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1. Nonadherent meaning That does not adhere.

Nonadherent, Not

2. If you were Nonadherent to your hypertension or other pills, you were likely to be Nonadherent with your (hormone therapy) pills and vice versa


3. Images & Illustrations of Nonadherent Popularity rank by frequency of use Nonadherent #100000 #317499 #333333


4. Nonadherent (plural Nonadherents) A person who is not an adherent.

Nonadherent, Nonadherents, Not

5. Sterile, Nonadherent cotton/polyester pads won't interfere with granulating tissue by sticking to the wound Top layer is made of soft, perforated film that allows air to circulate Absorbent, padded inner layer allows fluid to collect Pads cut easily to fit any shape without separating


6. Sterile, Nonadherent cotton/polyester pads won't interfere with granulating tissue by sticking to the wound; Top layer is made of soft, perforated film that allows air to circulate; Absorbent, padded inner layer allows fluid to collect; Pads cut easily to fit any shape without separating


7. Noncompliant and Nonadherent Time to Retire These Labels

Noncompliant, Nonadherent

8. Nonadherent or noncompliant patient conduct (whether intentional or unintentional) often affects clinical outcomes adversely.

Nonadherent, Noncompliant

9. Over the past several years, there has been a purposeful shift in language away from the term “noncompliant” toward the termNonadherent.” Merriam-Webster defines comply …

Noncompliant, Nonadherent

10. Prevalence — It has been estimated that almost half of patients are Nonadherent, when nonadherence is defined as a mean of less than four hours of use per night, but the range is broad (29 to 83 percent)

Nonadherent, Nonadherence, Night

11. Nonadherent dressing A dressing that has little or no tendency to stick to dried secretions from the wound.

Nonadherent, No

12. Nonadherent patients, also known as noncompliant patients, present a challenge to healthcare providers

Nonadherent, Noncompliant

13. However, the label “Nonadherent patient” should be carefully considered.


14. Women reporting at least 1 Nonadherent behavior were classified as nonadherers

Nonadherent, Nonadherers

15. In conclusion, Nonadherent behaviors, including forgotten pills in particular, are prevalent among YW who are on adjuvant ET


16. The women with the lowest educational level, the least social support, and less confidence in their decision regarding ET appear to be at higher risk for reporting Nonadherent behaviors


17. Patients who were Nonadherent to cinacalcet (38%) showed a significant reduction in calcium and iPTH during follow-up with etelcalcetide


18. Although OUD is often characterized as a chronic relapsing disorder, treatment nonadherence is likely a contributing factor, as Nonadherent patients incur significantly greater healthcare costs and

Nonadherence, Nonadherent

19. Independent samples t tests demonstrated that there was no significant difference between adherent and Nonadherent patients on PA or SWL

No, Nonadherent

20. There was a trend for patients classified as adherent to score higher on NA than those classified Nonadherent (t[60]) = 2.12, P = 0.06).

Na, Nonadherent

21. In this work, we show that it is possible to enhance the uptake of short interfering RNA (siRNA) into Nonadherent Jurkat and HuT 78 cells with a rapid poration-free method involving …


22. Membership in the Nonadherent class was associated with minority ethnicity, being female, eligibility due to welfare status, prior hospitalizations, and a higher number of prior treatment episodes

Nonadherent, Number

23. Nonadherent cells are removed after 3 days by changing the medium, and adherent cells are kept in culture while being fed with fresh medium every 3 days until the outgrowth of fibroblast-like cells


24. Negative pressure over suture lines, some types of mesh, and flaps should be set at 75 to 125 mm Hg with a Nonadherent layer prior to foam placement.5 The addition of Nonadherent dressing under the foam decreases the amount of negative pressure to the tissue

Negative, Nonadherent

25. Managing Nonadherent and Difficult Patients


26. Healthcare providers face many challenges when patients are Nonadherent or difficult


27. The positive predictive value of claims records in identifying Nonadherent patients was 0.72


28. The 2 most common reasons for patients to be misclassified as Nonadherent in claims data following self-report were discontinuation of medication on prescribers' directions (21.93%) and having an alternate channel for receiving the medication (6.13%).


29. TELFA "Ouchless" Nonadherent Dressings 3 x 4" - Get the lowest price on TELFA "Ouchless" Nonadherent Dressings 3 x 4" , online at


30. TELFA "Ouchless" Nonadherent Dressings-TELFA woundcare-TELFA dressing


31. No use putting taxpayers' or insurers' money into a "lost cause." Thus, the terms "noncompliant" and "Nonadherent" have developed negative nuances and connotations.

No, Noncompliant, Nonadherent, Negative, Nuances

32. FREE Shipping on TELFA Ouchless Nonadherent Dressings at in the Wound Dressings Category


33. In patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) who refuse or are Nonadherent to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy, treatment with pitolisant may reduce self-reported excessive daytime sleepiness, according to study results published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.


34. Mepitel 2x3 Wound Drsg Silicone Nonadherent Molnlycke 290599- 1 Each 2 x 3 Inch Soft Silicone Wound Contact Layer Minimizes pain and trauma at dressing changes May remain in place for up to 14 days, in turn ensuring undisturbed wound healing Open-mesh structure allows for application of topical agents and passage of exudate into secondary dressing Enables less frequent dressing changes


35. Randomized Controlled Trial of Solriamfetol for Excessive Daytime Sleepiness in Obstructive Sleep Apnea: An Analysis of Subgroups Adherent or Nonadherent to Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment Previous Article The burden of mental illness among survivors of critical care – risk factors and impact on quality of life: a multicenter prospective


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between non-adherent and noncompliant?

However there is a difference between a noncompliant patient and a non-adherent patient: Noncompliance: is generally a term which includes deliberate or intentional refusal by the patient (i.e. denial, depression, dementia, cultural issues, drug or alcohol dependence, cost of treatment,...

What does nonadherent mean?

nonadherent definition: Adjective (not comparable) 1. That does not adhereOrigin non- +‎ adherent...

What is a non-adherent patient?

The Noncompliant vs The Non-adherent Patient. Noncompliant and non-adherent patients are two of the most common causes of treatment failure for chronic conditions. Studies show that providers are less accurate when diagnosing patients who demonstrate this type of behavior compared with patients showing more neutral behavior.

What does adherent means?

Definition of adherent. (Entry 1 of 2) : one who adheres to something: such as. a : a follower of a leader, party, or profession Freud's adherents. b : a believer in or advocate especially of a particular idea or church adherents of Christianity adherents of socialism.

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