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1. Nontransparency definition is - the quality or state of being not transparent.

Nontransparency, Not

2. Nontransparency ( uncountable ) The property of not being transparent

Nontransparency, Not

3. Narváez, “The Opacity of Backbones”, in arXiv ‎ [1]: This paper studies the Nontransparency of backbones.

Narv, Nontransparency

4. Nontransparency 'Nontransparency' is a 15 letter word starting with N and ending with Y Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Nontransparency We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Nontransparency will help you to finish your crossword today.


5. Explaining Systematic Bias and Nontransparency in U.S


6. Explaining Systematic Bias and Nontransparency in US Social Security Administration Forecasts Konstantin Kashin, Gary King, Samir Soneji1 Institute for Quantitative Social Science Harvard University (Inaugural Distinguished Lecture, Institute for Social Science, UC-Davis, 10/8/2015)


7. Explaining Systematic Bias and Nontransparency in U.S


8. The idea is that Nontransparency will allow active ETF managers to pursue their investment strategies without the risk that they will be foiled …


9. But Nontransparency in active ETFs allows managers to buy and sell securities at the best price, which can result in improved performance for investors


10. Systematic Bias and Nontransparency in US Social Security Administration Forecasts by Konstantin Kashin, Gary King and Samir Soneji


11. What is the definition of Nontransparency? What is the meaning of Nontransparency? How do you use Nontransparency in a sentence? What are synonyms for Nontransparency?


12. Systematic Bias and Nontransparency 337 money than SSA needs to pay for current beneficiaries

Nontransparency, Needs

13.Nontransparency in government programs is always associated with corruption in other countries, so I don't see why it wouldn't be here.’ Word of the day mwahahaha


14. However, as a fast gelation to ensure aerogel fiber spinning generally induces rapid local clustering of precursor particles (i.e., phase separation) and unavoidably results in Nontransparency and nonuniformity in the gel state, a severe challenge remains in remedying the spinning to make transparent aerogel fibers come true.

Nontransparency, Nonuniformity

15. The Nontransparency factor will rub some investors and financial advisers the wrong way


16. “National Committee to eliminate Nontransparency, corruption and embezzlement not yet operational.” “One of the main reasons for unfairness and corruption in Congress and in the American corporate world is the Nontransparency of compensation, benefits and perquisites.”

National, Nontransparency, Not

17. , Various reasons were quoted for the anti-vaccine sentiments; some of them were concerning vaccine safety and efficacy, Nontransparency of the vaccine clinical trials, sporadic reports of mortality following vaccine administration, and poor understanding of the basic disease pathophysiology.


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NONTRANSPARENCY [nontransparency]

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any synonyms for the word nontransparent?

other words for nontransparent. blurred. cloudy. dirty. dull. frosty. gloomy. hazy. impenetrable.

Which is the correct definition of the word transparent?

noun, plural trans·par·en·cies. Also trans·par·ence. the quality or state of being transparent.

What is the definition of transparency in journalism?

Media transparency (or transparent media) is the concept of determining how and why information is conveyed through various means. There is not a broad consensus "on how best to define or measure" transparency in journalism.

What is the effect of non-transparency in the media?

Such media opacity, or media non-transparency, ruins the trust and transparency between the media and the public and have implications for transparency of new forms of advertising and public relations (such as native advertising and brand journalism).

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