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1. Obliviously synonyms, Obliviously pronunciation, Obliviously translation, English dictionary definition of Obliviously

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2. / əˈblɪv.i.ə / in a way that shows that you are not aware of something, especially what is happening around you: Distracted drivers chatting Obliviously on a phone risk everyone's lives

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3. He wandered out of the bar and Obliviously

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4. Definition of Obliviously in the dictionary

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5. What does Obliviously mean? Information and translations of Obliviously in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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6. Obliviously (comparative more Obliviously, superlative most Obliviously) in an oblivious manner; Translations

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7. Read Obliviously In Love Now! Digital comics on WEBTOON, a story about two highschool boys, who start off as friends, and turn into something more

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8. The Economic Counselor, a senior Foreign Service officer, had Obliviously shared what the US diplomatic mission monitored during the previous months and years with the Washington delegation which had the authority to decide the quantum of the appeal quota

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9. Another way to say Obliviously? Synonyms for Obliviously (other words and phrases for Obliviously).

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10. The Obliviously Beautiful trope as used in popular culture


11. What does Obliviously mean? In an oblivious manner

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12. Chantelle is Obliviously ready to work hard for the top spot on the competition

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13. Allegedly trying to be extra PC about racism, Tom Obliviously hurts Ravo and viciously turns on an already-outcast Greenie

Obliviously, On, Outcast

14. So many Obliviously swamped with the same arrogance believing the world thinks just like you.


15. Synonyms for Obliviously include absently, distractedly, dreamily, abstractedly, blankly, inattentively, unheedingly, vacantly, bemusedly and carelessly


16. Obliviously (Stormrage) slumber party - 60 Night Elf Restoration Druid, 225 ilvl


17. See oblivious ‘Without noticing, my mind focused on the three words that were crossed out near the center of the entry, and I closed the notebook Obliviously, diverting …

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18. Definition of Obliviously adverb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

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19. Obliviously Adventurous, Portland, Oregon

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20. One method of “freeing up bandwidth” is to put your investing plan on autopilot — to invest “Obliviously,” as Mike frequently discusses on this blog.Doing so frees you from having to worry about picking stocks, watching active mutual fund managers for the inevitable downturn, evaluating “alternative” investments, and timing the market.

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21. Obliviously in a sentence - Use "Obliviously" in a sentence 1


22. The only member of the old gang with a healthy relationship is the Obliviously happy Michael " Mo" 2

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23. Dowling shares not only her story but those of other women who have floated Obliviously into a sea of debt

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24. Click for more sentences of Obliviously

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25. So I called back and all I get is a busy signal so Obliviously she was using an auto dialer-----Reported from Kentville, Nova Scotia


26. Obliviously: In an oblivious manner; forgetfully

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27. ÂWhether it's buying Louboutins because you're in Paris, jewelry you'd never buy at home, looking the wrong way when crossing the street in London, or Obliviously wandering into bad neighborhoods, a gal needs to keep her wits about her.

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28. 2 Late HOME Obliviously In Love


29. Obliviously Ilene Weiss (Gadfly 216) Gadfly Records P.O


30. Obliviously namaak tier baked dessert with bread, bread-and-butter pudding serenize backstop denkbeeld otkrivanje glasa ruusuvatsaorneero, Synallaxis zimmeri endorse bakteria manga pagar bakteriofago avi quibble wave mechanics rasan azure Rejnlando Occident demagnetization (Amer.) diskusijski feature attribute convert, conversion, translation

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31. The episode ends with Baldrick Obliviously throwing the dictionary into the fire


32. Separated, Lani and Bryan Obliviously go in separate directions


33. While doing so, he Obliviously moves toward a cliff


34. Mountain goats manage to dance up the sheer wall of rock as Obliviously as dervishes

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35. "Oh, thank goodness, " says the preacher, Obliviously relieved.

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36. The suburb of Ballard has the reputation of being the home of retirees who drive really slowly and Obliviously

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37. German Translation of “Obliviously” The official Collins English-German Dictionary online

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38. O.D.D is the Obliviously deranged duo, when horror-core n hip hip collide the oddities will form

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39. This item: Obliviously On He Sails: The Bush Administration in Rhyme by Calvin Trillin Hardcover $1.49

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40. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Obliviously Divine on your desktop or mobile device.

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OBLIVIOUSLY [əˈblivēəslē]


Synonyms: oblivious .

oblivious (adjective)

  • not aware of or not concerned about what is happening around one.
Synonyms: unaware . unconscious . heedless . unmindful . insensible . unheeding . ignorant . blind . deaf . unsuspecting . unobservant . disregardful . unconcerned . impervious . unaffected . insensitive . indifferent . detached . removed . incognizant . aware . conscious .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does obliviously mean?

Meaning of obliviously in English. obliviously. adverb. uk ​ /əˈblɪv.i.ə us ​ /əˈblɪv.i.ə › in a way that shows that you are not aware of something, especially what is happening around you: Distracted drivers chatting obliviously on a phone risk everyone's lives. He wandered out of the bar and obliviously walked the streets.

What is the definition of oblivious?

Definition of oblivious. 1: lacking remembrance, memory, or mindful attention. 2: lacking active conscious knowledge or awareness-usually used with of or to.

What does obliviousness mean?

unmindful; unconscious; unaware (usually followed by of or to): She was oblivious of his admiration.

What is the definition of obviously?

English Language Learners Definition of obviously. : in a way that is easy to see, understand, or recognize. —used to emphasize that you are talking about something that is easy to see, understand, or recognize.