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1. Offense definition is - something that outrages the moral or physical senses

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2. How to use Offense in a sentence


3. Offense definition, a violation or breaking of a social or moral rule; transgression; sin

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4. Offense synonyms, Offense pronunciation, Offense translation, English dictionary definition of Offense

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5. Offense noun [U] (SCORING ABILITY) (in sports) the ability to score points in a competition, or, esp

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6. In football, the team that has the ball and is trying to score points (Definition of Offense from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) Offense

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7. Some common synonyms of Offense are crime, scandal, sin, and vice

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8. While all these words mean "a transgression of law," Offense applies to the infraction of any law, rule, or code

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9. At that school no Offense went unpunished In what contexts can crime take the place of Offense?

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10. Find 94 ways to say Offense, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


11. In one sense, Offense means an attack

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12. But it also means an affront or insult. Offense can also be spelled offence. The difference is that Offense is the standard spelling in the United States, while offence is standard in other English-speaking countries:

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13. Offense is the preferred spelling in the United States, and offence prevails in all the main varieties of English from outside the U.S.

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14. Offense and Defense, articulates how Army forces conduct the Offense and defense


15. The quarterback is usually the player in charge of calling the Offense on the field

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16. Offense: A breach of law; a crime

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17. An Offense may consist of a felony or a misdemeanor

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18. For example, murder is an Offense whereas libel is not.


19. Offence and Offense are both nouns, and they have a few different meanings: The act of causing anger, resentment, displeasure, or affront

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20. Regulatory offence, regulatory Offense, statutory offence, statutory Offense - crimes created by statutes and not by common law thuggery - violent or brutal acts as of thugs high treason , lese majesty , treason - a crime that undermines the offender's government

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21. Offense-Defense improves performance levels of athletes playing at every level of the game

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22. NFL Team Total Offense Stats 2020


23. Terrorism-influence govt (where violent Offense is F-2) F-1 : one point higher than object Offense : 3: 2717(a)(2) Terrorism-influence govt (where violent Offense is F-3 or ungraded felony) F-2 : one point higher than object Offense : See § 303.7(a) 2717(a)(2) Terrorism-influence govt (where violent Offense is M-1) F-3 : one point higher than

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24. 17 hours ago · Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Offense looked unstoppable for much of that stretch, but there’s reason to believe that unit could be even better next season

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25. The crew at NFL Network’s “Good Morning, Football” broke down some of the ways the Bucs could be even more scary on Offense

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26. ** New Offense *** Repealed **** Renamed: 2 Revised 12/02/2020 Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Code Moving/Non-Moving

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27. Ohio Revised Code Offense & Conviction Code List 32

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28. 16 hours ago · That isn’t Republicans going on Offense

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29. It’s House Democrats committing an Offense


30. Offence, Offense [noun] (any cause of) anger, displeasure, hurt feelings etc That rubbish dump is an offence/Offense to the eye.

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31. 20 hours ago · If the University of Hawaii submitted its Offense for an ancestry DNA test, the likely result would be a pie chart with several slices.

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32. Offense in American English (əˈfɛns ; also, and for 7 always, ˈɔˌfɛns)


33. McVay’s Offense is unique in some ways


34. ‘The Offense struggled to sustain drives last year and must get better on third down.’ ‘The game started with both Offenses moving the ball well only to have field goal attempts sail wide.’ ‘A first down is achieved when the Offense has moved the ball ten yards from its previous spot.’

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35. His Offense features various Air Raid, run …


36. ‘The Offense struggled to sustain drives last year and must get better on third down.’ ‘The game started with both Offenses moving the ball well only to have field goal attempts sail wide.’ ‘A first down is achieved when the Offense has moved the ball ten yards from its previous spot.’

