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1. Obfuscation definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation

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2. Obfuscation is a technique by which code is transformed into a form that is semantically the same as the original program, but is difficult to extract meaning from. Obfuscation will drastically reduce the size …

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3. Find 10 ways to say Obfuscation, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


4. What is Code Obfuscation? Code Obfuscation is the process of modifying an executable so that it is no longer useful to a hacker but remains fully functional

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5. Data Obfuscation is a process to obscure the meaning of data

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6. Obfuscation means that we take something and make it much more difficult to understand.


7. 19 rows · Obfuscation is the process of modifying an assembly (especially the metadata) in a way …

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8. An important element of source code Obfuscation is transforming the data processed by the program into another form, which has a minimal effect on the performance of the code, but makes it harder for hackers to break it down or reverse engineer.

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9. How does the Obfuscation work? Through a series of transformations, such as variable / function / arguments renaming, string removal, and others, your source code is transformed into something unreadable, while working exactly as before

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10. Code Obfuscation is a process that makes your application binaries harder to read with a decompiler


11. Obfuscation is a programming technique in which code is intentionally obscured to prevent reverse engineering and deliver unclear code to anyone other than the programmer

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12. Obfuscation is also applied to programs to ensure intellectual property (IP) …


13. I used maximum level of "Code Flow Obfuscation" for all 3

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14. And the free / evaluation version did not have "Code Flow Obfuscation" enabled to evaluate


15. In software development, Obfuscation is the deliberate act of creating source or machine code that is difficult for humans to understand

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16. Like Obfuscation in natural language, it may use needlessly roundabout expressions to compose statements.Programmers may deliberately obfuscate code to conceal its purpose (security through obscurity) or its logic or implicit values embedded in it, primarily

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17. ‘The effect of his work is not to explain anything, but rather to dramatize the purposeful Obfuscation of information.’ ‘The band's cryptic song titles provide unneeded Obfuscation.’ ‘Another Obfuscation involved the use of the term 'counter-insurgency'.’ ‘I regard this as a deliberate piece of Obfuscation.’

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18. The act of obscuring something to make it more difficult to understand is called Obfuscation

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19. Lawyers are sometimes accused of Obfuscation, since legal contracts can be so difficult to understand

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20. The word Obfuscation is from the verb obfuscate, which itself comes from the …

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21. Obfuscation (obfu): Obfuscation is the practice of making something difficult to understand

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22. Obfuscation may involve encrypting some or all of the code, stripping out potentially revealing

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23. Obfuscation can include a variety of techniques to hide malware, creating layers of obscurity which Cylance compares to "nested figures in a Russian doll." These techniques include:

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24. Obfuscation is a well-known term in software engineering


25. Obfuscation used in payloads for Initial Access can be detected at the network


26. Data Obfuscation is the process of replacing sensitive information with data that looks like real production information, making it useless to malicious actors

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27. Key Difference: Data Masking or data Obfuscation refers to the process that helps in concealing private data

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28. Another Obfuscation method is changing the names of the registers so that these will change from one generation to the next one but can be recognized by renaming the registers [6,7]

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29. Hybrid Obfuscation Using Signals and Encryption Part I of this small-format book introduces Obfuscation 's key characteristics and variations through examples.

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30. Ultimately, though, there are four common methods of traffic Obfuscation, and all providers will use one or a combination of several of them.

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31. What is Code Obfuscation? Code Obfuscation is the modification of executable code so that it is not available for comprehension, interpretation, and execution

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32. Definition of Obfuscation noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

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33. Obfuscation is widely used by malware writers to evade antivirus scanners


34. It is essential to analyze how these Obfuscation techniques are used in malware


35. Obfuscation tools can map the string values of this property to features they implement, preferably by using an XML configuration file that users can access

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36. The ObfuscationAttribute defines two feature strings, "default" and "all"


37. The string "default" should map to the default Obfuscation features of a tool, and "all" should map to the

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38. Obfuscation is a technology that a lot of privacy protection tools – such as VPNs or Tor – use

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39. Obfuscation will teach users to push back, software developers to keep their user data safe, and policy makers to gather data without misusing it.Brunton and Nissenbaum present a guide to the forms and formats that Obfuscation has taken and explain how to craft its implementation to …


40. 14.3 Obfuscation and diversification techniques


41. Code Obfuscation [26] is to transform the program’s code into another version, which is syntactically different but semantically the same


42. Obfuscation is a technique that is normally used to hide the meaning of some software by rearranging the operations, but it can also be used to add weak watermarks to the code

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43. Obfuscation definition: the act or an instance of making something obscure , dark, or difficult to understand Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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44. Data Obfuscation (DO) is a form of data masking where data is purposely scrambled to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive materials

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45. Obfuscation is the default way to make malicious code unreadable, not only to the human researcher but also to the various antimalware products that can hardly afford themselves the downtime that’s entailed in real time deObfuscation to reveal a payload’s actual intent.

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46. Definition of Obfuscation in the dictionary

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47. What does Obfuscation mean? Information and translations of Obfuscation in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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48. Since all Obfuscation techniques aim to increase the complexity of an attacker's work, anything you can do to set them back to square one is a great defensive measure

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49. In general usage, Obfuscation is done to hide or obscure a message’s intended meaning, making it difficult to understand

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50. In the context of VPNs, Obfuscation is done to hide VPN traffic, and hence bypass VPN blocks.

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51. Obfuscation is a technique used to change software code in order to make it harder for a human to understand

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52. Code Obfuscation is the process of transforming code so that it’s difficult to understand and analyze, but in such a way that it remains fully functional

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53. Code Obfuscation follows the logic of “security through obscurity,” meaning that the more time-consuming and complicated it is to unravel obfuscated code, the less worthwhile it is for hackers to try to reverse engineer it.

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54. Obfuscation 'Obfuscation' is a 11 letter word starting with O and ending with N Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Obfuscation We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Obfuscation will help you to finish your crossword today

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55. Data Obfuscation is a data security technique that copies and scrambles sensitive data, often via encryption, as a means of concealment

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56. What do I need to know about data Obfuscation? Data Obfuscation is often used interchangeably with data masking

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57. Data Obfuscation scrambles data …


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OBFUSCATION [ˌäbfəˈskāSH(ə)n]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does obfuscate mean?

Obfuscate Law and Legal Definition. Obfuscate means to make obscure or unclear. It is the concealment of intended meaning in communication, making communication confusing, intentionally ambiguous, and difficult to interpret.

What is another word for obfuscation?

mystification, obfuscation(noun) the activity of obscuring people's understanding, leaving them baffled or bewildered. Synonyms: bewilderment, mystification, bafflement, puzzlement, bemusement, befuddlement.

What is the difference between obfuscate and obscure?

As adjectives the difference between obscure and obfuscate is that obscure is dark, faint or indistinct while obfuscate is (obsolete) obfuscated; darkened; obscured. is that obscure is to darken, make faint etc while obfuscate is to make dark; overshadow.

What does obfuscation mean in technology dictionary?

the act of creating computer code (= instructions used to program computers) that is difficult for humans to understand, in order to reduce the code size and hide it from other people: Obfuscation is a technique by which code is transformed into a form that is semantically the same as the original program, but is difficult to extract meaning from.

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