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1. Nutriment definition is - something that nourishes : nutrient

Nutriment, Nourishes, Nutrient

2. How to use Nutriment in a sentence.


3. Nutriment definition, any substance or matter that, taken into a living organism, serves to sustain it in its existence, promoting growth, replacing loss, and providing energy


4. What does Nutriment mean? A source of nourishment; food

Nutriment, Nourishment

5. A brand new and unique eating experience for cats and dogs, exclusive to Nutriment

New, Nutriment

6. Nutriment Balance Turmeric is not about a quick fix to all your ailments

Nutriment, Not

7. Find 9 ways to say Nutriment, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


8. Nutriment essentiel et non essentiel

Nutriment, Non

9. Certains Nutriments sont dits essentiels car le corps ne sait pas les fabriquer lui-même ; ils doivent donc impérativement être apportés par la nourriture.

Nutriments, Ne, Nourriture

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12. ‘With these events in mind, it is extraordinary that a man with his limited resources, loss of sleep, lack of Nutriment, and high levels of psychological stress performs so brilliantly.’ ‘Still, the pleasure of delicious food, or of beautiful decoration, or, in some instances, the utility of better Nutriment, seems sufficient to a …


13. Gone is the notion that the dead are "alive and well somewhere" (LG 1855, 17); now, they have become Nutriment

Notion, Now, Nutriment

14. Nutriment m (plural Nutriments) nutrient (something providing nourishment) Further reading “Nutriment” in Trésor de la langue française informatisé (The Digitized Treasury of …

Nutriment, Nutriments, Nutrient, Nourishment

15. ‘With these events in mind, it is extraordinary that a man with his limited resources, loss of sleep, lack of Nutriment, and high levels of psychological stress performs so brilliantly.’ ‘Still, the pleasure of delicious food, or of beautiful decoration, or, in some instances, the utility of better Nutriment, seems sufficient to a …


16. Tony Essex - Nutriment Stockist


17. Nutriment Health is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in the supply of feed additives to the Australian stockfeed industry and injectable antibiotics to veterinarians


18. Nutriment is a supplement company with a wide variety of products that specialize in cellular health


19. Nutriment believes that their products are different from other products on the market due to their emphasis on cellular health .


20. Nutriment is a synonym of nutrient

Nutriment, Nutrient

21. As nouns the difference between Nutriment and nutrient is that Nutriment is a source of nourishment; food while nutrient is a source of nourishment, such as food, that can be metabolized by an organism to give energy and build tissue

Nouns, Nutriment, Nutrient, Nourishment

22. Synonyms for Nutriment in Free Thesaurus


23. 35 synonyms for Nutriment: aliment, bread, comestible, diet, edible, esculent, fare, food, foodstuff


24. Nutriment definition: any material providing nourishment Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Nutriment, Nourishment

25. • Beetle grubs may spend seven years boring through wood and extracting Nutriment from that most indigestible of materials, cellulose


26. • Having a rather poor root system, it gets Nutriment mainly from the water


27. • Seeds, of course, are much richer in Nutriment than any fleshy coating.


28. Nutriment nm Nutriment → Présente en abondance dans tous les aliments, l'eau est source de vie, tout comme les matières organiques et minérales vouées, après digestion, à être assimilées par l'organisme, et plus communément appelées Nutriments.

Nutriment, Nm, Nutriments

29. Hypernyms ("Nutriment" is a kind of): food; nutrient (any substance that can be metabolized by an animal to give energy and build tissue)

Nutriment, Nutrient

30. Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "Nutriment"): milk (produced by mammary glands of female mammals for feeding their young)


31. Looking for Nutriment? Find out information about Nutriment


32. Study of the materials that nourish an organism and of the manner in which the separate components are used for maintenance, repair, growth, and Explanation of Nutriment

Nourish, Nutriment

33. Nutriment Information Nutriment is a provider of raw pet food that was founded in the United Kingdom in 2013


34. Nutriment’s products are produced at their Laverstoke Park Farm, which is a production facility in Overton, Hampshire


35. Nutriment attempt to source as many of their ingredients from the United


36. Nutriment 303 followers on LinkedIn


37. Definition of Nutriment in the dictionary

Nutriment, Net

38. What does Nutriment mean? Information and translations of Nutriment in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


39. Nutriment: 1 n a source of materials to nourish the body Synonyms: aliment , alimentation , nourishment , nutrition , sustenance , victuals Types: show 185 types hide 185 types milk produced by mammary glands of female mammals for feeding their young course part of a meal served at one time dainty , delicacy , goody , kickshaw , treat

Nutriment, Nourish, Nourishment, Nutrition

40. Nutriment translate: chất bổ


41. Aliment, alimentation, nourishment, Nutriment, sustenance, victuals, nutrition - a source of materials to nourish the body commissariat , provisions , viands , victuals , provender - a stock or supply of foods

Nourishment, Nutriment, Nutrition, Nourish

42. Nutriment food for my dogs is just the best food they could have


43. Aliment definition, that which nourishes; Nutriment; food

Nourishes, Nutriment

44. Uphold Nutriment We Specialize in gathering HIGH QUALITY terrene dietary supplements that may aid in boosting energy, improving immune support, digestive support, hormone balance, reducing inflammation and overall better quality of life.


45. Synonyms for Nutriment include aliment, food, nourishment, nutrition, sustenance, diet, foodstuff, nutrients, subsistence and support

Nutriment, Nourishment, Nutrition, Nutrients

46. Nutriment Systems is quickly becoming Northwest Arkansas' de-facto leader for both residential and commercial treatment services

Nutriment, Northwest

47. Give us a call to experience the Nutriment difference for yourself


48. (2008) quienes mencionan que en las zonas aridas del norte de Mexico, los pastos tienen alto contenido de elementos estructurales (celulosa y hemicelulosa) de baja digestibilidad, lo cual los limita en cuanto a su valor Nutrimental, y por lo tanto, son menos consumidos por los rumiantes silvestres y domesticos.

Norte, Nutrimental

49. Alto Nutrimento parla di nutrizione, microbioma, ricette, consigli di lettura

Nutrimento, Nutrizione

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