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1. 1. someone who proposes a candidate for appointment or election Familiarity information: Nominator used as a noun is very rare.

Nominator, Noun

2. The numerator is the top part of a fraction, the denominator is the bottom part, and Nominator is not an appropriate term for any part of a fraction

Numerator, Nominator, Not

3. I have seen Nominator used to mean both "numerator" and "deNominator"

Nominator, Numerator

4. According to a question on this at English.stackexchange, this use of "Nominator" is exceedingly rare.


5. 13 rows · Nominator is a subscription service offered with different levels of functionality, one of

Nbsp, Nominator

6. Is that Nominator is one who nominates, the enactor of a nomination while nominee is a person named, or designated, by another, to any office, duty, or position; one nominated, or proposed, by others for office or for election to office.

Nominator, Nominates, Nomination, Nominee, Named, Nominated

7. Nominator Customer Secure Login Page


8. Login to your Nominator Customer Account.


9. English Language Learners Definition of deNominator mathematics : the number in a fraction that is below the line and that divides the number above the line See the full definition for deNominator in the English Language Learners Dictionary


10. Synonyms for Nominator include advocate, advocator, backer, champion, exponent, proposer, sponsor, supporter, promoter and apostle


11. Nominator meaning One who nominates, the enactor of a nomination.

Nominator, Nominates, Nomination

12. Definition of Nominator someone who proposes a candidate for appointment or election Thanks for visiting The Crossword Solver


13. (The bottom number is the DeNominator and shows


14. Nominator (plural Nominators) One who nominates, the enactor of a nomination

Nominator, Nominators, Nominates, Nomination

15. Definition of Nominator in the dictionary

Nominator, Net

16. What does Nominator mean? Information and translations of Nominator in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


17. An individual Nominator employed by a lead ICT company as an ICT professional would be assessed as having a national reputation if that company is a multi-national technology company, one of the world’s largest employers, or a leader in creating technological innovations.

Nominator, National

18. Nominator \Nom"i*na`tor\, n

Nominator, Nom, Na

19. WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006): Nominator n 1: someone who proposes a candidate for appointment or election


20. ‘The veterinary practitioner who wins the Stronghold Veterinary Petcare Award will receive a prize valued at IR £2,000 and the Perpetual Stronghold trophy, with a weekend away awarded to the winner's Nominator.’


21. The Nominator to validator mapping has to fit in a single block, and if there are too many Nominators, the lowest-staked nominations will be dropped

Nominator, Nominators, Nominations

22. ‘The veterinary practitioner who wins the Stronghold Veterinary Petcare Award will receive a prize valued at IR £2,000 and the Perpetual Stronghold trophy, with a weekend away awarded to the winner's Nominator.’


23. Nominator: Betty Morrell BETTY has been receiving treatment for a bone marrow disease for the past 14 years at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire and has nothing but praise for Sheila and her colleagues in the haematology department.

Nominator, Nothing

24. Nominator Meaning: " in any sense, 1650s, from Late Latin Nominator, from Latin nominat-, past-participle stem of nominare… See definitions of Nominator.

Nominator, Nominat, Nominare

25. Nominator Review Capability: Once logged in, you may view student applications


26. If you are the Nominator for more than one campus, you will see the campuses listed in the Campus box at the top of the page


27. A Nominator is one who nominates

Nominator, Nominates

28. If we were going to cut a pizza, and someone shouted, "Cut it into twelfths!", then the shouter would be the Nominator, for nominating 12 slices

Nominator, Nominating

29. Nominator: 1 n someone who proposes a candidate for appointment or election Type of: mover , proposer (parliamentary procedure) someone who makes a formal motion


30. See authoritative translations of Nominator in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.


31.Nominator Email Template - Not Selected As A Nominee Workforce Nominator Email Template - Seeking CTE Student Applicants Nominator Email Template - …

Nominator, Not, Nominee

32. The common Nominator for development projects lies in the SPL platform's technical system infrastructure, multi-channel architecture and common reusable assets


33. Håll dig uppdaterad på de senaste funktionerna i Nominator; det digitala verktyget för valberedningar.


34. The nomination form also includes a declaration confirming that both the Nominator and nominee meet the eligibility criteria and that the information contained in the nomination form is accurate

Nomination, Nominator, Nominee

35. The Nominator must complete and sign the first page of the nomination form.: Le proposant doit remplir et signer la première page du formulaire de candidature.: Before you start your nomination Both the nominee and Nominator must have Profiles in Nova.: Avant de présenter votre soumission Le candidat et le proposant doivent tous les deux avoir des profils dans Nova.

Nominator, Nomination, Nominee, Nova

36. The signature of any Nominator which is not so certified shall not be counted in determining the number of Nominators

Nominator, Not, Number, Nominators

37. Blog Mission: According to Pilirani's Nominator, this blog's mission is: To bring awareness and change to Malawi's social and economical problems


38. In a fraction, the number of equal parts being described is the numerator (from Latin numerātor, "counter" or "numberer"), and the type or variety of the parts is the deNominator (from Latin dēnōminātor, "thing that names or designates")

Number, Numerator, Numer, Numberer, Names

39. Step 1: Nominator Application To nominate a Cobb EMC member for the Home Energy Efficiency Makeover, you must submit a Nominator application by January 17, 2020

Nominator, Nominate

40. The Nominator AND the manager of the nominee are also updated about a final approval

Nominator, Nominee

41. Nominator definition: someone who proposes a candidate for appointment or election synonyms: proposer, mover is the web's best resource for …


42. It is the Nominator's responsibility to enlist two to three other people to write letters in support of a nominee (see below)

Nominator, Nominee

43. Being a Nominator does not require running a node of your own or worrying about online uptime

Nominator, Not, Node

44. However, a good Nominator performs due diligence on the validators that they elect


45. When looking for validators to nominate, a Nominator should pay attention to their own reward percentage for nominating a specific validator - as well as the risk that

Nominate, Nominator, Nominating

46. (A) A person may nominate in a writing, as described in this division, another person to be the guardian of the Nominator's person, estate, or both or the guardian of the person, the estate, or both, of one or more of the Nominator's minor or incompetent adult children, whether born at the time of the execution of the writing or afterward, subject to notice and a hearing pursuant to section

Nominate, Nominator, Notice

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NOMINATOR [ˈnäməˌnādər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is nominator and denominator?

Nominator and denominator are algebra terms. Nominator is the upper part of a fraction. Denominaor is the bottom part. So for 3/4, 3 is the nominator, 4 is the denominator.

What is the plural of nominator?

The plural form of nominator is nominators.

What is an example of a denominator?

The definition of a denominator means something that is shared, or is the standard, or the number below the line in a fraction. An example of a denominator is the red hair color shared by all members of a family.

What does the denominator represent?

Denominator is a number that represents all the parts of the whole. Whenever you break an object into several parts, you would have to account for all the parts to make sense of the parts being considered or taken into the calculations.

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