid, it might be a sign that your wound is infected

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24. WHY DOES MY WOUND KEEP Oozing? When there is no a hundred percent certain answer for this question, most probably your wound keep Oozing because it is undergoing a phase of healing which is the good reason or looking at the other side

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25. What does Oozings mean? Plural form of Oozing

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26. Translation for 'Oozing' in the free English-Polish dictionary and many other Polish translations.

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27. Oozing – Tombs Erupting with Gore: A2: Oozing – Vortex of Swirling Blood: A3: Oozing – Gargling Decomposed Innards: A4: Oozing – Anatomical Hauntings: A5: Oozing – Bursting with Festering Liquids: Thanatological Reflections On Necroticism: B1: Pharmacist (3) – Forensic Civil Assessment: B2: Pharmacist (3) – Necrologic Jurisdiction

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28. Oozing: 1 n the process of seeping Synonyms: ooze , seepage Types: exudation , transudation the process of exuding; the slow escape of liquids from blood vessels through pores or breaks in the cell membranes Type of: flow , flowing the motion characteristic of fluids (liquids or gases) adj leaking out slowly Synonyms: oozy , seeping leaky

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29. These sores literally weep, resulting in Oozing or wetness

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30. Oozing beach-to-bar cool, River Island's Pacha collection is filled with statement prints and hot-house hues


31. Buzz fashion buzz fashion But according to Rizana Nafeek statement: "When I was feeding the infant, I noticed that the milk was Oozing through the mouth and nose of the infant.

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32. By understanding a little more about the 3D printing process, and how settings in MatterControl affect extrusion, we can help you reduce and even eliminate Oozing and stringing from your 3D prints


33. Welcome to the Oozing store, the one stop shop for all your Oozing Army Merch

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34. See 11 authoritative translations of Oozing in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

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35. Oozing tendrils of lava spew from Mount Etna in spectacular nighttime photos By Brandon Specktor - Senior Writer 01 March 2021 Europe's most active volcano is having an epic couple of weeks.

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36. I tried to apply pressure to the wound, but blood just kept Oozing out.

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37. Airline Stocks are Near Pre-Pandemic Levels, Despite Oozing Cash and Piling Up Debt


38. Oozing sores on the scalp may be symptoms of an allergic reaction

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39. Oozing adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (liquid: slowing coming out) grondante agg aggettivo: Descrive o specifica un sostantivo: "Una persona fidata" - "Con un cacciavite piccolo" - "Questioni controverse"

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42. Oozing For My Lord [Betty Carolyn Hearon Love, The Lord gave Betty Carolyn the title of this book before she started writing it., It may seem strange to you, and yet it was so appropriate for me

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43. Oozing its way around the Baroque fabric of Graz, Peter Cook and Colin Fournier's new Kunsthaus (p44) is more than just a fashionable biomorph

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44. Oozing (1 Occurrence) Noah Webster's Dictionary (p

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45. Multi-Version Concordance Oozing (1 Occurrence)

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46. 1 Samuel 14:26 When the people /o/Oozing.htm - 6k


47. Kongregate free online game Oozing Forever - Abandoned in the wreckage of a secret science facility, our spiky little slime-covered hero mu

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48. A WOMAN has been left with horrific facial burns and Oozing pus after a botched wrinkle treatment in a Turkish clinic


49. If you look closely at the picture of Caribou Barbie, you can see her brain Oozing out from her ear.

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50. I picture Same and the ‘Brave’ occupying the same unfinished basement: cement flaking and the old forgotten canned goods Oozing from the seams

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51. Oozing (plural Oozings) Something that oozes; a seepage

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52. 1855, Henry Stephens, John Stuart Skinner, The book of the farm (page 320) A 12-acre field of good, deep land on the farm of Frenchlaw, in Berwickshire, was rendered swampy by springs and Oozings of water from the surrounding rising ground being retained upon the clay subsoil.

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OOZING [o͞oz]


  • (of a fluid) slowly trickle or seep out of something; flow in a very gradual way.
  • slowly exude or discharge a viscous fluid.
Synonyms: seep . discharge . flow . exude . trickle . drip . dribble . issue . filter . percolate . escape . leak . drain . empty . bleed . sweat . well . leach . extravasate . filtrate . transude . exudate .
  • give a powerful impression of (a quality).
Synonyms: exude . gush . drip . give out . send out . emit . breathe . display . exhibit . demonstrate . manifest .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does oozing pus mean?

ooze verb [ I + adv/prep, T ] uk ​ /uːz/ us ​ /uːz/. › to flow slowly out of something through a small opening, or to slowly produce a thick sticky liquid: Blood was still oozing out of the wound. She removed the bandage to reveal a red swollen wound oozing pus.

What is the adjective for oozing?

figurative He oozes (= has a lot of) charm / confidence. In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives. Some of these examples may show the adjective use. Bleeding manifestations include petechiae, plus oozing from wound sites, intravenous lines, venepuncture sites and mucosal surfaces.

What is the meaning of ooze?

1 : a soft deposit (as of mud, slime, or shells) on the bottom of a body of water The turtle buried itself in the ooze. Synonyms for ooze. Examples of ooze in a Sentence.

What does the name oozes mean?

To progress slowly but steadily: "Over grass bleached colorless by strong outback sun, the herd oozes forward" (Geraldine Brooks). To exude moisture. To emit a particular essence or quality: The house oozed with charm. To give off; exude. To emit or radiate in abundance: She oozes confidence. The act of oozing. Something that oozes.