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1. Disarm and JHt punish If attacked or offended Offendedis is a monster monst A convicted prisoner Is Is In Inthe 1ftthe Inthe able use of gold in the arts is the short shortsleeve shortsleeve shortsleeve sleeve fathton for women So popular popularhave potUlarhave popularhave: 5

Or, Offended, Offendedis, Of

2. To be quietto stifle your feeling Offendedis


3. With regard to the first, if in the course of a discussion an offence is offered, the person who has been Offendedis the injured party

Of, Offence, Offered, Offendedis

4. The most usuall way to appease those minds we have Offendedis, by submission to move them to commiseration and pitty


5. Going to football matches to be Offendedis not charity Fascist Anti--Rangers Eejits


6. To be quietto stifle your feeling Offendedis also a fear of love and a slide into revenge

Offendedis, Of

7. Somethingeven if your mind and heart may be Offendedis the person who loves you and does not want you to repeat the mistakes he may have made


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OFFENDEDIS [əˈfendər]


  • a person who commits an illegal act.
Synonyms: wrongdoer . criminal . lawbreaker . malefactor . felon . delinquent . culprit . sinner . transgressor . evil-doer . reprobate . outlaw . juvenile delinquent . malfeasant . miscreant . trespasser .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word offended mean?

1. to hurt the feelings, sense of dignity, etc, of (a person) 2. (tr) to be disagreeable to; disgust: the smell offended him. 3. (intr except in archaic uses) to break (a law or laws in general)

What does offenders mean?

offender(Noun) One who gives or causes offense. offender(Noun) A person who commits an offense against the law, a lawbreaker.

What is the biblical definition of offense?

Dictionaries - Easton's Bible Dictionary - Offence. Offence [T] An injury or wrong done to one ( 1 Samuel 25:31 ; Romans 5:15 ). A stumbling-block or cause of temptation ( Isaiah 8:14 ; Matthew 16:23 ; 18:7 ). Greek skandalon, properly that at which one stumbles or takes offence.

What is a synonym for offender?

Synonyms: offend, insult, affront, outrage. These verbs mean to cause resentment, humiliation, or hurt. To offend is to cause displeasure, wounded feelings, or repugnance in another: "He often offended men who might have been useful friends" (John Lothrop Motley).