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1. Definition of Nonsecretor in the dictionary

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2. What does Nonsecretor mean? Information and translations of Nonsecretor in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


3. At his original trial, an expert testified that Vinson was a " Nonsecretor," which meant his blood type would not have shown up in the stain even if Vinson was the perpetrator, explaining the …

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4. Nonsecretor definition: a person of blood group A, B , or AB , whose saliva does not contain the antigens of Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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5. In Nonsecretor milk, there is a group with roughly the same concentration as in secretor milk (n = 5) and another group (n = 6) with a concentration similar to the 2 outliers in this group.


6. What does Nonsecretor mean? That which is not a secretor

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7. Notably, select pandemic strains bind Nonsecretor HBGAs in vitro and infect Nonsecretors

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8. Viously shown to recognize Nonsecretor saliva, as well as synthetic Lewis a


9. Association between FUT2 rs601338 G>A variant (encoding for the Nonsecretor phenotype) and in‐hospital mortality (% values) among 409 patients with severe COVID‐19 with respiratory failure, for whom complete data and follow‐up were available.


10. Secretor gene inactivation by a novel single missense mutation A385T in Japanese Nonsecretor individuals

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11. Homozygous secretor, heterozygous secretor, and Nonsecretor genotypes represented 23.47%, 54.08%, and 22.45% of the cohort, respectively


12. All Nonsecretors (n = 22) harbored the G428A mutation


13. The Nonsecretor phenotype in all Caucasians analyzed was a consequence of homozygosity for the 'old' mutation


14. Both the new and the old Nonsecretor mutations were identified in the heterozygous state in some secretor-positive Polynesians, while only the old mutation was found in the heterozygous state in Caucasians of the same phenotype.

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15. Structural analysis of nine oligosaccharides isolated from the urine of a blood group O, Nonsecretor, woman during pregnancy and lactation

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16. Nine oligosaccharides have been isolated from urine collected from an O(H), Le(a+ b-), Nonsecretor, woman during her pregnancy and subsequent lactation.

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18. Nonsecretor status results from being homozygous for one of two Nonsecretor variants: se 428, which codes for a stop codon at position 143 (W143X rs601338A>G) in Europeans and Africans; and se 385 (I129F, rs1047781A>T) in South East and East Asians.


19. Structural Analysis of Nine Oligosaccharides Isolated from the Urine of a Blood Group 0, Nonsecretor, Woman during Pregnancy and Lactation* (Received for publication, August 23, 1976) PETER HALLGREN$ AND ARNE LUNDBLAD From the Department of Clinical Chemistry, University Hospital, S-221 85 Lund, Sweden Nine oligosaccharides have been isolated from urine col- lected …

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20. Nonsecretory LPL constitutes less than 5% of cases of LPL and we are aware of only a few reports of WM focusing on the role of free light chains [1-3], which makes our case unique in that the patient did have elevated free kappa light chains and monoclonal IgM on serum immunofixation but lacked measureable monoclonal IgM on SPEP.


21. Rotavirus P[8] Infections in Persons with Secretor and Nonsecretor Phenotypes, Tunisia


22. Plural of Nonsecretor Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary


23. Among 226 Japanese individuals, 40 having a Le(a+b-) phenotype and 5 having a Le(a-b-) Nonsecretor phenotype were homozygous for sej/sej, whereas 149 having a Le(a-b+) phenotype and 32 having a Le(a-b-)-secretor phenotype possessed at least one Se1 or Se2


24. By comparison, a Nonsecretor (allele seNS) does not

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25. A person's status as a secretor or Nonsecretor is independent of blood type


26. Consider the following inheritance pattern of this trait: Secretor (seS/seS) x Secretor (seS/seS) → All offspring are secretors Nonsecretor (seNS/seNS) x Nonsecretor (seNS/seNS) → All offspring are Nonsecretors

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27. Nonsecretor Total Number of words made out of Nonsecretor = 380 Nonsecretor is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 13 points.Nonsecretor is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 16 points

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28. Nonsecretor is a 11 letter long Word starting with N and ending …


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You A secretor or a non-secretor?

Secretor status. Antigens are present in the blood and, in most individuals, in bodily fluids such as saliva. If antigens are present in your bodily fluids, you are known as a 'secretor'. If they are not present in your bodily fluids, you are a 'non-secretor'.

What is the definition on the word nonsecreter?

Definition of nonsecretor. : an individual of blood group A, B, or AB who does not secrete the antigens characteristic of these blood groups in bodily fluids (such as saliva)

What does nonsecret mean?

nonsecret (Noun) Something that is not secret. nonsecret (Adjective) Not secret. We have access to nonsecret information only.

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