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1. The characterizations, for all their clarity, obliviate the need for characters, and obliviate the need to write stories with characters. The only consolation, we may feel, was that a portion of the money that war yielded was used to obliviate the penury of wretched almsmen.
2. obliviate definition: Verb (third-person singular simple present obliviates, present participle obliviating, simple past and past participle obliviated) 1. to forget, to wipe from existence
3. Definition of obliviate in the D dictionary. Meaning of obliviate. What does obliviate mean? Information and translations of obliviate in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
4. He paused, and there was a moment of profound silence, till he added — “for death only can obliviate the degradation she has occasioned; her death alone can restore the original splendor of the line she would have sullied.” The Italian "In the end, you cannot obliviate what has happened," he said. ANC Daily News Briefing
5. Obliviate. Incantation for a spell that modifies the subject’s memories. Obliviator. Member of Accidental Magic Reversal Squad. They work for the Improper Use of Magic Office. Occlumency. The sealing of the mind against magical intrusion and influence by a witch or wizard skilled at Legilimency. Professor Snape is a superb Occlumens and
6. The word reminds me of the spell 'obliviate' in harry potter Old Irish and Scots Gaelic. It came into our English use around Words We Like Hijab hijab definition pronunciation Each week, introduce a "secret word" and demonstrate how to use in a sentence. As teachers, use the words throughout the day and allow the students to scream every
7. Can you use ossify in a sentence? #wotd #wordoftheday #dictionarycom #words #learning #language #vocabulary #definition. the word reminds me of the spell 'obliviate' in harry potter I hunt my own kind - Owen: I can obviate Could be known as "Plan B". This word has Latin origins, entered English around

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