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Looking for sentences with "Onetouch"? Here are some examples.

1. The onetouch Reveal ® mobile app Get Started Guide for patients, can help patients set up their onetouch Reveal® mobile app and connect to your onetouch Reveal ® clinic account. The onetouch Reveal ® web app Getting Started Guide for patients can be shared with patients that want to view their data on their computer.
2. COVID-19 update: The onetouch ® Team is vigilantly monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, caring for our patients, their care teams, our communities and employees. We do not anticipate any product supply disruption issues at this time. We are committed to communicating as the situation evolves.
3. You can connect your meter with a compatible wireless device running the onetouch Reveal ® mobile app.To turn Bluetooth ® on, start by turning your meter on using the 'OK' button, then press 'OK' and ∧ at the same time. After you open the onetouch Reveal ® mobile app on your mobile device, follow the on-screen instructions and enter the PIN shown on your meter screen when prompted.
4. Use no other test strips or control solution other than onetouch Ultra brand with your meter. The onetouch Ultra system is intended for use outside the body (in vitro diagnostic use). It should be used only for testing fresh capillary whole blood samples for glucose (sugar). It should not be used for the diagnosis of diabetes or for testing
5. Use a new onetouch ® Delica ® Plus sterile lancet with each test to make lancing virtually pain free. Image 8 out of 10 people with diabetes agreed that testing with the onetouch ® Delica ® Plus lancing device was less painful compared to other lancers they have used.†
6. Press and hold the ‘OK’ button on the side of the meter until the start-up test screen appears. Once the device is on, release ‘OK’. You can also turn the meter on by inserting a onetouch Verio ® test strip to perform a blood glucose test. If the meter was turned on by inserting a test strip, the Apply Blood screen appears instead of the Main Menu.
7. You may have to wait a moment for our videos to load. Our videos are of high quality. Your patience is appreciated. onetouch Ultra 2 - Instructional Video (P
8. Use only 0.4 µL of blood for accurate results Uses onetouch Verio ® test strips onetouch ® brand test strips have the lowest co-pay on the most health plans* and always covered on Medicare Part B **
9. Alcatel onetouch Scribe EASY 8000A Quick Start Manual 23 pages. Related Manuals for Alcatel ONE TOUCH. Flat Fully charged Connect the battery Use the icon to check the Disconnect the battery charger charge level charger f your battery is brand new (or very discharged), recharge it before use: the icon will then appear after a short while.
10. Lifescan onetouch Delica Lancets, 33 Gauge, 100 Count. .. It is absolutely true that home-use meter readings vary somewhat, based on technique, . onetouch Verio Flex Delica Lancets 100S. Add to cart. Specifications. Product Description. 100 Single Use onetouch Verio Flex Delica Blood Glucose Meter .
11. The OneTouch® Ultra®2 meter provides a fast and simple way for patients to see the effects of food on their blood glucose results. Flagging results before and after meals has been proven to be simple among patients. The meter also has a large, easy-to-read display, and provides results in 5 seconds.
12. The onetouch Verio ® meter, for patients who want reassuring feedback when their results are in range.. ColorSure ® technology instantly shows patients if their blood glucose results are in or out of range using on-screen color-coded dots. They will also receive automatic messages with every result to provide feedback on how they are doing. ColorSure ® technology
13. The onetouch ® Ultra 2 System is intended for use outside the body ( in vitro diagnostic use) by people with diabetes at home and by health care professionals in a clinical setting as an aid to monitor the effectiveness of diabetes control.
14. The onetouch ® Ultra ® test strips feature DoubleSure ® technology that automatically checks each blood sample twice.. The onetouch ® Ultra ® test strips are for use with the onetouch ® Ultra ® 2 meter.. DoubleSure ® Technology; onetouch ® brand test strips have the lowest co-pay on the most health plans * and always covered on Medicare Part B **
15. Please read more about which test strips should be used for your OneTouch® meter in the product pages or refer to your Owner’s Booklet. If you have any doubt about which test strips you should use, please contact OneTouch® Customer Care @ 1-800-663-5521 or your healthcare professional. Back to top
16. This software contains the USB drivers needed for use with the Maxtor onetouch drive in a Windows 98SE (Second Edition) environment. DOWNLOAD. Maxtor onetouch MacOS X Driver Update. This software contains an updated FireWire driver needed for use with Maxtor onetouch drives in a MacOS X (versions 10.2.7 and newer) environment.
17. If you are a diabetic, and you use the onetouch UltraMini glucose meter, chances are you’ve wanted to clear the meter’s memory. The onetouch UltraMini holds up to 500 readings in the system memory 1. If you want to have better control over the readings in the memory, and the averages it produces, you can clear your meter's system memory with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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