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1. Definition of Oberkapo in the dictionary

Of, Oberkapo

2. What does Oberkapo mean? Information and translations of Oberkapo in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Oberkapo, Of, On

3.Oberkapo: prisoner assigned as chief foreman


4. Dutch Oberkapo of the 52nd Cable Unit A kindly overseer, the Dutch Oberkapo is accused of sabotage

Oberkapo, Of, Overseer

5. The Reichsdeutsche Oberkapo and one SS-man were thrown into the burning furnace alive, another SS –man was beaten to death

Oberkapo, One

6. Work crews outside the camp were supervised by a Vorarbeiter (foreman), a Kapo, or Oberkapo (chief kapo).

Outside, Or, Oberkapo

7. Here Elie has abandoned his faith after seeing an angelic boy (the Pipel of the Oberkapo) and two other men hung for plotting revolt

Of, Oberkapo, Other

8. Oberkapo 1 point 2 points 3 points 1 year ago have you considered building your own? a plastic case, Brooks board, and harnesses/buttons may be cheaper overall compared to importing and shipping on a …

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9. This page provides all possible translations of the word Oberkapo in the German language

Of, Oberkapo

10. Oberkapo German; Discuss this Oberkapo English translation with the community: 0 Comments


11. Oberkapo Srl Romania tax code 15937808 is a company from Constanta city, Constanta county


12. The Oberkapo, the person in charge of the area of the prison camp were Elie was at the time, had a pipel, a young Jewish prisoner, as a "servant." Probably the …

Oberkapo, Of

13. He is an assistant to the Dutch Oberkapo


14. Later, in retaliation for the sabotage of the camp power station, the SS torture a Dutch Oberkapo and hang three more people, including a small, angelic-looking thirteen-year-old.

Of, Oberkapo, Old

15. Dutch Oberkapo: A kind and beloved overseer at Buna, he is accused of sabotage and stocking arms

Oberkapo, Overseer, Of

16. This passage occurs at the end of the fourth section, as Eliezer witnesses the agonizingly slow death of the Dutch Oberkapo’s pipel, a young boy hanged for collaborating against the Nazis

Occurs, Of, Oberkapo

17. Sanders breathes new life into Oberkapo (chief kapo) who pushed their fellow concentration camp prisoners, hitting and beating them, even killing them


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19. The Dutch Oberkapo- he cried at the hangings


20. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "Oberkapo" - from the website.

Of, Oberkapo

21. "Oberkapo" as i understand it was a trusted prisoner in Nazi concentration camps in WW2


22. An Oberkapo and his pipel (a young boy who acted as his assistant) who everyone liked were suspected of blowing up a power plant on camp, but they refused, despite torture, to give any information about it

Oberkapo, Of, On

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24. In the passage from Wiessel’s Night, who is the servant of the Oberkapo being hung? He was the young servant of the man who blew up the electric power

Of, Oberkapo

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