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1. Examples of Occasionally in a Sentence Occasionally, things don't go as planned

Of, Occasionally

2. Cook on medium heat, stirring Occasionally, for about 10 minutes

On, Occasionally

3. Recent Examples on the Web The screenplay Occasionally

On, Occasionally

4. Occasionally [əˈkeɪʒnəlɪ] ADV → de vez en cuando, a veces, ocasionalmente (frm), cada cuando (LAm) he Occasionally drinks wine but never beer → de vez en cuando or a veces bebe vino pero nunca cerveza very Occasionally → muy de vez en cuando, muy de tarde en tarde

Occasionally, Ocasionalmente, Or

5. Occas., occasion, occasional, occasionalism, occasional licence, Occasionally, occasional table, occasions, Occident, occidental, Occidentalism Unabridged Based on the Random …

Occas, Occasion, Occasional, Occasionalism, Occasionally, Occasions, Occident, Occidental, Occidentalism, On

6. 4 synonyms of Occasionally from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 11 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Of, Occasionally

7. Find another word for Occasionally


8. Occasionally: on some occasions.

Occasionally, On, Occasions

9. Find 24 ways to say Occasionally, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


10. Occasionally is defined as sometimes


11. An example of Occasionally is someone who drinks a couple cocktails each month.

Of, Occasionally

12. The Crossword Solver found 38 answers to the Occasionally crossword clue


13. How many syllables in Occasionally? 3 1 7 5 2 6 8 9 4 syllables


14. Divide Occasionally into syllables: oc-ca-sion-al-ly Stressed syllable in Occasionally: oc-ca-sion-al-ly How to pronounce Occasionally: uh-key-zhuh-nl-ee How to say Occasionally: How to pronounce Occasionally

Occasionally, Oc

15. Wondering why Occasionally is 3 1 7 5 2 6 8 9 4


16. We found 15 answers for “Occasionally


17. This page shows answers to the clue Occasionally.Occasionally may be defined as “Now and then or here and there”, “(adv.)In an occasional manner” and “On occasion now and then or here and there”

Occasionally, Or, Occasional, On, Occasion

18. A synonym for Occasionally is …


19. What is the difference between "sometimes " and "Occasionally "? Some of the answers here may reflect personal misunderstanding which is not how these words work! Both” sometimes” and “Occasionally” are adverbs of frequency

Occasionally, Of

20. The path follows the river closely, Occasionally deviating round a clump of trees

Occasionally, Of

21. You're bound to forget people's names Occasionally. She only sees her niece Occasionally, so she showers her with …

Occasionally, Only

22. Occasionally, the mass would stop before a storefront and gawk at the window display.


23. Occasionally is an adverb and also a transitional adverb


24. If Occasionally is used as a transition or it starts a sentence, it must carry a comma; however, if Occasionally is a …

Occasionally, Or

25. Synonyms for Occasionally include sometimes, periodically, seldom, infrequently, irregularly, intermittently, sporadically, spasmodically, uncommonly and hardly


26. Principales traductions: Anglais: Français: Occasionally adv adverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down." (now and then) occasionnellement adv adverbe: modifie un adjectif ou un verbe.Est toujours invariable ! Ex : "Elle est très grande." "Je marche lentement.": de temps à autre, de temps en temps loc adv

Occasionally, Or, Occasionnellement, Ou

27. Word family (noun) occasion (adjective) occasional (adverb) Occasionally From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English oc‧ca‧sion‧al‧ly /əˈkeɪʒənəli/ ●●● S2 W3 adverb sometimes, but not regularly and not often Occasionally Alice would look up from her books.

Occasion, Occasional, Occasionally, Of, Oc, Often

28. Captives Occasionally act aggressively towards themselves, their tankmates, or humans, which critics say is a result of stress

Occasionally, Or, Of

29. Dolphins Occasionally feature in literature and film, as in the film series Free Willy


30. In the spring recently weaned pups and yearlings Occasionally strand on beaches after becoming separated from their group.

