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1. How to use Nought in a sentence.


2. Nought - a mathematical element that when added to another number yields the same number 0, cypher, zero, cipher digit, figure - one of the elements that collectively form a system of numeration; "0 and 1 are digits" Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection

Nought, Number, Numeration

3. What does Nought mean? Nought means nothing or none, as in All of my efforts at winning the game were for Nought because I lost badly. Nought also refers to zero

Nought, Nothing, None

4. For example, if your math class is in Room One- Nought -Seven, it is in Room 107.


5. Nought number (ZERO) [ C ] mainly UK (US usually naught) the number 0 or zero: He said it was only worth £10, but really you could add a couple of Noughts to that (= it is really worth £1,000).

Nought, Number, Naught, Noughts

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7. Both naught and Nought mean nothing, and in American English they are more or less interchangeable (though naught is the more common spelling)

Naught, Nought, Nothing

8. Elsewhere, they are different. Nought is conventionally used in British English for the number zero—for example:

Nought, Number

9. In British English "Nought" is also used


10. The physical constant μ0, (pronounced "mu Nought" or "mu zero") is commonly called the vacuum permeability


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12. From Middle English Nought, noght, noȝt, from Old English nōwiht, nāwiht (nay +‎ a +‎ wight), which in turn comes from ne-ā-wiht, which was a phrase used as an emphatic "no", meaning "not a thing"

Nought, Noght, No, Nay, Ne, Not

13. Eventually this was reduced into Nought, nawt and then not.

Nought, Nawt, Not

14. What does Nought mean? Speaking of Nought, it is a spelling variant of the same word.Nought is even more archaic than naught; it has survived basically intact from Middle English and has been in use for at least a thousand years.

Nought, Naught

15. Grand National punter accidentally added a Nought and bet a ‘crazy’ £200 instead of £20 – then watched his horse romp home netting him £

National, Nought, Netting

16. Nought means nothing, and it also means the digit zero

Nought, Nothing

17. The word Nought is derived from the Old English word nowiht which means nothing.

Nought, Nowiht, Nothing

18. Definition of Nought in the dictionary

Nought, Net

19. What does Nought mean? Information and translations of Nought in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions


20. If the capital letter S were cut into two parts, and the bottom half attached to the top half, it would make a Nought


21. LOISETTE) It was a curious chapter of accidents that brought all these well laid plans to Nought


22. Not (chinnam; katargeo) "Nought" is to be distinguished from "naught" implying "badness" (see NAUGHT).

Not, Nought, Naught

23. Cousin Bess said Nought, but wagged her head, and tare her flannel in twain


24. Hail God and man together in fere.253 For thou hast made all thing of Nought Albeit that thou liest poorly here


25. He took sabbatarianism as a type of the things that should be set at Nought


26. Lady Bountiful, who was bountiful in Nought but reviling, was the person whom I


27. ‘Still, there was Nought he could do, other than fight and survive.’ ‘We must not believe that the triumph of experimental science reduced to Nought the dreams and ideals of the alchemist.’ ‘The driver tried to swerve out of he way but it was for Nought: they hit the other vehicle head on and died in a blaze of fire.’

Nought, Not

28. See 2 authoritative translations of Nought in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.


29. 'Nought' è un termine alternativo per 'naught', 'zero'

Nought, Naught

30. 'Nought' is an alternate term for 'naught', 'zero'

Nought, Naught

31. Nought /nɔːt $ nɒːt/ number 1 British English the number 0 SYN zero A billion is 1 with 9 Noughts after it

Nought, Number, Noughts

32. Nought point one/two/three etc (=0.1,0.2 etc) 2 old use used in some expressions to mean nothing Peace negotiations came to Nought (=were not successful)

Nought, Nothing, Negotiations, Not

33. Examples from the Corpus Nought • But really, all this will come to Nought.


34. Born Frederick Alexander Pye and known as Fred Pye for short, he is a gamer on YouTube with the channel Nought


35. Nought : The numeral "Zero" is also defined as Nought

Nought, Numeral

36. A number produces same value if it is added or subtracted with a Nought, i.e

Number, Nought

37. A million is written with six Noughts


38. Nought point one (= written 0.1) I give the programme Nought out of ten for humour


39. This car can accelerate from Nought to sixty in ten seconds.


40. (adverb) Middle English noght, from Old English nÅ wiht, which in turn comes from ne-Å -wiht which was a phrase used as an emphatic no meaning "not a thing".Eventually this degenerated into 'Nought', 'nawt' and then 'not'.

