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OBBLE [ˈwäbəl]

wobble (verb) · wobbles (third person present) · wobbled (past tense) · wobbled (past participle) · wobbling (present participle)

  • move unsteadily from side to side.
  • cause to move unsteadily from side to side.
Synonyms: rock . jiggle . sway . see-saw . teeter . shake . vibrate .

wobble (noun) · wobbles (plural noun)

  • an unsteady movement from side to side.
  • a tremble or quaver in the voice.
Synonyms: totter . teeter . sway . rocking . swaying . shaking . tremor . quiver . quaver . shaking . trembling . vibrato .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name wobble mean?

WOBBLE (noun) The noun WOBBLE has 1 sense: 1. an unsteady rocking motion Familiarity information: WOBBLE used as a noun is very rare.

What is the difference between Wobble and shake?

As verbs the difference between shake and wobble is that shake is (ergative) to cause (something) to move rapidly in opposite directions alternatingly while wobble is to move with an uneven or rocking motion, or unsteadily to and fro. As nouns the difference between shake and wobble is that shake is the act of shaking something while wobble is an unsteady motion.

What does the wobble mean in Urban Dictionary?

Wobble definition, to incline to one side and to the other alternately, as a wheel, top, or other rotating body when not properly balanced. See more.

What is a sentence using the word wobble?

Wobble in a sentence

  • The government can't afford to wobble on this issue.
  • Don't wobble the table, please, Dan.
  • Don't wobble the table-I'm trying to write.
  • Don't wobble the desk when I'm writing.
  • The handlebars developed a wobble.
  • The President appeared to wobble over sending the troops in.sentencedict .com
  • We might look for a tiny wobble in the position of a star.
  • More items...