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5. To be “Ontologically different” would make priests not human


6. Though a popular misconception - that ordination Ontologically changes deacons, priests, ad bishops -, you will note that this language of “ontological change” does not appear anywh

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7. While priests still looks very much like any other layperson, there is something fundamentally, or Ontologically, different about them after their ordination

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8.Ontologically speaking, God does exist and therefore can also possess knowledge.’ More example sentences ‘Computer systems may not be able to Ontologically reproduce physical entities that …


9. Ontologically ( comparative more Ontologically, superlative most Ontologically ) In an ontological manner.

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10. Is The Possible Ontologically Real? : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture We may want, along with Aristotle and Whitehead, to consider the Possible along with the Actual as both real.


11. To be Ontologically parasitic, a thing must exist only in reference to another thing

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12. For example, in the excellent video "How Many Holes Does a Human Have?", holes are identified as Ontologically parasitic.They cannot exist without a thing to reside in


13. A theory T is Ontologically committed to Ks iff T logically entails ‘∃x Kx’ iff, for every interpretation that makes T true, there is some entity in the domain of the interpretation that is in the extension of ‘K’

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14. What does Ontologically mean? In an ontological manner

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15. Synonyms for Ontologically include philosophically, metaphysically, supernaturally, transcendentally, theoretically, abstractly, intellectually, speculatively


16. ˜Ontologically dependent™ in which it is true to say that Socrates's life is Ontologically dependent upon him, but not vice versa


17. It turns out that even after all efforts to eradicate the notion Ontologically (and in every other manner possible), all …

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18. Dual RNA-Seq of Mtb-Infected Macrophages In Vivo Reveals Ontologically Distinct Host-Pathogen Interactions Cell Rep

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19. They become Ontologically more diverse and heterogeneous – Ontologically dirty and dirtier


20. Of course we're not Ontologically better than anyone; Paul was the Chief of Sinners until I came along

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21. Our being Ontologically better than others sounds terrible to us, because we know better

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23. Top synonym for Ontologically (another word for Ontologically) is ontological.

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24. The Ontologically insecure individual’s rigidity and tendency to cling to the familiar at any cost, as described by Giddens (1991), makes change unlikely if not impossible


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27. Umberto Rossi's The Twisted Worlds of Philip K Dick: A Reading of Twenty Ontologically Uncertain Novels (henceforth TW) is a welcome breath of fresh air in the world of PKD criticism, after a number of critical works that have failed to satisfy hardcore fans for various reasons.

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29. LAW is Ontologically UNINTELLIGIBLE With the publication of Jean Paul Sartre's (1901-1980) ''Being and Nothingness'' (1943), an avante guard model of the mode of origin of free human action upsurged via the language of non-being/nothingness/negation

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30. Background: Nursing continues to gain legitimation epistemologically and Ontologically as a scientific discipline throughout the world


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ontologically mean?

Definition of ontological 1 : of or relating to ontology an ontological principle 2 : relating to or based upon being or existence to lift the modern male out of gender confusion and into ontological certainty— R. A. Shweder

What does ontological mean?

Definition of ontological. 1 : of or relating to ontology an ontological principle. 2 : relating to or based upon being or existence to lift the modern male out of gender confusion and into ontological certainty— R. A. Shweder.

What is ontology mean?

Definition of ontology. 1 : a branch of metaphysics concerned with the nature and relations of being Ontology deals with abstract entities. 2 : a particular theory about the nature of being or the kinds of things that have existence.

What is ontology in philosophy?

Ontology, the philosophical study of being in general, or of what applies neutrally to everything that is real. It was called “first philosophy” by Aristotle in Book IV of his Metaphysics.