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1. Occlusion is a descendant of the Latin verb occludere, meaning "to close up." "Occludere" in turn comes from the prefix ob-, here meaning "in the way," and the verb claudere, meaning "to close or shut." "Occlusion" is one of many English terms derived from "claudere." Some others are …

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2. Noun the act of closing, blocking, or shutting something, or the state of being closed or blocked: Corrosion may cause both leakage and Occlusion of the water supply pipes

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3. Occlusion top: in a cold-front Occlusion cold air moves under a mass of warm air and under the cool air in front bottom: in a warm-front Occlusion cool air moves under a mass of warm air while riding over the cold air in front oc·clu·sion (ə-klo͞o′zhən) n

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4. Occlusion noun (WEATHER) [ C ] environment (also occluded front) a situation in the weather when two masses of air meet, especially when a mass of cold air reaches warm air and pushes the warm air up off the earth's surface

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5. Occlusion is defined as the way the teeth meet when the lower jaw (mandible) and upper jaw (maxilla) come together


6. Normal Occlusion is desirable as it allows oral functions to operate properly, provides the best esthetics and is helpful in the prevention of disease.

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7. Occlusion training is also called blood flow restriction training (BFR)


8. When a vein in the retina becomes blocked, it’s called retinal vein Occlusion. This can give you blurry vision or even sudden permanent blindness in that eye

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9. Skin Occlusion occurs when something, usually a topical medication, is trapped on and, as a result, gets absorbed by your skin

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10. If you have ever applied an antibacterial ointment to a cut, then covered that cut with a bandage, you have used skin Occlusion

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11. A stable Occlusion is a requirement for long-lasting and beautiful cosmetic dentistry


12. If your Occlusion is not properly managed during the planning and treatment phases, your cosmetic dentistry could be at risk for early failure


13. Ways of Thinking About Occlusion

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14. Essentially, dentists approach Occlusion in …


15. Line of Occlusion: The teeth all fit on a line of Occlusion which, in the upper arch, is a smooth curve through the central fossae of the posterior teeth and cingulum of the canines and incisors, and in the lower arch, is a smooth curve through the buccal cusps of the posterior teeth and incisal edges of the anterior teeth

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16. An Occlusion occurs when cold air overtakes warm air near the center of a low-pressure system, pinching a region of warm air above the earth’s surface. HOW TO READ A SURFACE WEATHER MAP DENNIS MERSEREAU OCTOBER 15, 2020 OUTSIDE ONLINE If the Occlusion be not normal, the upper jaw and alveolar process will develop laterally as well as anteriorly.

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17. Acute coronary Occlusion with myocardial infarction (I21.0-I21.9, I22.- acute coronary Occlusion without myocardial infarction ( I24.0 ) cystic duct - see Obstruction, gallbladder

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18. Occlusion (dentistry), the manner in which the upper and lower teeth come together when the mouth is closed Occlusion miliaria, a skin condition Occlusive dressing, an air- and water-tight trauma dressing used in first aid Vascular Occlusion, blockage of a blood vessel

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19. Occlusion is the contact relationship between the maxillary teeth and mandibular teeth when the jaws are in a fully closed (occluded) position, as well as the relationship between the teeth in the same arch.

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20. Eye strokes occur when blockages (Occlusions) occur in arteries or veins in the retina, causing vision loss

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21. Aortic Occlusion is a blockage of the aorta somewhere along its path

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22. Aortic Occlusion can result in long-term damage to the organs

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23. Dental Occlusion is much more than the physical contact of the biting surfaces of opposing teeth or their replacements

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24. Occlusion is more comprehensively defined biologically as the coordinated functional interaction between the various cell populations forming the masticatory system as they differentiate, model, remodel, fail, and repair.


25. Branch retinal vein Occlusion (BRVO) is the blockage of one of the smaller branch veins

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26. How does retinal vein Occlusion (RVO) cause vision loss? Macular Edema: The macula is the small, central area of the retina that allows sharp, detailed vision, such as that necessary for reading

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27. Chronic coronary total Occlusion (CTO) occurs when a buildup of plaque blocks the coronary artery for more than 90 days, starving your heart of oxygen

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28. Occlusion is either the act of blocking something or a specific blockage

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29. There can be Occlusions blocking the street or your arteries

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30. When dentists say Occlusion, they’re talking about what your teeth look like when your mouth is closed.


