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1. Omnicored is a superset of bitcoind

Omnicored, Of

2. Massive performance improvements of Omnicored

Of, Omnicored

3. Due to optimizations of Omnicored, the daemon of Omni Core, which serves as backend for exchanges and other integrators, the time to scan and parse new blocks for Omni Layer transactions was massively improved.

Optimizations, Of, Omnicored, Omni, Other

4. Omnicored is a superset of bitcoind

Omnicored, Of

5. Omnicored is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Omnicored, On

6. Bitcoind (BTC,BCH) litecoind (LTC) ,parity(ETH,ETC)搭建,Omnicored(USDT)搭建dashd(DASH) changliangwl 2018-12-25 14:16:48 1478 收藏 1 分类专栏: 区块链


7. 使用 -? 或 –help 参数运行 omnicore 或 Omnicored,它会提示常用的命令行参数并退出。 用法: bitcoind [选项] bitcoind [选项] <命令> [参数] 将命令发送到 -server 或 bitcoind

Omnicore, Omnicored

8. What's wrong with that, bitcoind and Omnicored mined block is incompatible with each other in regtest mode

Omnicored, Other

9. As the above log show that, I think it was caused by segwit, getblockchaininfo I figure out bitcoind segwit is actived, on the contray the Omnicored is not.

Out, On, Omnicored

10. Omnicored: omnicore/omnicore.cpp:2754: bool CMPTxList::LoadFreezeState(int): Assertion `txnsLoaded >= 2’ failed

Omnicored, Omnicore

11. Problems running Omnicored – will report details to Zathras and Dexx; Tomas


12. ~$ Omnicored -startclean 这是一个费时的操作,依赖于你的机器配置与网络情况,可能需要几个小时甚至几天的时间。 避免重新启动 :需要指出的是,这个Bug仅仅影响启动过程,如果你的omni节点还在正常运 …

Omnicored, Omni

13. It is connected only to my OmniCore (Omnicored 0.3.0) full node which is running under another user on the same machine

Only, Omnicore, Omnicored, On

14. Omnicored -regtest //启动测试网络 omnicore-cli "generate" 1 //挖一个区块 695856371 喜欢本站的朋友可以收藏本站,或者加入我们大家一起来交流技术!

Omnicored, Omnicore

15. Regarding the private keys, you can use Omnicored as a normal Bitcoind daemon and dump the private key


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OMNICORED [ˈämnəˌvôr]


  • an animal or person that eats food of both plant and animal origin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name omnivore mean?

An omnivore, meaning 'all-eater', is a polyphage species that is a consumer of a variety of material as significant food sources in their natural diet. These foods may include plants, animals, algae and fungi.

What are 10 examples of omnivorous animals?

Examples of Omnivorous Animals

  • Black Bear. Diet: Fish, small mammals, insect, berries, roots, etc. ...
  • Coyote. Diet: Small mammals such as rabbits, beavers, and squirrels, as well as snakes, lizards, birds, insects, fruits, berries, grass, and even carrion.
  • American Badger. ...
  • Raccoon. ...
  • Freshwater Crayfish. ...
  • Catfish. ...
  • Gray Squirrel. ...
  • Carpenter Ant. ...
  • Red Fox. ...
  • Common Chimpanzee. ...
  • What is the adjective of omnivore?

    om·niv·o·rous. Use omnivorous in a sentence. adjective. The definition of omnivorous is feeding on both plants and meat or taking anything available. A person who eats both vegetables and meat is an example of someone who is omnivorous.

    Are birds Ominvores, carnivores or herbivores?

    Herbivores, Omnivores, and Carnivores Herbivores are animals whose primary food source is plant-based. Examples of herbivores include vertebrates like deer, koalas, and some bird species, as well as invertebrates such as crickets and caterpillars. These animals have evolved digestive systems capable of digesting large amounts of plant material.