Occasionally, On

31. Occasionally: 1 adv now and then or here and there “he was arrogant and Occasionally callous” “open areas are only Occasionally interrupted by clumps of trees” Synonyms: at times , from time to time , now and again , now and then , on occasion , once in a while

Occasionally, Or, Open, Only, Of, On, Occasion, Once

32. Carolina Occasionally gets angry, but most of the time, she's very easy going

Occasionally, Of

33. Occasionally definition: from time to time Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


34. Occasionally adv adverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down." (now and then) occasionalmente avv avverbio: Descrive o specifica il significato di un verbo, di una frase, o di parti del discorso: "Sostammo brevemente" - "Ho tirato la palla lontano"

Occasionally, Or, Occasionalmente

35. We go for walks in the fields Occasionally


36. Diligent students Occasionally fail this subject


37. Occasionally Alice would look up from her books


38. Farmers Occasionally plough up old Indian relics

Occasionally, Old

39. Occasionally is a synonym of often

Occasionally, Of, Often

40. As adverbs the difference between Occasionally and often is that Occasionally is from time to time; now and then; once in a while; irregularly while …

Occasionally, Often, Once

41. Written ASL digit for "Occasionally" contributed by Adrean Clark in the ASLwrite community, 2017.


42. Definition and synonyms of Occasionally from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

Of, Occasionally, Online

43. This is the British English definition of Occasionally.View American English definition of Occasionally.

Of, Occasionally


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Occasionally, Our, Of, On, Or

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47. The journal, more Occasionally , has turned to what might be called "fashionable" themes


48. * 2007 , Matt Gouras/AP, " Wildfires Rage in Montana," Time , 17 Aug, Flames could still be seen from town flaring up Occasionally on a hill dotted with emergency vehicles.

Occasionally, On

49. We Occasionally meet for a drink after work


50. This type of allergy can very Occasionally be fatal

Of, Occasionally

51. Only Occasionally was there any doubt that they would succeed

Only, Occasionally

52. Johnston is an intelligent, Occasionally brilliant writer


53. Cook on a medium heat for 20 minutes, stirring Occasionally.

On, Occasionally

54. ‘very Occasionally the condition can result in death’ ‘The Plan was always to live a varied life and to write about it Occasionally.’ ‘I patted it Occasionally, which had no impact, and left sticky residue on my palms.’ ‘Think of me fondly while you're out there in the real world, and send me a postcard Occasionally.’

Occasionally, On, Of, Out

55. Listen to all All sentences (with pause) Used with verbs: " I visit them Occasionally


56. (visit, encounter, use) " Mix the ingredients and stir Occasionally


57. (stir) " He paused Occasionally


58. (paused, appeared, interrupted) " Strange things Occasionally occur in that house

Occasionally, Occur

59. (occur, happen) " He Occasionally goes to church

Occur, Occasionally

60. (goes to, attends) " She Occasionally eats alone.


61. The journal, more Occasionally, has turned to what might be called "fashionable" themes


62. 2007, Matt Gouras/AP, "Wildfires Rage in Montana," Time, 17 Aug, Flames could still be seen from town flaring up Occasionally on a hill dotted with emergency vehicles

Occasionally, On

63. Depends, QC Gang, How Occasionally is ur dog? By chance; accidentally


64. 1 day ago · Yikes: 56% say they’ll still wear masks Occasionally even after the pandemic is over

Occasionally, Over

65. Occasionally Made, Richmond, Virginia


66. Spanish Translation of Occasionally” The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online

Of, Occasionally, Official, Online

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Our, Occasionally

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70. Find 24 ways to say Occasionally, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


71. Why is my toilet Occasionally leaking or running? This troubleshooting document relates to one or two-piece toilets

Occasionally, Or, One

72. Provided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupOccasionally · Melissa EtheridgeMelissa Etheridge℗ 1988 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.Release


73. Occasionally, we see deer in the field


74. = We Occasionally see deer in the field


75. Occasionally, things don't go as planned


76. Cook on medium heat, stirring Occasionally, for about 10 minutes

On, Occasionally

77. Very Occasionally [=rarely], she will have a glass of wine.

Occasionally, Of

78. Welcome to Occasionally Yours Banquet Center"A Place For All of Your Occasions"! Occasionally Yours is a full service Banquet Rental Hall

Occasionally, Of, Occasions

79. These things Occasionally happen.; The stage came in but Occasionally from the distant railroad.; It was an improving experience of a kind which he only Occasionally got.; On these he would Occasionally gaze with transient enthusiasm.; He smoked a cigarette, and Occasionally sipped from a tall glass.; Groups Occasionally formed and, after a word or two, dispersed.

Occasionally, Of, Only, On, Or

80. The demonstrators were kept away from the summit site by thousands of police, troops,helicopters, boats,tall fences and Occasionally,tear gas

Of, Occasionally

81. VOA: standard.2009.09.25 Most of our work is in higher education, But Occasionally , we do do projects that go beyond that scope.

Of, Our, Occasionally

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OCCASIONALLY [əˈkāZH(ə)nəlē]

occasionally (adverb)

  • at infrequent or irregular intervals; now and then.
Synonyms: sometimes . at times . on occasion . periodically . at intervals . irregularly . sporadically . spasmodically . infrequently . intermittently . often . frequently .