31. Occlusion is the way in which the maxillary and mandibular teeth come together


32. This definition conjures up a static relationship; however, in function the teeth move across one another and this articulation or dynamic Occlusion is equally important.

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33. Central retinal artery Occlusion is the blockage of blood to the retina of one eye

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34. Synonyms for Occlusion in Free Thesaurus


35. 8 synonyms for Occlusion: occluded front, blockage, stoppage, closure, block, stop, blockage, closure

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36. What are synonyms for Occlusion?


37. The dynamic Occlusion refers to the occlusal contacts that are made whilst the mandible is moving relative to the maxilla

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38. Retinal artery Occlusion, or eye stroke, can cause sudden and permanent vision loss

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39. Retinal vein Occlusion is a condition of the eye that may cause partial or total vision loss, although it may be asymptomatic.It is caused by a blockage in the primary vein that drains blood from the retina, or a smaller branch of this vein.

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40. Occlusion is defined as the contact relationship of the maxillary and mandibular teeth when the mouth is fully closed

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41. Occlusion is important because it can influence a person’s facial profile and also the health of the oral cavity

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42. Occlusions that are not ideal may be …


43. An overview of Visibility and Occlusion Culling methods in Unreal Engine 4.

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44. Dynamic Occlusion: Dynamic Occlusion is also known as articulation


45. Centric Occlusion: Centric Occlusion is the opposing teeth Occlusion when the mandible is centric

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46. Retinal vascular Occlusion is a potentially serious condition, especially if hardening of the arteries, or atherosclerosis, already exists

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47. Occlusion definition: the act or process of occluding or the state of being occluded Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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48. Arterial Occlusion by embolus or thrombus (see Table 8-14) is a well-documented cause of focal and multifocal parenchymal defects, with or without cavitation

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49. Ambient Occlusion is a rendering method that provides an approximation of how bright the light should be at different parts of the visible surface

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50. ‘The blood vessel wall is usually involved early with resultant hemorrhage, thrombotic Occlusion, and lung infarction.’ ‘Cardiac catheterization can confirm vascular Occlusion and angioplasty is frequently used to treat a localized problem.’ ‘The Occlusion rates are close to 100%, higher than published results for surgical ligation.’


51. In medicinelang=en terms the difference between stenosis and Occlusion is that stenosis is (medicine) an abnormal narrowing or stricture in a blood vessel or other tubular organ while Occlusion is (medicine) anything that obstructs or closes a vessel or canal

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52. As nouns the difference between stenosis and Occlusion is that stenosis is (medicine) an abnormal narrowing or stricture in a blood

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53. What does Occlusion mean? Occlusion is defined as fitting together or obstructing

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54. (noun) An example of an Occlusion is when the top and bottom te

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55. Occlusion is fundamental to the practice of dentistry, in providing a biologically functional restoration and for comprehensive patient care

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56. A retinal artery Occlusion (RAO) is a blockage in one or more of the arteries of your retina

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57. The blockage is caused by a clot or Occlusion in an artery, or a build-up of cholesterol in an artery

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58. There are two types of RAOs: Branch retinal artery Occlusion (BRAO) blocks the small arteries in your retina.

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59. Using an Occlusion Area component to define a View Volume


60. Add an Occlusion Area component to an empty GameObject The fundamental object in Unity scenes, which can represent characters, props, scenery, cameras, waypoints, and more

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61. Stages of development of Occlusion General considerations and principles of management: The stages of occlusal development include: 1

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62. Centric Occlusion is the Occlusion of opposing teeth when the mandible is in centric relation

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63. Centric Occlusion is the first tooth contact and may or may not coincide with maximum intercuspation

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64. Occlusion (countable and uncountable, plural Occlusions) The process of occluding, or something that occludes

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OCCLUSION [əˈklo͞oZHən]

occlusion (noun) · occlusions (plural noun)

  • the blockage or closing of a blood vessel or hollow organ.
  • the momentary closure of the passage of breath during the articulation of a consonant.
Synonyms: obstruction . stoppage . block . clot . impediment . hindrance . congestion .
  • a process in which the cold front of a rotating low-pressure system overtakes the warm front, forcing the warm air upward above a wedge of cold air.
  • an occluded front.
  • the position of the teeth when the jaws are closed.