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37. Offense (n.) late 14c., "hurt, harm, injury, pain;" also "breach of the law, wrongdoing; transgression against God, sin;" also "the causing of displeasure, act or fact of wounding the feelings of or displeasing another;" also "displeasure, annoyance, umbrage," from Old French ofense "Offense, insult, wrong" (13c.) and directly from Latin offensa "an Offense, injury, affront, crime," literally

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38. The T-formation was viewed as a complicated "gadget" Offense by early football coaches


39. Court Manual Offense Code Index for Traffic Violations Driving, felonious 1450 Driving, lap 2870 Driving, negligent 1810 Driving, reckless 1800 Drove against traffic 2850 Drove around barricade 2500 Drove at speed greater than 2300 reasonable Drove CMV during out of 3240 service order Drove CMV while disqualified 3230

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40. 1 If the underlying Offense is a class A or a class B felony, then the Offense of luring a child shall be considered respectively, a class C felony or class D felony.; 2 A registerable Offense only if the victim is less than eighteen years of age or where the defendant has a prior conviction for a sex Offense, a sexually violent Offense, forcible touching or sexual abuse in the third degree or

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41. Offense is simply the American spelling of the word offence

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42. The pistol Offense is an American football formation and strategy developed by coaches Michael Taylor of Mill Valley, California and popularized by Chris Ault while the latter was head coach at the University of Nevada, Reno.It is a hybrid of the traditional shotgun and single back Offenses

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43. In the pistol Offense, also commonly referred to as the "pistol formation", the quarterback lines up


44. 14 hours ago · Dameon Pierce is a rising senior and fits the mold of the power-rushing philosophy that Mullen instills so long as running the ball is a priority - his Offense has long been considered a

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45. “Then I think the Patriots’ Offense is the most complex, and he was the 2 his rookie year, like a play away, so the gap he had to make up mentally is the most significant gap that I’ve seen.


46. Offence is the British spelling of Offense, meaning "a punishable act." If you break a law for the first time, it’s your first offence.

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47. The run and shoot Offense (also known as Run N' Shoot) is an offensive system for American football which emphasizes receiver motion and on-the-fly adjustments of receivers' routes in response to different defenses

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48. Offense (as in "to offend") Sign Type

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49. An option Offense is an older American football offensive system in which a key player (usually the quarterback) has several "options" of how each play will proceed based upon the actions of the defense.Traditionally, option-based Offenses rely on running plays, though most mix in forward passes from an option formation as a change of pace.

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50. Notre Dame Football’s 11 Best: Offense The idea of playing the best 11 guys you have on either side of the ball would seem to be conventional and a matter of common sense

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51. 2 days ago · We really depend on our Offense and making threes and any time me, CJ and Melo go 0-for-16 from three, we’re not going to have much of a chance.” Lillard finished with 19 points on 7-of-16

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52. The motion Offense and it's rules are explained in great detail


53. If you are looking for a zone Offense, take a look at the triple post Offense


54. Give Offense to To cause tension or displeasure

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55. I tried to choose my words carefully, but, due to the controversial subject matter, I feared that I would give Offense to the committee no matter what I said


56. See also: give, Offense, to hanging Offense A crime, misdeed, or impropriety that is (hyperbolically) perceived to warrant death by hanging

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57. But consider the observations made recently about Maryland’s attack by analytics site FiveThirtyEight: “Maryland is the most efficient Offense, per 100 possessions, in the nation, at 121.8

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58. Willie Snead, Dez Bryant, and Marquise Brown have all either posted or liked posts bashing Baltimore’s Offense this offseason

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OFFENSE [əˈfens]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a crime and an offense?

As nouns the difference between crime and offense. is that crime is (countable) a specific act committed in violation of the law while offense is the act of offending; a crime or sin; an affront or injury.

What does being guilty of an offence mean?

Being "guilty" of a criminal offense means that one has committed a violation of criminal law, or performed all the elements of the offense set out by a criminal statute. The determination that one has committed that violation is made by an external body (a "court of law") and is, therefore, as definitive as the record-keeping of the body.

What is difference between offence and crime?

Difference Between Crime and Offence

  • Law makes no difference in the words crime and offence and, in fact, terms violation of penal laws as the definition of offence
  • An act or behavior that does not break a law is not an offence
  • The word offense comes from offender who is a person violating a law
  • There are some offences that are not cognizable or punishable by law
  • More items...

    What does criminal offense stand for?

    1. criminal offense - (criminal law) an act punishable by law; usually considered an evil act; "a long record of crimes" crime, criminal offence, law-breaking, offense, offence evildoing, transgression - the act of transgressing; the violation of a law or a duty or moral principle; "the boy was punished for the transgressions of his father"

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