Use Ok in a sentence


OK [ˌōˈkā]


  • used to express assent, agreement, or acceptance:
  • used to introduce an utterance:
Synonyms: all right . right . very well . yes . fine . agreed . achcha .

OK (adjective) · okay (adjective)

  • satisfactory but not exceptionally or especially good:
  • (of a person) in a satisfactory physical or mental state:
Synonyms: satisfactory . all right . fine . in order . acceptable . competent . adequate . tolerable . passable . reasonable . fair . decent . not bad . average . middling . moderate . unremarkable . unexceptional . unsatisfactory . unacceptable . inadequate . fine . all right . well . fit . healthy . ill . unwell .

OK (adverb) · okay (adverb)

  • in a satisfactory manner or to a satisfactory extent:
Synonyms: all right . fine . well . well enough . satisfactorily . passably . tolerably . acceptably .

OK (noun) · OKs (plural noun) · okay (noun) · okays (plural noun)

  • an authorization or approval:
Synonyms: authorization . approval . agreement . consent . assent . permission . endorsement . ratification . sanction . approbation . acquiescence . confirmation . blessing . leave . imprimatur . refusal . denial .

OK (verb) · OK's (third person present) · OK'd (past tense) · OK'd (past participle) · OK'ing (present participle) · okay (verb) · okays (third person present) · okayed (past tense) · okayed (past participle) · okaying (present participle) · OKs (third person present) · OKed (past tense) · OKed (past participle) · OKing (present participle)

  • sanction or give approval to:
Synonyms: authorize . approve . sanction . pass . ratify . endorse . allow . rubber-stamp . refuse . forbid . veto .


  • Oklahoma (in official postal use).

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24. We can start as soon as we get the Ok.··To approve

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