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1. Obese definition is - having excessive body fat


2. How to use Obese in a sentence.


3. "When people become Obese we start to see disease rates go way up," Wang says


4. Obese definition, very fat or overweight; corpulent

Obese, Or, Overweight

5. People are generally considered Obese when their body mass index (BMI), a measurement obtained by dividing a person's weight by the square of the person's height—despite known allometric inaccuracies —is over 30 kg/m 2; the range 25–30 kg/m 2 is defined as

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6. We encourage the use of person-first language (e.g., “adults with obesity” or “20% of children ages 12-19 have obesity” and not “Obese adults” nor “20% of children are Obese”) when discussing topics like obesity and other chronic diseases, as well as respectful images.

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7. If you are considered Obese you are at much higher risk for many serious health conditions


8. Here are some of the serious conditions an Obese person has increased risk for: Health Problems Caused by Obesity

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9. Being Obese means that body fat is now beyond an accepted standard for your height


10. Currently, 34 percent of Americans are overweight and a separate 34 percent are Obese, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in

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11. 18 synonyms of Obese from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 29 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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12. Obese: having an excess of body fat.

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13. She is considered Obese (BMI is 30 or more) if she is closer to 174 pounds or more

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14. Tall is considered overweight (BMI is 25 to 29) if he weighs between about 174 and 202 pounds, and is Obese (BMI is 30 or more) if he is closer to 209 pounds or more

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15. Obese synonyms, Obese pronunciation, Obese translation, English dictionary definition of Obese

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16. Obese adjective Characterised by obesity; excessively fat, typically referring to a person with a BMI of 30+.

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17. Obese As for what is driving America's chronic weight problem, there are no definite answers


18. The new data shows that the share of adults who were severely Obese – with a BMI of 40 or higher – also has risen since 1999-2000, nearly doubling from 4.7% to 9.2%.

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19. Obese: Well above one's normal weight

Obese, One

20. A person has traditionally been considered to be Obese if they are more than 20% over their ideal weight

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21. Obese stage 2: 35.0–39.9 Morbidly Obese stage 3 : 40.0 or greater When a person is morbidly Obese, they are at greater risk of heart disease , certain illnesses, and conditions that directly

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22. Adults 35 years of age and older with a BMI greater than 30 are Obese.; Obesity is not just a cosmetic consideration

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23. Of these over 650 million were Obese

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24. 39% of adults aged 18 years and over were overweight in 2016, and 13% were Obese

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25. 38 million children under the age of 5 were overweight or Obese in 2019.

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26. In the United States, 36.5 percent of adults are Obese

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27. In all, more than two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or Obese.

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28. Being Obese can increase your risk of chronic health conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers

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29. Find 18 ways to say Obese, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


30. Two patients are super morbidly Obese and are in desperate need of help before time runs out

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31. The term Obese describes a person who's very overweight, with a lot of body fat

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32. Obese (adj.) "exceedingly fat," 1650s, back-formation from obesity and in part from Latin obesus "fat, stout, plump," literally "that has eaten itself fat," past participle of obedere "to eat all over, devour," from ob "about; because of" (see ob-) + edere "eat" (from PIE root *ed-"to eat")

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33. According to OED, "Rare before 19th c." Related: Obeseness.Latin obesus was translated in Old English

Oed, Obeseness, Obesus, Old

34. The best way to lose weight if you're Obese is through a combination of diet and exercise, and, in some cases, medicines

Obese, Of

35. The least Obese countries in the world have obesity rates lower than 2%

Obese, Obesity

36. The five least Obese countries in the World are Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Eritrea, Madagascar


37. Nauru is the most Obese country, with 61% of its population having a BMI higher than 30

Obese, Of

38. 15, 2004 -- When a person is morbidly Obese, their sex life often suffers

Obese, Often

39. ‘Overweight and Obese conditions occurring at this age show persistent health effects decades later.’ ‘With so many children and parents overweight or Obese, there's little stigma attached to being fat.’

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40. Obesity is a risk factor for numerous conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, stroke, heart disease, certain types of cancer, and arthritis 1.More than two thirds (69%) of adults are overweight or Obese and more than one third (35%) are Obese 2.In 2011–2012, the prevalence of obesity was higher among middle

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41. Other studies have shown that overweight and Obese COVID-19 patients are more likely to be admitted to intensive care, to require mechanical ventilation, and to die.

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42. Am I Morbidly Obese? Answering this question may give you the courage you need to take the first step


43. Below are tools you can use to determine if you are morbidly Obese and potentially a candidate for weight-loss surgery


44. Obese people are at high risk of depression and other social problems

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45. Obesity and walking describes how the locomotion of walking differs between an Obese individual (BMI >30 kg/m 2) and a non-Obese individual.The prevalence of obesity is becoming a worldwide problem, with the American population leading the way

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46. Women also were 27% less likely to be Obese compared to women who had not attended the program.


47. Demi Lovato Revealed She Almost Relapsed Immediately After Her Near-Fatal Overdose When The Media Called Her “Morbidly Obese” “That’s the most triggering thing that you could possibly write about somebody with an eating disorder.

Overdose, Obese

48. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are considering prioritizing Americans who are Obese for the coronavirus vaccine, according to a new report.The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices is set to meet on Tuesday to discuss which Americans should be first to receive a coronavirus vaccine

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49. BraceAbility Plus Size 6XL Bariatric Back Brace - Obese Support Girdle for Lower Lumbar Back Pain in Big and Tall, Extra Large, Heavy or Overweight Men and Women (Fits 73"-80") 3.7 out of 5 stars 189

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OBESE [ōˈbēs]

obese (adjective)

  • very fat or overweight.
Synonyms: plump . stout . overweight . heavy . large . solid . chubby . portly . rotund . flabby . paunchy . pot-bellied . beer-bellied . dumpy . meaty . falstaffian . buxom . corpulent . bloated . gross . gargantuan . elephantine . fleshy . sonsy . pursy . abdominous . thin . skinny .