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1. Object definition is - something material that may be perceived by the senses


2. How to use Object in a sentence


3. A thing, person, or matter to which thought or action is directed: an Object of medical investigation

Or, Object, Of

4. Verb (used without Object) to offer a reason or argument in opposition

Object, Offer, Or, Opposition

5. Object - definition of Object by The Free Dictionary Define Object

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6. Object synonyms, Object pronunciation, Object translation, English dictionary definition of Object. Grammatical Objects are nouns or pronouns that complete the meaning of verbs and prepositions

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7. Object noun (THING) B1 [ C ] a thing that you can see or touch but that is not usually a living animal, plant, or person: a solid / material / physical Object

Object, Or

8. Some common synonyms of Object are aim, design, end, goal, intention, intent, Objective, and purpose

Of, Object, Objective

9. While all these words mean "what one intends to accomplish or attain," Object may equal end but more often applies to a more individually determined wish or need

One, Or, Object, Often

10. Find 106 ways to say Object, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


11. Object offers a wide range of women's accessories, bags, leggings, seasonal clothing, shoes, jewellery, scarves, belts and basic styles

Object, Offers, Of

12. The Crossword Solver found 157 answers to the Object crossword clue


13. When your younger brother runs around the house with scissors, you should definitely Object


14. Perhaps a less sharp Object such as a roll of paper towels would suffice.

Object, Of

15. Object-oriented programming is an approach to designing modular reusable software systems

Object, Oriented

16. The Object-oriented approach is an evolution of good design practices that go back to the very beginning of computer programming

Object, Oriented, Of

17. Object-orientation is simply the logical extension of older techniques such as structured programming and abstract data types.

Object, Orientation, Of, Older

18. What is an Object? Grammatical Objects are nouns or pronouns that complete the meaning of verbs and prepositions

Object, Objects, Or, Of

19. Additionally, almost any group of words that functions as a noun can be an Object, such as noun phrases, noun clauses, gerunds, and infinitives.

Of, Object

20. Since Object is, on any view at all, a highly abstract and general category, the relevant role by which Object might be defined must itself be highly abstract and general

Object, On

21. For example: in real life, a car is an Object


22. The toString method for class Object returns a string consisting of the name of the class of which the Object is an instance, the at-sign character `@', and the unsigned hexadecimal representation of the hash code of the Object

Object, Of

23. On the level of meaning, an Object is the name of a thing or person that undergoes the action of a transitive verb

On, Of, Object, Or

24. The Object stands in opposition to the subject, the actor in the active-voice sentence

Object, Opposition

25. The formal and functional aspects of an Object do not always coincide.

Of, Object

26. Synonyms for Object in Free Thesaurus


27. 107 synonyms for Object: thing, article, device, body, item, implement, entity, gadget, contrivance


28. Click inside the cell of the spreadsheet where you want to insert the Object

Of, Object

29. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Object

On, Object

30. In the Object dialog box, click the Create from File tab


31. The following example uses ReferenceEquals to determine if two Objects are the same instance.


32. Using namespace System; int main() { Object^ o = nullptr; Object^ p = nullptr; Object^ q = gcnew Object; Console::WriteLine( Object::ReferenceEquals( o, p ) ); p = q; Console::WriteLine


33. Direct Objects are the results of action.A subject does something, and the product is the Object itself

Objects, Of, Object

34. For example, consider this sentence: "Marie wrote a poem." In this case, the noun "poem" follows the transitive verb "wrote" and completes the meaning of the sentence.; Indirect Objects receive or respond to the outcome of an action.Consider this example: "Marie sent me an email."

Of, Objects, Or, Outcome

35. Object to (someone or something) To oppose, disagree with, or disapprove of someone or something

Object, Or, Oppose, Of

36. I know the board members Object to the spending increase, but I really think it is vital for the company's success


37. My parents have always Objected to the women I …


38. An Object, in Object-oriented programming (OOP), is an abstract data type created by a developer

Object, Oriented, Oop

39. It can include multiple properties and methods and may even contain other Objects

Other, Objects

40. In most programming languages, Objects are defined as classes.


41. Objects provide a structured approach to programming


42. By defining a dataset as a custom Object, a developer can easily create multiple similar …


43. There are two different types of Object: direct Objects and indirect Objects

Of, Object, Objects

44. A direct Object is, as its name suggests, directly affected by the action of the main verb

Object, Of

45. In the following two sentences, ‘a drink’ and ‘a story’ are direct Objects: ‘a drink’ was bought and ‘a story’ was being read.


