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1. Examples of Offprint in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Just as a madeleine once summoned the memories of a Parisian aesthete, this Offprint — WSJ, "Ode to Orientalism," 24 Mar

Of, Offprint, On, Once, Ode, Orientalism

2. OffprintOff on hold Following the new measures announced by the French government, we regret to announce that we are for now putting OffprintOff on hold

Offprintoff, On

3. Despite this new situation, we are staying alert to jump on the next opportunity for us to reactivate OffprintOff.

On, Opportunity, Offprintoff

4. Say hello to Offprint—a website built from the ground up to foster an engaging, friendly, and open community of writers and readers

Offprint, Open, Of

5. Offprint (third-person singular simple present Offprints, present participle Offprinting, simple past and past participle Offprinted) (transitive) To reprint as an excerpt

Offprint, Offprints, Offprinting, Offprinted

6. Articles from some magazines are Offprinted from other magazines.

Offprinted, Other

7. Welcome to Offprint! New around here? Why not register today! Email Address


8. Offprint (ôf-print): A separately printed excerpt The home to creative writing pieces from myself and others.

Offprint, Others

9. Offprint is a creative company that offers of full range of premium print services from the temporal merchandising to the brand collection.

Offprint, Offers, Of

10. Offprint Publishing, a hybrid publishing company that builds bridges for Black Authors, Female Authors, Authors w/ Disabilities, and LGBTQ Authors who are seeking to have their stories transformed in creative ways in order to be competitive and successful in global publishing markets.

Offprint, Order

11. Or Offprint? W HEN DEPOSITING PUBLICATIONS in Digital Repository @ Iowa State University, we are constrained by publishers’ policies

Or, Offprint

12. ‘They signed up for two copies of the book and ordered an additional two hundred Offprints of the lithographic view.’

Of, Ordered, Offprints

13. Definition of Offprint noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Of, Offprint, Oxford

14. Offprints are an exact copy of an article published in either paper or digital (PDF) form

Offprints, Of, Or

15. A few journals still offer Offprints but Share Links often replace them

Offer, Offprints, Often

16. If you want to receive Offprints of your article, you are most likely to have to order these yourself

Offprints, Of, Order

17. Synonyms for Offprint include simulacrum, reproduction, image, replica, model, likeness, representation, clone, duplicate and portrait


18. Find 409 ways to say Offprint, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


19. Offprint is an itinerant project supporting independent and experimental publishers working in the fields of contemporary art, photography, graphic design, architecture, humanities and visual culture

Offprint, Of

20. Produced by Luma since 2015, Offprint is periodically held in London, Paris, Milan, and Arles in South of France.

Offprint, Of

21. Definition of Offprint in the dictionary

Of, Offprint

22. What does Offprint mean? Information and translations of Offprint in the most comprehensive …

Offprint, Of

23. ‘I found that I have a few other Offprints of earlier articles of mine, sitting there uselessly on the shelf.’ ‘A similar bound collection of Offprints can be found in the University of Toronto Archives.’

Other, Offprints, Of, On

24. Offprint Meaning in Hindi is एक छाप


25. The synonyms and antonyms of Offprint are listed below.

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26. Offprint - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


27. Offprint and online WELCOME Our Vision is simple, we want to provide a safe and welcoming space for young people from various backgrounds, removing the Initiation awkward, uncomfortable and inappropriate barrier that occurs.

Offprint, Online, Our, Occurs

28. Offprint Studios is building Offprint—a next-generation writing platform built by writers for writers


29. This is the backend repository for the Offprint fiction website


30. Synonyms for Offprint in Free Thesaurus


31. 2 synonyms for Offprint: separate, reprint


32. What are synonyms for Offprint?


33. Offprint is a platform supporting publishers in Art, Architecture, Design, Humanities and Visual cultures.


34. Offprint definition: a separate reprint of an article that originally appeared in a larger publication Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Offprint, Of, Originally

35. Electronic Offprint sharing Modified on: Fri, 12 Jun, 2020 at 7:09 PM

Offprint, On

36. Authors have the right to disseminate their article's eOffprint (as a printout or by email) to their co-authors and research colleagues (for personal use by such colleagues)


37. It is not allowed to distribute the eOffprint via a …

38. Wildflower haven (County life [Offprint]) by Anita Jo DunnOpEdNews - Quicklink: Dunn leaving White House, Pfeiffer takes over

Offprint, Over

39. An Offprint of the Czech translation of Tale of the Golden

Offprint, Of

40. So I always have to remind myself of this when I get into the kind of situation you're describing: "Remember, most people will be pleased to get an Offprint and won't think you're

Of, Offprint

41. Address: 2861 Maple Lane, Morgan City, Al, Alabama, USA Email : [email protected]


42. Offprint • for personal use only no duplication or distribution permitted Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy: An International Quarterly, Volume 17, Number 3, 2003

Offprint, Only, Or, Of

43. Offprint cache-col gingerly balancing piston in-place activation unpunished popek alarmă automată fraulein start eszik vmit propisivanje förbikoppla feeding postpartum hemorrhage electrodynamic(al) language processor rodear con canales de agua tordo-visqueiro afgietsel mountain priopćenje shortfall integralna metoda irritability (n


44. 051 Library of Congress Copy, Issue, Offprint Statement Contents Fixed field Access points 0xx 1xx 2xx 3xx 4xx 5xx 6xx 7xx 8xx 9xx Control subfields

Of, Offprint

45. 051 Library of Congress Copy, Issue, Offprint Statement (R) Record Type: BIB

Of, Offprint

46. Offprint n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


47. Author Offprint Orders As the authors publishing in our Journals do not receive any monetary compensation, the Journals provide the authors with 2 free copies of the issue in which the article appears, as well as 25 individual Offprints of the article (for articles written by more than one author, only the first listed author will receive the 2 issues and free Offprints).

Offprint, Orders, Our, Of, Offprints, One, Only

48. Find below definitions and meanings of Offprint

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49. The latest tweets from @OffprintProject


50. Offprint or printed copy of the issue of the journal corresponding to the HTML files

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51. Listen to Dadaruhi Tribute by Offprint on Apple Music

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52. Translation for 'Offprint' in the free English-German dictionary and many other German translations.

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53. Blupr/nt - "Offprint" -NOIR- SkiMask Zoom


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OFFPRINT [ˈôfˌprint, ˈäfˌprint]

offprint (noun) · offprints (plural noun)

  • a printed copy of an article that originally appeared as part of a larger publication.
Synonyms: copy . reproduction . duplicate . photocopy . mimeograph . mimeo . replica . likeness . carbon . carbon copy . print . reprint . image . fax . telefax . clone . xerox . photostat . original .