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1. Novatianism was a sect that split from mainstream Christianity in the 3rd century. The sect was more or less extinct by the 8th century


2. Novatianism definition is - the denial of the church's right to restore lapsed Christians to membership.


3. Novatianism is the belief that Christians who commit apostasy can never be readmitted back into membership in the church. The historical background which led to Novatianism is the Decian persecution of 250 in which Emperor Decius ordered that all Roman citizens make a sacrifice to the Roman gods on his behalf.

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4. Novatianism The Novatianists were early Christians following Antipope Novatian, held a strict view that refused readmission to communion of Lapsi, those baptized Christians who had denied their faith or performed the formalities of a ritual sacrifice to the pagan gods, under the pressures of the persecution sanctioned by Emperor Decius, in AD 250.

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5. Novatianisme adalah suatu paham yang dianut suatu golongan pada abad ke 3 yang memisahkan diri dari Gereja Barat


6. Novatianism arose out of disputes over the proper role of penance in the Christian community


7. Novatianism was an early Christian sect which originated with the Libyan bishop Novatian in the 3rd century AD

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8. Novatianism became an official heresy and it became clear that the Church would accept those who wanted to join her regardless of their pasts, as long as they were repentant of those pasts


9. Novatianism (uncountable) (historical, Christianity) A rigorist Christian sect that opposed re-admitting baptised Christians who had previously renounced their faith under persecution and by extension all those who had committed a mortal sin, founded by the priest and antipope Novatian in the third century.

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10. Novatian and Novatianism † Catholic Encyclopedia Novatian and Novatianism Novatian was a schismatic of the third century, and founder of the sect of the Novatians; he was a Roman priest, and made himself antipope

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11. NOVATIAN (ANTIPOPE) AND Novatianism Pontificate: 251

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12. What does Novatianism mean? The doctrines or principles of the Novatians

Novatianism, Novatians

13. Novatianism thus fell upon ground prepared for it, and found in every quarter a body of ready adherents


14. Novatianism was an Early Christian sect devoted to the theologian Novatian (c

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15. Novatianism and Africa (Roman province) · See more » Antipope


16. New!!: Novatianism and Antipope · See more

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17. Cornelius in 251 AD, and schismatic heresiarch as founder of a Christian sect known as Novatianism··A follower of Novatianism.


18. Novatian and Novatianism Catholic Information

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19. Novatianism was an Early Christian sect devoted to the theologian Novatian (c

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Novatianism after Novatian?

Novatianism after Novatian. After his death, the Novatianist sect spread rapidly and could be found in every province, and were very numerous in some places. Those who allied themselves with the doctrines of Novatian were called Novatianists. However, they called themselves καθαροι ( "katharoi") or "Purists"...

What does Novatian mean in the Bible?

In St. Cyprian's earlier letters about Novatian (xliv-xlviii, 1), there is not a word about any heresy, the whole question being as to the legitimate occupant of the place of Peter. In Ep. li, the words "schismatico immo haeretico furore" refer to the wickedness of opposing the true bishop.

How did Novatian take over the Christian church?

In effect, Novatian attempted to take over the Christian church in opposition to most of the existing leaders. For this action, he was excommunicated, and his teachings were declared heresy. Novatianism taught that certain sins were “mortal,” at least so far as the earthly church was concerned.

Why were Novatianists called heretics?

Because Novatianists (including Novatian) did not submit to the bishop of Rome, they were labeled by Rome as schismatics. Additionally, Rome also labeled Novatianists heretics for denying that the Church had the power to grant absolution in certain cases (such as to the lapsi).

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