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1. Officialism definition is - lack of flexibility and initiative combined with excessive adherence to regulations in the behavior of usually government officials.

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2. Officialism synonyms, Officialism pronunciation, Officialism translation, English dictionary definition of Officialism

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3. Officialism definition, excessive attention to official regulations and routines

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5. Definition of Officialism in the dictionary

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6. What does Officialism mean? Information and translations of Officialism in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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7. What the Chamber subsequently referred to as "Officialism," they said, had been visible in the policies of both parties and constituted a "considerable menace" to the country's commercial welfare, which "now finds its liberty of action fettered and controlled by government officials in many directions."(39) The imagery of "fettered liberty" illustrates the fears of employers who believed that

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8. Officialism loses the Congress of Argentina: it is its first defeat since the return to democracy International November 15, 2021 The Argentine opposition party, Together for Change, prevailed tonight in the main districts of the country despite the fact that the Frente de Todos recovered some points, especially in the province of Buenos Aires.

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9. Full text of "Scannell's New Jersey's first citizens and state guide genealogies and biographies of citizens of New Jersey with informing glimpses into the state's history, affairs, Officialism and institutions ..See other formats

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10. Synonyms for Officialism include red tape, bureaucracy, formalities, official procedure, paperwork, procedures, regulations, rules, rules and regulations and administrativia

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12. Officialism ( countable and uncountable, plural Officialisms ) The rigid, perfunctory and literal adherence to official duties and regulations

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13. Translation for 'Officialism' in the free English-Spanish dictionary and many other Spanish translations.

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14. Officialism is a fundamental base, and you can put different prefixes in front of it—-landlords, peasants, workers, capitalists, etc

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15. What does Officialism mean? Rigid adherence to official regulations, forms, and procedures

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16. The term ‘Officialism’ began to be commonly used and understood in public life in the 1870s


17. ‘In this regard, bureaucratic Officialism legitimates and disguises power relationships, and engaged ethnography is well suited to penetrate its hard surface.’ ‘He is a victim of the nation's school system and is steeped in unemotional Officialism.’

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18. Officialism definition: strict , often excessive adherence to and respect for official regulations Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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19. The edict of Caracalla, at the beginning of the 3rd century, by conferring the right of citizenship on all the inhabitants of the empire, completed an assimilation for which commercial relations, schools, a taste for Officialism, and the adaptability and quick intelligence of the race had already made preparation.

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20. Translation for 'Officialism' in the free English-Russian dictionary and many other Russian translations

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21. So, to conclude: English Officialism is clearly a very broad subject, way beyond the scope of this blogpost

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22. But the instances highlighted above, may have created an atmosphere in which the stupidity of English Officialism played right into Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech and to devastating effect.

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24. The prompt Paris morning struck its cheerful notes -- in a soft breeze and a sprinkled smell, in the light flit, over the garden-floor, of bareheaded girls with the buckled strap of oblong boxes, in the type of ancient thrifty persons basking betimes where terrace-walls were warm, in the blue-frocked brass-labelled Officialism of humble rakers and scrapers, in the deep references of a straight

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 · This paper formulates a new paradigm, ‘Officialism’ (Guanben Zhuyi or 官本主义), and uses it to analyse China’s traditional society

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26. The author argues that Officialism is an official based doctrine and a political culture and socio-political system which takes official power and authority as its core element

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27. 2 Introduction of ‘Officialism’, 1831–1856

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28. 4 Retreat from ‘Officialism’, 1857–1869


29. 5 Return to ‘Officialism’, 1870–1883


30. Officialism may often drift into blunders

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31. October 14, 2021 – 15:00 Mexico City, Oct 14 (EFE) .- The opposition and the Mexican ruling party on Thursday showed openness to dialogue after two weeks of tension over the constitutional reform to the electricity industry that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent… Continue reading Opposition and Officialism

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32. Officialism - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


33. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Officialism n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

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34. In La Cantuta there is an Officialism that governs, from our perspective, in a totalitarian way

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35. In Costa Rica the traditional Officialism (Partido Acción Ciudadana, PAC, 'Citizen Action Party') has been negatively affected by the cementazo case.


36. Officialism Meaning in Urdu is سرکاری ضابطہ - Sarkari Zabita Urdu Meaning


37. The most accurate translation of Officialism, Sarkari Zabita in English to Urdu dictionary …

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38. But the criticism of Eugenics soon expanded of itself into a more general criticism of a modern craze for scientific Officialism and strict social organisation

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39. Scientific Officialism and organization in the State which had specialized in them, had gone to war with the older culture of Christendom

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40. Free Online Library: Minority language writers in the era of globalization: Officialism, fashion and resistance.(Essay) by "Forum for World Literature Studies"; Literature, writing, book reviews Globalization Demographic aspects Minority authors International aspects Minority writers

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OFFICIALISM [officialism]


Synonyms: official .

official (adjective)

official (noun) · officials (plural noun)

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Which is the best dictionary definition of officialism?

Define officialism. officialism synonyms, officialism pronunciation, officialism translation, English dictionary definition of officialism. n. Rigid adherence to official regulations, forms, and procedures.

Which is the best definition of officiality?

1 : the ecclesiastical charge, office, court, or jurisdiction of an official principal.

What did the Prussian tradition of officialism accomplish?

Yet the conscientious tradition of Prussian officialism accomplished much in the way of administrative reform. It would be a mere matter of Government officialism, and there the affair would end. It was expressed by both Roman and Jewish officialism which looked with scorn on this obscure fanatic who claimed to be a king!