Noght, Ne, No, Not, Nought, Nawt

41. Learner's definition of Nought [count, noncount] British: the number 0: zero

Nought, Noncount, Number

42. One million is a 1 with six Noughts after it


43. (chiefly US, old-fashioned) Alternative spelling of Nought


44. Nought definition: Nought is the number 0

Nought, Number

45. The meaning of Nought in the Bible (From International Standard Bible Encyclopedia) not (chinnam; katargeo) "Nought" is to be distinguished from "naught" implying "badness" (see NAUGHT)

Nought, Not, Naught

46. "Nought" in the sense of "nothing," etc., is the translation of chinnam, "gratis" (Genesis 29:15), and of various other words occurring once only, e.g

Nought, Nothing

47. A Nought was a person who was white and treated second-class citizen in the world of the ruling Cross


48. Noughts are not treated as equals, they are normally poorer than crosses, they have different laws and there are places where they aren't allowed.

Noughts, Not, Normally

49. Nought (n., pron.) Middle English, from Old English nowiht "nothing," variant of nawiht (see naught).Meaning "zero, cipher" is from early 15c

Nought, Nowiht, Nothing, Nawiht, Naught

50. Expression for Nought "in vain" is from c


51. To come to Nought is from early 15c


52. And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to Nought: but if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.

Now, Nought

53. What is the definition of Nought? What is the meaning of Nought? How do you use Nought in a sentence? What are synonyms for Nought?


54. Genesis 29:15 View whole chapter See verse in context And Laban said unto Jacob, Because thou art my brother, shouldest thou therefore serve me for Nought? tell me, what shall thy wages be? Deuteronomy 13:17 View whole chapter See verse in context And there shall cleave Nought of the cursed thing to thine hand: that the LORD may turn from the fierceness of his anger, and shew thee


55. ("Nought" is a variant spelling of "naught.") Our efforts to keep the farm came to Nought in the end.

Nought, Naught

56. Set in a dangerous, alternate world where racism divides society, Noughts + Crosses follows two young people Sephy and Callum, who are divided by their colour but united by love.


57. Find 128 ways to say Nought, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


58. Synonyms for Nought in Free Thesaurus


59. 17 synonyms for Nought: zero, nothing, nil, nothing, zip, slang, nothingness, nada, zilch, bugger all

Nought, Nothing, Nil, Nothingness, Nada

60. Nought venture, Nought have [gain, win]


61. Merry is he that hath Nought to lose


62. Nought is another way of saying zero


63. Sales rose by Nought point four per cent last month


64. All our efforts have come to Nought


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NOUGHT [nôt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for nought?

Synonyms: nought, zip, goose egg, naught, aught, nothing, cipher, nix, zippo, nil, nobody, secret code, nonentity, cryptograph, cypher, zilch, zero point, nada, null.

What does come to nought mean?

come to nought To be totally unsuccessful or amount to nothing. ("Nought" is a variant spelling of "naught.") Our efforts to keep the farm came to nought in the end.

What does the word naught mean?

Naught is defined as nothing. When you made an effort and it resulted in nothing occurring at all, this is an example of a time when your efforts were for naught.

What does "naught" mean in Shakespearean language?

"Naught" means nothing. So when we read "naught could remove" it means "nothing could remove." This line combines with the line before it in order to make sense. The complete meaning, then, is: The continuing feud between the Montagues and Capulets will only be ended because of the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

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