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1. Nonamer meaning An oligomer having nine subunits.

Nonamer, Nine

2. Definition of Nonamer in the dictionary

Nonamer, Net

3. What does Nonamer mean? Information and translations of Nonamer in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


4. AT-Nonamer is a combination of specially formulated polymer and anti saltpeter chemicals to prevent saltpeter on wall for longer duration


5. USES: AT-Nonamer is used to prevent dampness and subsequent saltpeter formation on wall(s) ADVANTAGES: AT-Nonamer is …


6. Random Nonamers (for use as primers in cDNA synthesis, 50μM H2O); Random Nonamers are random sequences of nine deoxyribonucleotides (9-mers) used to prime mRNA, with or without a poly(A) tail;

Nonamers, Nine

7. Structures of HLA-A*1101 complexed with immunodominant Nonamer and decamer HIV-1 epitopes clearly reveal the presence of a middle, secondary anchor residue


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Nonamer, Nothing

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13. The RAG1 Nonamer binding domain (NBD) forms a tightly interwoven dimer that binds and synapses two Nonamer elements, with each NBD making contact with both DNA molecules

Nonamer, Nbd

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Now, Nonamer, Name, New

15. However, under identical conditions as for the d-Nonamer (same enzyme/RNA ratio), the treatment of the l-Nonamer showed the appearance of the octamer GCUUCGGC after only 20 min


16. The oligonucleotides have either lengths 8 (octamer) or 9 (Nonamer)


17. Using the IVTDFSVIK peptide and a series of synthetic Nonamer peptides, differing from the original sequence by single amino acid substitutions, we have defined a motif for HLA-A11-binding peptides


18. Removal of one uridine residue from either end of the Nonamer (UUAUUUAU or UAUUUAUU) results in a decrease of potency of the element, while removal of a uridine residue from both ends of the Nonamer (UAUUUAU) eliminates detectable destabilizing activity.


19. The Nonamers represent the predominant length of the binding cores for peptides recognized by the cellular immune system


20. To further dissect the sequence diversity, each overlapping Nonamer position was quantitatively analyzed for four patterns of sequence diversity motifs: index, major, minor and unique.


21. Dog leukocyte antigen‐88*034:01 presents Nonamer peptides from canine distemper virus hemagglutinin, large polymerase, and matrix proteins


22. What does Nonameric mean? Of or pertaining to a Nonamer

Nonameric, Nonamer

23. Chemical braking occurs in a dilute solution during a structural change of ethynylhelicene (M)-Nonamer from the metastable double-helix state to the random-coil state, being at equilibrium, where the reaction is initially rapid and then substantially retard.


24. The Nonamer sequence having G nucleotide at its fifth position is shown to be still active in V-J recombination in the human Vλ genes (Kawasaki et al., 1997)

Nonamer, Nucleotide

25. The V H 1 and V H 7 families have a family-specific Nonamer TCAGAAACC


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Nonamer, Nyxtheshield

29. Nonamer (before aggregation) to form a sandwich wherein all the porphyrins are in register [12]


30. Alternatively, the hierarchical self-organization of either the free base or the zinc Nonamers into columnar 1-10 nm tall aggregates results in nanoscaled materials with unique properties compared to individual porphyrins, covalent oligomers, large

Nonamers, Nm, Nanoscaled

31. It cleaves recombination signal sequence (RSS), comprising of conserved heptamer and Nonamer


32. Nonamer binding domain (NBD) of RAG1 plays a central role in the recognition of RSS

Nonamer, Nbd

33. Recombination signal sequences are conserved heptamer and Nonamer sequences that flank the V, J, and D gene segments which undergo recombination to generate the final V region coding exon


34. Some of these have 12-nucleotide spacers between the heptamer and Nonamer

Nucleotide, Nonamer

35. We identified a Nonamer peptide, Mpl 84-92, that is presented to L


36. To extract a robust fingerprint from the replicates, we performed the chi-squared independence test to identify Nonamer probes with discriminatory value, given the set of isolates under consideration in the study


37. In this study, 10 of the 47 Nonamer probes had diagnostic value for the 16 organisms and are displayed in Fig


38. C Shannon Nonamer entropy, which indicates the level of diversity of the Nonamer sequences at the position (H(x); see Fig


39. D The index Nonamer is the most prevalent sequence at the position


40. E Variants are Nonamer sequences that differ by one or more amino acids from the index sequence.


41. It is likely that the Nonamer binding domain of RAG1 (where R401 is located) establishes the 60° bend, 8,26 as HMGB1 is recruited after RAG 27 and Box A recognizes prebent DNA


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Nonamer, Not

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plural of nonamer?

nonamer (plural nonamers) An oligomer having nine subunits

Are We missing a good definition for nonamer?

Are we missing a good definition for nonamer? Don't keep it to yourself... The ASL fingerspelling provided here is most commonly used for proper names of people and places; it is also used in some languages for concepts for which no sign is available at that moment.

What is the meaning of the word NONAME?

A noname is an insult meaning somebody is unknown, as in nobody knows them. commonly used by nonames themselves. Get the noname neck gaiter and mug. A guy who says offensive things and decides whether he was joking based on the reaction of people around him.

What does non-Mer mean?

A compound whose molecule is formed from nine monomers; a molecule of such a compound. 1940s; earliest use found in Journal of the American Chemical Society. From nona- + -mer.

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