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1. Obiage is rolled between Kimono and Obi

Obiage, Obi

2. There are so many Obiage which sold with an Obijime (also used for tight Obi)

Obiage, Obijime, Obi

3. An Obiage is used for putting up an obi knot beautifully on your back

Obiage, Obi, On

4. Also an Obiage itself usually has a beautiful design and decorates your kimono


5. Obiage is placed above the Obi to decorate it

Obiage, Obi

6. We have many different flower print Obiage and also plain one tone Obiage etc

Obiage, One

7. The Obiage is an obi scarf, and it is a beautiful piece of fabric that serves the purpose of covering the makura (pillow) and usually helping to secure the bow of the obi

Obiage, Obi, Of

8. Width measurements for most of the Obiage are taken at the narrowest point here, rather than the widest point, so your Obiage may seem bigger than you thought when you receive it

Of, Obiage

9. An Obiage is a rectangular piece of fabric used in the tying of musubi ( obi bows) and t

Obiage, Of, Obi

10. An Obiage is a rectangular piece of fabric used in the tying of musubi ( obi bows

Obiage, Of, Obi

11. It is very important, when you tie an obi by Taiko Musubi, because Taiko Musubi has no obi knot, and tied with only an obijime, an obimakura's sash, and an Obiage

Obi, Only, Obijime, Obimakura, Obiage

12. Gloria Obiage Nwankwo is an Internal Medicine Specialist in Newark, New Jersey


13. Silk Obiage Set- Shibori Kimono Sash Belt- Pink & Lime Green- Japan Tie Dye Silk Scarf- Bohemian Headscarf- Japanese belt KimonoSoul


14. Obiage is used to wrap the Obi makura which supports the Obi sash in the back

Obiage, Obi

15. Obiage is also used as a Obi sash decoration

Obiage, Obi

16. History of Obiage is surprisingly short; it first appeared at the end of the Edo period

Of, Obiage

17. When Fukagawa geisha (geisha in Fukagawa, Edo (present-day Tokyo)) devised "taikomusubi" (a puffed-out bow of an obi), they also devised obimakura; it is considered that Obiage was invented in order to hide the obimakura and to provide support for the obi which became heavier due to obimakura.

Out, Of, Obi, Obimakura, Obiage, Order

18. Obiage Silk Pink Yuzen Sakura Flower Japanese Kimono Houmongi Komon


19. OBIJIME & Obiage Set Silk Purple Sakura Japanese Kimono Houmongi Tsukesage

Obijime, Obiage

20. Obijime & Obiage; Only needed for womens kimono are the Obiage (帯揚げ) & obijime (帯締め) tie

Obijime, Obiage, Only

21. The Obiage is a decorative piece of cloth, usually made of silk, tied over the obi-makura which it hides

Obiage, Of, Over, Obi

22. OBIJIME & Obiage Set Silk Green Plum Blossom Japanese Kimono Houmongi Tsumugi

Obijime, Obiage

23. OBIJIME & Obiage Set Silk Blue-Green Japanese Kimono Houmongi Tsumugi M Size

Obijime, Obiage

24. Add a note to the entry "Obiage"


25. Check out our white Obiage selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.

Out, Our, Obiage, Or

26. Obijime,Kumihimo,Obiage,kimono accessories Kyoto Watakei

Obijime, Obiage

27. Join Rebecca Cragg of Camellia Teas of Ottawa for a lesson on how to fold a kimono silk sash (Obiage)

Of, Ottawa, On, Obiage

28. Black silk vintage shibori Obiage


29.Obiage for kimono – Vintage red with toned down gold polka dots silk (chirimen) ☆ This is a pretty vintage Japanese Obiage (silk shawl) in a toned down rusty red is actually prettier in person than in the pictures


30. Join Facebook to connect with Esther Obiageri and others you may know

Obiageri, Others

31. The common accessories for such obi are: 1 makura, 1 Obiage, 1 obijime, and 1 obidome.Hanhaba obi do not typically require any accessories to be worn

Obi, Obiage, Obijime, Obidome

32. Rental price includes Nagajiban, Obi, Obijime, Obiage, Datejime, Zoris, Koshi Himos, and Obi Makura,Tabi and Hadagi

Obi, Obijime, Obiage

33. The obijime is an utterly perfect match for the kimono, and the red Obiage provides just enough punch while echoing the bold red tones in the kimono designs

Obijime, Obiage

34. Obiage Someya Shop Vintage Japanese Japanese Kimono Japanese items from Japan: kimono, haori, obi, kakejiku, vintage, fabric, etc

Obiage, Obi

35. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Obiage on pronouncekiwi

Of, Obiage, On

36. Pronouncekiwi - How To Pronounce Obiage


37. Kitsuke Seasonal Challenge Week 6 Dark blue geometric tsumugi komon White & red stripe nagoya obi White rainbow rinzu Obiage Light green round obijime This past weekend The Netherlands experienced their first snowstorm since 2010 (!) and everything is covered with a thick 15-20cm layer of snow.

Obi, Obiage, Obijime, Of

38. 帯揚げ ピンク 赤 Shinki Kounyuu 梅 花 流水 Obiage 正絹 七五三 子供用 おびあげ 7歳 七歳 和装小物 あす楽対応 送料無料 Nanasai


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of oblige?

English Language Learners Definition of oblige. : to force or require (someone or something) to do something because of a law or rule or because it is necessary. : to do something that someone has asked you to do : to do a favor for (someone)

How do you use oblige in a sentence?

Examples of oblige in a Sentence. The law obliges the government to release certain documents to the public. Her job obliges her to work overtime and on weekends. She's always ready to oblige her friends. “Thank you for your help.” “I'm happy to oblige .”. They asked for food and he obliged with soup and sandwiches. See More.

Is oblige a verb?

oblige verb (FORCE) › [ T + obj + to infinitive ] US or UK formal also obligate to force someone to do something, or to make it necessary for someone to do something: The law obliges companies to pay decent wages to their employees. The law does not obligate sellers to accept the highest offer.

What is the difference between oblige and obligate?

Both oblige and obligate are frequently used in their past participle forms to express a kind of legal or moral constraint. Obligated once meant "indebted for a service or favor," but today it typically means "required to do something because the law requires it or because it is the right thing to do."