46. Object (n.) late 14c., "tangible thing, something perceived with or presented to the senses," from Old French Object and directly from Medieval Latin obiectum "thing put before" (the mind or sight), noun use of neuter of Latin obiectus "lying before, opposite" (as a noun in classical Latin, "charges, accusations"), past participle of obicere "to present, oppose, cast in the way of," from ob

Object, Or, Old, Obiectum, Of, Obiectus, Opposite, Obicere, Oppose, Ob

47. Software Object Desktop Your complete Windows customization suite


48. The goddess was an Object of worship religion became an important Object of study Yeats's early uses of the images of ocean, seashore, islands and inland will be the Object of more detailed discussion in a later chapter the party's very survival is the Object of prolonged discussion in political circles the social services are the Object of

Object, Of, Ocean

49. ‘The Object and purpose of the Foreshore and Seabed Bill were set out clearly in clause 2A and clause 3.’ ‘In other words, it must be shown that the Object or purpose of the defendant is to inflict harm on the claimant, either as an end in itself, or as a means to another end.’

Object, Of, Out, Other, Or, On

50. Sets or returns the horizontal margin of the Object: name: Sets or returns the name of the Object: standby: Not supported in HTML5

Or, Of, Object

51. Sets or returns a message when loading the Object: type: Sets or returns the content type for data downloaded via the data attribute: useMap: Sets or returns the name of a client-side image map to be used with the

Or, Object, Of

52. Hspace: pixels: Obsolete Specifies the amount of whitespace on left and right side of an Object

Obsolete, Of, On, Object

53. Name: text: Specifies the name of the Object

Of, Object

54. Standby: message: Obsolete Specifies a text message to be displayed while the Object is loading

Obsolete, Object

55. Usemap: URL: Defines a client-side image map associated with an image Object


56. The first observed interstellar Object zipped through our solar system in October 2017

Observed, Object, Our, October

57. Definition of Object to (someone or something) in the Idioms Dictionary

Of, Object, Or

58. Object to (someone or something) phrase

Object, Or

59. What does Object to (someone or something) expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary

Object, Or

60. Object to (someone or something) - Idioms by The Free Dictionary.

Object, Or

61. Define direct Object: the definition of direct Object is a noun or pronoun that receives the action of the sentence

Object, Of, Or

62. A direct Object will always follow a transitive verb


63. A direct Object is always a noun or another part of speech functioning as a noun

Object, Or, Of

64. Here are a few final examples of sentences with direct Objects

Of, Objects

65. An Object is the word affected by the verb or preposition in a sentence

Object, Or

66. Objects are usually nouns or pronouns that answer questions like “who,” “what,” “where,” and “when?” Overall, they add more details to a sentence, which makes it more interesting and informative.

Objects, Or, Overall

67. Object definition: An Object is anything that has a fixed shape or form, that you can touch or see, and that Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Object, Or

68. The barista Object now has one property — position — but all the other properties and methods from job are available through the prototype

Object, One, Other

69. Object.create() is useful for keeping code DRY by minimizing duplication


70. Object.keys() Object.keys() creates an array containing the keys of an Object

Object, Of

71. We can create an Object and print the array of keys.

Object, Of

72. ObjectObjects have states and behaviors

Object, Objects

73. An Object is an instance of a class

Object, Of

74. Class − A class can be defined as a template/blueprint that describes the behavior/state that the Object of its type support.

Object, Of

75. The Object class is the parent class of all the classes in java by default

Object, Of

76. The Object class is beneficial if you want to refer any Object whose type you don't know


77. Notice that parent class reference variable can refer the child class Object


78. In C++, Object is a real world entity, for example, chair, car, pen, mobile, laptop etc


79. In other words, Object is an entity that has state and behavior

Other, Object

80. Object is a runtime entity, it is created at runtime


81. Object is an instance of a class.

Object, Of

82. Object As a verb, to take exception to something; to declare or express the belief that something is improper or illegal.As a noun, the thing sought to be accomplished or attained; aim; purpose; intention

Object, Or

83. One might, for example, Object to the admission of particular evidence at a trial

One, Object, Of

84. The Object of a civil suit, for example, might be to be

Object, Of

85. As we all know, the Java programming language is all about Objects as it is an Object-oriented programming language

Objects, Object, Oriented

86. If you want to store a single Object in your program, then you can do so with the help of a variable of type Object

Object, Of

87. But when you are dealing with numerous Objects, then it is advisable to use an array of Objects.

Objects, Of

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OBJECT [object]

object (noun) · objects (plural noun)

  • a material thing that can be seen and touched.
  • a thing external to the thinking mind or subject.
Synonyms: thing . article . item . piece . device . gadget . entity . body . notion .
  • a person or thing to which a specified action or feeling is directed.
  • a goal or purpose.
Synonyms: target . butt . focus . recipient . victim . purpose . objective . aim . goal . target . end . plan . ambition . design . intent . intention . idea . point .

object (verb) · objects (third person present) · objected (past tense) · objected (past participle) · objecting (present participle)

  • say something to express one's disapproval of or disagreement with something.
  • adduce as a reason against something.
Synonyms: oppose . condemn . demur . mind . approve . accept . acquiesce .