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1. Nymphean definition is - of or appropriate to nymphs : inhabited by nymphs

Nymphean, Nymphs

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3. Nymphean synonyms, Nymphean pronunciation, Nymphean translation, English dictionary definition of Nymphean


4. Of, pertaining to, or appropriate to, nymphs; inhabited by nymphs; as, a Nymphean cave

Nymphs, Nymphean

5. Definition of Nymphean in the dictionary

Nymphean, Net

6. What does Nymphean mean? Information and translations of Nymphean in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


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9. Nymphean / n ɪ m ˈ f iː ə n / Orbital characteristics; Epoch 31 July 2016 (JD 2457600.5) Uncertainty parameter 0: Observation arc: 98.37 yr (35928 days) Aphelion: 2.9403 AU (439.86 Gm) Perihelion: 2.1660 AU (324.03 Gm)


10. Nymphean is a fanfiction author that has written 23 stories for Escaflowne, Harry Potter, and Smallville.


11. ‘Indeed, if anything, Pera takes too much of Humbert's version for granted -- particularly Lolita's ‘Nymphean evil.’’ More example sentences ‘Her husband is accused of child-molesting, her brother is a lush who has got the maid pregnant, one of her daughters is 'wrong in the head', while the other is scampering through puberty towards


12. What does Nymphean mean? Of or pertaining to a nymph or nymphs

Nymphean, Nymph, Nymphs

13. Nymphean translation in English - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'nympha',nymph',nymphal',nymphet', examples, definition, conjugation

Nymphean, Nympha, Nymph, Nymphal, Nymphet

14. Nymphean •antipodean, Crimean, Judaean, Korean •Albion •Gambian, Zambian •lesbian •Arabian, Bessarabian, Fabian, gabion, Sabian, Swabian •amphibian


15. Nymphean Medium: Watercolor and Wash Size: 39.4 x 31.2 cm


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17. What are synonyms for Nymphean?


18. Born in 1879 and died in 16 Sep 1966 Murwillumbah, New South Wales Nymphean Lily M Hibbard Quirk

New, Nymphean

19. Genealogy for Nymphean Lily Quirk (Hibbard) (1879 - 1966) family tree on Geni, with over 225 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives


20. Saprophytic Nymphean Masochist 14


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Nymphal, Nymphalid, Nymphalids, Nymphean, Nymphed, Nymphet

25. Nymphean 20; nymphet 18; nymphets 19; nymphette 20; nymphettes 21; nympho 17; nympholepsies 28; nympholepsy 28; nympholept 25; nympholeptic 30; nympholepts 26; nymphomania 26; nymphomaniac 30; nymphomaniacal 33; nymphomaniacs 31; nymphomanias 27; nymphos 18; nymphs 17; nystagmic 20; nystagmus 18; nystagmuses 20; nystatin 12; nystatins 13

Nymphean, Nymphet, Nymphets, Nymphette, Nymphettes, Nympho, Nympholepsies, Nympholepsy, Nympholept, Nympholeptic, Nympholepts, Nymphomania, Nymphomaniac, Nymphomaniacal, Nymphomaniacs, Nymphomanias, Nymphos, Nymphs, Nystagmic, Nystagmus, Nystagmuses, Nystatin, Nystatins

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27. "Nymphean" and "naphtha" sent two more to their seats; while the silent "m" in "mnemonics" cut a most fearful swath in the remainder, so that after the smoke of that bomb was dissipated only Julia, Ruth, and two others stood of all the class.

Nymphean, Naphtha

28. Marble, Nymphean waters flowing in every bedroom? Eyes draw me this way, and mind that


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