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1. The Oblates were called “Specialists of the Most Difficult Missions” by Pope Pius XI

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2. The Oblates mission is to preach the Good News of salvation

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3. Oblates, along with the monastic community, are co-holders of the Benedictine tradition

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4. Saint John's Abbey has approximately 500 Oblates who pray with the monks, volunteer around the abbey, visit us to nourish our friendship together, and live their authentic, Benedictine vocation where they are in life.

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5. Your donation for any of the items listed below will support the ministries of the Missionary Oblates as we serve the poor and needy of our missions in the United States and …

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6. Oblates of Saint Benedict are Christian men and women who choose to associate themselves with a religious community of Benedictine Monks in order to strengthen their baptismal commitment and enrich their Christian way of life

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7. Oblates do not take vows or live in a monastery.

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8. Oblates shape their lives by living the …


9. Oblate, (from Latin oblatus, “one offered up”), in Roman Catholicism, a lay person connected with a religious order or institution and living according to its regulations; a minor dedicated by his parents to become a monk according to the Benedictine Rule; or a member of either the Oblates of Mary

Oblate, Oblatus, One, Offered, Order, Or, Of, Oblates

10. Your donation for any of our devotional gifts will support the ministries of the Missionary Oblates as we serve the poor and needy of our missions in the United States and …

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11. Oblates are women or men who associate themselves with Saint Benedict’s Monastery

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12. Benedictine Oblates are people seeking to serve God in their chosen way of life

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13. Christians of all faith denominations may become Oblates and may be married or single.

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14. “To briefly describe the Oblates of St

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15. Oblati (Oblatæ, Oblates) is a word used to describe any persons, not professed monks or friars, who have been offered to God, or have dedicated themselves to His service, in holy religion

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16. Oblates This tradition includes practices of the Work of God (Liturgy of the Hours), Lectio Divina, community, the Word of God. Oblates become affiliated with the monastery and join with the monks in their prayer and spiritual life

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17. The Oblates of Glastonbury Abbey

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18. DeSales Spirituality Services is a ministry of the Wilmington-Philadelphia Province of the Oblates of St

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19. Oblates fulfill this desire with humility, by patiently bearing the everyday trials of life, by appreciating silence, by keeping one’s speech under control, and by viewing all work as holy

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20. Oblates are Christian individuals who associate themselves with a Benedictine community to enrich their Christian way of life

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21. Oblates shape their lives in the wisdom of Christ as interpreted by St

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22. All Deceased Oblates: Go to "Necrology" Necrology per diem (Last update - 27-10-2019) Necrology Index (Last update - 27-10-2019)


23. Our lay members are called Oblates

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24. Oblates are men and women, married or single, active in any Christian denomination, who closely associate themselves with the Monastery of St. Gertrude through an initiation process and formal oblation (promise)

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25. Oblates are men and women, married or single, active in any Christian denomination, who closely associate themselves with the Monastery of St. Gertrude through an initiation process and formal oblation (promise)

Oblates, Or, Of, Oblation

26. There are nearly 100 Oblates of the Monastery of St. Gertrude, living throughout the Pacific Northwest

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27. Meet the Oblates… Learn about becoming an oblate…

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28. For more information about the Oblates of St

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29. The Oblates, whose name means “offering,” are a group of priests and brothers founded early in 1816 by the Venerable Fr

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30. The Nuns and Oblates have a reciprocal relationship


31. While the Nuns provide the meeting space, formational conferences, liturgical celebrations, and offer Masses and other good works to benefit the Oblates, the Oblates in turn take care of organizing and serving at all our religious profession and jubilee receptions as well as volunteering their special gifts in many other ways to the benefit

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32. The Oblates of Holy Wisdom Monastery form an ecumenical learning community of women and men

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33. Diverse in ages and faith traditions, they find spirituality for their daily lives in the Rule of Benedict.Oblates seek God through a balance of prayer, work, leisure and study.

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34. Bondings is the quarterly newsletter of the Oblates of St

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36. The Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh treasure the gift of faith-filled Oblates

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37. Oblates are Christian women and men who discern a vocation to make a self-offering to God alongside and in partnership with the Community of the Holy Name

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38. 59 synonyms and near synonyms of Oblates from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 5 antonyms and near antonyms

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39. Oblates are expected to pray morning and evening prayer, participate in meditation and lectio and attend monthly meetings whenever possible


40. Oblates are generally under the guidance of a director who will usually lead meetings and determine the readiness of each person for the steps on the oblate journey.

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41. The Oblates of Mary Immaculate are a religious congregation of priests and brothers in the Catholic Church under the patronage of Our Lady

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42. Our Oblates Living An Ordinary Life with Extraordinary Love This program is designed for men and women desiring to live the Benedictine way of life while honoring their life choices.

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43. Monthly Giving Programs Support Zambia Support Tijuana Support Elder and Infirmed Oblates Support Oblate Seminarians Support Tekakwitha Missions

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44. The Oblates of Saint Joseph Seminary and Chapel is located in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

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45. This is the official Facebook page for the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate in Ireland and the UK.

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46. Oblates commit to following the Rule of Saint Benedict as they are able given their everyday state of life

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47. Oblates are not vowed religious nor do they live at the monastery; rather, they bring the spirit of Benedictine life to their own homes, churches, and workplaces

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48. Many Oblates, who are not Catholic, usually are members of other Christian denominations

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49. Oblates can be married, widowed or single.

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50. Oblates have an opportunity to develop a love and reverence for the Liturgy of the Hours and Lectio Divina, which is a prayerful reflection on the Word of God

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51. Whenever possible, the Oblates are invited to pray with the monastic community and participate in the Eucharist


52. In addition, Oblates meet on the third Sunday of scheduled months

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53. Clearly written for Oblates as the title says, the commentary is the reason for the rule, and the application is practical aspects of it

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54. Oblates shall practice the evangelical counsel of obedience by following the Rule and the Calendar to the best of their ability

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55. Oblates shall keep the days of fast and abstinence as prescribed by the Church prior to the Second Vatican Council for the region or diocese in which they are located

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56. Benedict continues to be a guide for monks and for Oblates


57. This Personal Rule of Life might be helpful to Benedictine Oblates of Saint Meinrad Archabbey seeking to keep the three promises and five duties ever in their sight

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58. The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) is a missionary religious congregation in the Catholic Church.It was founded on January 25, 1816, by Saint Eugène de Mazenod, a French priest born in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France on August 1, 1782

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OBLATES [ˈäblāt, ˌōˈblāt]


  • a person dedicated to a religious life, but typically having not taken full monastic vows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does oblate mean?

Definition of oblate (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : a layman living in a monastery under a modified rule and without vows 2 : a member of one of several Roman Catholic communities of men or women

What does 'oblate' mean in monasticism?

An oblate in reference to monasticism is a person, either a layperson or clergy, who is affiliated with a monastic order but who doesn't live with the members on a permanent basis. The person might be married and would be living with his or her spouse the majority of the time.

What is another word for Oblate?

Synonyms for oblate. ascetic. austere. contemplative. secluded. solitary. celibate. monkish. reclusive.

What is the definition of an oblate spheroid?

Freebase(4.50 / 2 votes)Rate this definition: An oblate spheroid is a rotationally symmetric ellipsoid having a polar axis shorter than the diameter of the equatorial circle whose plane bisects it. Oblate spheroids are contracted along a line, whereas prolate spheroids are elongated.