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1. Offering definition is - the act of one who offers

Offering, Of, One, Offers

2. How to use Offering in a sentence.


3. Synonyms & Antonyms of Offering (Entry 2 of 2) 1 to put before another for acceptance or consideration I offered my boss an alternative to the original plan, which would have required me to work overtime

Of, Offering, Or, Offered, Original, Overtime

4. An Offering is the issue or sale of a security by a company

Offering, Or, Of

5. It is often used in reference to an initial public Offering (IPO) when a company's stock is made available for purchase by the public,

Often, Offering

6. Find 13 ways to say Offering, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


7. The Crossword Solver found 153 answers to the Offering crossword clue


8. Whether you are Offering pre-recorded,


9. My E Offering provides a complete turnkey electronic solution for collecting Offerings that is easy, efficient and cost effective

Offering, Offerings

10. What is Offering? Offering – The gifts brought to God beyond our tithes

Offering, Our

11. An Offering is not linked to what we earn—it is freely given by Christians based on their financial situation in life

Offering, On

12. An Offering may be given to express thanks, give praise, or to show our love for God.

Offering, Or, Our

13. A religious Offering or sacrifice Alms, voluntary gifts to others, especially poor people, as an act of virtue Tithe, the tenth part of something, such as income, paid to a religious organization or government Offertory, the part of a worship service where gifts are given

Offering, Or, Others, Of, Organization, Offertory

14. A product or service that is offered for sale: Honda has just unveiled its latest Offering

Or, Offered, Offering

15. The company has expanded through takeovers and new product Offerings.


16. E-Offering can be made a number of ways and can be done as a one-time Offering or repetitive on a regular basis

Offering, Of, One, Or, On

17. While making an e-Offering you have the opportunity to specify the congregation to which you would like your Offering to be credited to.

Offering, Opportunity

18. What does Offering mean? The act of making an offer

Offering, Of, Offer

19. Offerings; Wallets; Churches; Account; Sign In Register Forgot Password?


20. Find 13 ways to say OfferingS, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


21. Paul Baloche - Offering (Official Lyric Video)Lyrics:The sun cannot compare To the glory of Your loveThere is no shadow in Your presenceNo mortal man would d

Offering, Official, Of

22. Offering Lyrics: The sun cannot compare to the glory of Your love / There is no shadow in Your presence / No mortal man would dare to stand before Your throne / Before the Holy One of heaven / It's

Offering, Of, One

23. An Offering is something that is specially produced to be sold


24. It was very, very good, far better than vegetarian Offerings in many a posh restaurant


25. Countable noun An Offering is a …


26. Sacrifice of praise, Offering, thanks and gratitude To You, my King, to You I bring an Offering Of worship to my King No one on earth deserves The praises that I sing Jesus, may You receive The honor that You're due O Lord, I bring an Offering to You O Lord, I bring an Offering to You O Lord, I …

Of, Offering, One, On

27. The issuer of a Regulation A Offering must give buyers documentation with the issue, similar to the prospectus of a registered Offering

Of, Offering

28. A company makes an Offering through underwriters, who have the responsibility to place the Offering with individual and institutional investors


29. Companies make Offerings in order to raise financing for expanded operations, though occasionally they make Offerings because they have become cash

Offerings, Order, Operations, Occasionally

30. Offering is sited by many as Christian Vander's most praised post-Magma project


31. Offering takes a step aside from Magma's tight formulas, introducing compositions of a much looser, improvisational design

Offering, Of

32. Offering is the third studio album released by the American hard rock band Axe, under the label of Atco Records, in 1982

Offering, Of

33. Offerings are a number of skill gems which consume corpses to buff the player's minions

Offerings, Of

34. Each player may only have one Offering active at any time

Only, One, Offering

35. Casting an Offering skill while one is already active will cancel the older one.

Offering, One, Older

36. Grateful Offering is a currency you can collect once you have unlocked the Anima Conductor in your covenant

Offering, Once

37. Offering is a CD that you won't get tired of after just a few times of listening to it

Offering, Of

38. Recorded in 1972, guitarist Larry Coryell's Offering has often been overlooked because it was the album that was released just before the debut of his legendary fusion band the Eleventh House.It's too bad, too, since Coryell's playing here is so inspired and free of the intellectual trappings of some of his later work

Offering, Often, Overlooked, Of

39. The band on Offering is a crack jazz-rock outfit made up of drummer Harry

On, Offering, Outfit, Of

40. Use the login below if you need to view MyEOffering v1 data and reports

41. Offering things in English is essential whenever you want to be polite, have guests at your home, or even organize a work event

Offering, Or, Organize

42. Synonyms for Offering in Free Thesaurus


43. 30 synonyms for Offering: contribution, gift, donation, present, subscription, hand-out, stipend

Offering, Out

44. Offering translate: 礼物;供物,祭品


45. The Offering is a divination card


46. An Offering statement regarding this Offering has been filed with the SEC


47. The SEC has qualified that Offering statement which only means that 1st Streit Office Inc

Offering, Only, Office

48. May make sales of the securities described by that Offering statement

Of, Offering

49. An Offering is that which is freely given by Christians to the work of the Lord, the local church, and/or ministries and missions

Offering, Of, Or

50. But Offerings are far more than simply the check we write on Sunday

Offerings, On

51. Audience Reviews for The Offering


52. They only offered me $200 for my car! I'm Offering this brand new scooter for your bike—that's a great deal for you! See also: for, offer offer affordance(s) To provide the means for something to happen or take place

Only, Offered, Offering, Offer, Or

53. The "Offering" pic was shot from below -- which rarely gets a flattering result -- and this one surely doesn't, with the pic adding a good 15 pounds to each of them, and their discomfort during the shoot shows in their faces so much that they're almost unrecognizable

Offering, One, Of

54. Offering (n.) Middle English offring, from late Old English offrung "the presenting of something to a deity; a thing so presented," verbal noun from offrian "to show, exhibit; to bring an oblation" (see offer (v.))

Offering, Offring, Old, Offrung, Of, Offrian, Oblation, Offer

55. The sin-Offering proper is a sacrifice consisting of either a beast or a fowl and offered on the altar to atone for a sin committed unwittingly

Offering, Of, Or, Offered, On

56. The rules concerning the sin-Offering are as follows: If the anointed priest or the whole congregation commits a sin through ignorance, the sin-Offering

Offering, Or

57. The most common form of secondary Offering occurs when an investor, usually a corporation, but sometimes an individual, sells a large block of stock or other securities it has been holding in its portfolio to the public.

Of, Offering, Occurs, Or, Other

58. Under the Levitical system different kinds of Offerings are specified, and laws laid down as to their presentation

Of, Offerings

59. This Offering will establish the index — the geological content that must be contained in every Diamond Standard Coin, made now or in the future

Offering, Or

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OFFERING [ˈôf(ə)riNG, ˈäf(ə)riNG]

offering (noun) · offerings (plural noun)

  • a thing offered, especially as a gift or contribution.
  • a thing produced or manufactured for entertainment or sale.
Synonyms: contribution . donation . benefaction . gift . present . handout . widow's mite . subscription . charity . alms . donative .