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nomenclatures (plural noun)

  - the devising or choosing of names for things, especially in a science or other discipline.


phraseology, terms, expressions, words, language, parlance, vocabulary, usage, idiom, jargon,

"Nomenclature" in Example Sentences

1. Many authors who have devoted special attention to questions of nomenclature therefore think Reptilia and Batrachia the correct names of the two great classes into which the Linnaean Amphibia have been divided, and consider that the latter term should be reserved for the use of those who, like that great authority, the late Professor Peters
2. Definition of nomenclature. a group of terms or names, usually in a specific discipline. Examples of nomenclature in a sentence. In law school, students spend years learning legal nomenclature so they will be prepared to work as attorneys.
3. Use "nomenclature" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. nomenclature in a sentence. Nomenclature; Spanish nomenclature is followed in. Flint's Pond! Such is the poverty of our nomenclature. In a bidirectional grading nomenclature
4. How to use nomenclature in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word nomenclature? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. One underlying concern that arose throughout the analysis was the variation in medication nomenclature.
5. 57 sentence examples: 1. This nomenclature is revealing, as is the meaning ascribed to such review in a leading decision. 2. the nomenclature of mineralogy. 3. His nomenclature has a very respectable literary history. 4. The preservationists had been
6. 1. Many authors who have devoted special attention to questions of nomenclature therefore think Reptilia and Batrachia the correct names of the two great classes into which the Linnaean Amphibia have been divided, and consider that the latter term should be reserved for the use of those who, like that great authority, the late Professor Peters : 2. Use "nomenclature" in a sentence.
7. nomenclature definition: nomenclature is defined as a system of names and terms used in a particular field of study or community. (noun) An example of nomenclature is the language of sculpture.
8. Use the word 'nomenclature' in a sentence? 9. Synonyms for nomenclatures at YourD with free online thesaurus, related words, and antonyms. Find another word for nomenclatures: 10. 2. How to use nomenclature in a sentence. Are nomenclature and Name Synonymous? 11. Use the word 'nomenclature' in a sentence? 9.
9. nomenclature definition is - name, designation. How to use nomenclature in a sentence. Are nomenclature and Name Synonymous?
10. How do you use nomenclature in a sentence? 0 1 2. Answer. Wiki User 06/07/2016. It is important to learn as much nautical nomenclature as you can before you set out to sea. Wiki User 05/14/2016.
11. English words and Examples of Usage use "nomenclature" in a sentence nomenclature Origin of the name The Latin word comitatus is derived from the word comes, which originally stood for companion or retinue member. Before the IAU assumed responsibility for astronomical nomenclature, only twenty-five satellites had been given names that were in
12. Linnaeus' invention of binomial nomenclature for designating species served systematic biology admirably, but at the same time, by attaching preponderating importance to a particular grade in classification, crystallized the doctrine of fixity.
13. Modern taxonomy was born in 1753 when Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus devised the system of binomial nomenclature and assigned a unique name for every plant and animal. Moreover, the bird had been extensively discussed before Linnaeus established binomial nomenclature. A dog, for instance, goes by Canus lupus in binomial nomenclature.
14. nomenclature codes in a sentence - Use "nomenclature codes" in a sentence 1. Various solutions have been proposed while keeping the rank-based nomenclature codes. 2. :There is no one organisation, but taxonomist follow strict nomenclature Codes. click for more sentences of nomenclature codes
15. nomenclature in a sentence - Use "nomenclature" in a sentence 1. You might also be interested in Phylogenetic _ nomenclature # Philosophy. 2. So there's some specialized steroid chemist nomenclature around this. click for more sentences of nomenclature
16. Use nomenclature in a sentence? Answer. Wiki User 07/22/2010. This also proved a valuable forum to raise the profile of approved gene nomenclature with all the organizations present.
17. Can you make a sentence using "nomenclature"? I need this for a project that I am doing for school and just am coming to a blank. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Answer Save. I don't know what nomenclature means so I have to put it in a sentence like this! 0 3 1. Kala. 1 decade ago.
18. The accepted nomenclature is “African-American lanterns” I think the “Quebecois” nomenclature is an American or even British thing. I think the preferred nomenclature is “Fun Size ™ Debate”. He used their initials translated into musical notation, too: H (B natural in German nomenclature), F, A and B (B flat).
19. Binomial nomenclature in a sentence. October 16, 2019 Sentence Dictionary. Link to this page. convo between two binomial nomenclatures jessisbixcore: omgzzz lex u bettr go to da show at kaffe krystal every1 is gonna be thurr and if u dnt ur BI. alexboi: ummmm im goann tryz lolz ur a cuntxcore! lawlz why do u go to those showz if all u do is
20. Example sentences for: nomenclature How can you use “nomenclature” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: A note about nomenclature: We name mutant homodimers by placing the numeral "2" in front of the amino acid substitution.
21. The use of language and nomenclature during the time of Norman rule in the two countries forms a remarkable contrast, and illustrates the circumstances of the two as they have just been sketched. a n v d [Please select]
22. The use of the prefix "isonitrile" has a contradiction in the nomenclature. The sometimes used term "carbylamine" conflicts with systematic nomenclature . The concept of a mafia "Godfather" was an invention of Mario Puzo's and the film's effect was to add the fictional nomenclature to the language.
23. Best Answer: "Nomenclature" means the proper, correct, or accepted way to refer to things, usually in a fairly specific subject. For example: "When I went online looking for the silverware I liked, I couldn't find it because I didn't know the proper nomenclature." (Silverware has its own specialized vocabulary!)
24. Synonyms for nomenclature at YourD with free online thesaurus, related words, and antonyms. Find another word for nomenclature This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience.
25. Translations of the phrase LA nomenclature from english to russian: la nomenclature de statistiques de transport et
26. 5. Project Gutenberg eTexts are now called eBooks, to use the recent terminology in the field. 🔊 6. This is only an instance of one of the loose expressions with which the terminology of technic is encumbered. 🔊 7. Explain how good scientific nomenclature and terminology are connected with the purposes of good classification. 🔊 8.
27. Binomial nomenclature Definition. Binomial nomenclature is the system of scientifically naming organisms developed by Carl Linnaeus. Linnaeus published a large work, Systema Naturae (The System of Nature), in which Linnaeus attempted to identify every known plant and animal. This work was published in various sections between 1735 and 1758, and established the conventions of binomial
28. Nomenclature: Set or system of official names, terms, or specialized vocabulary used in a particular area, discipline, or subject such as accounting, engineering, finance, law. This online dictionary, for example, is a compendium of the nomenclature of about 60 business related subjects.
29. Binomial nomenclature definition: the scientific system of giving a double name to each plant and animal, consisting of the name of the genus followed by that of the species (Ex.: Melanitta perspicillata, surf scoter)
30. Use of Stock nomenclature. Stock nomenclature for inorganic compounds is based on the indication of the oxidation number (as a roman numeral, in parentheses) of each of the major elements in the compound, e.g. iron(III) chloride. It is widely, if sometimes incorrectly, used on Wikipedia for the titles of articles about inorganic compounds.
31. nomenclature in a sentence | Short example sentences for nomenclature. Classification in a sentence | Short example sentences for classification. About Us. This website can serve as a reference for the one who is looking how to use a word in sentences. Most of the sentences are taken from the books available in public domain.
32. Use the word nomenclature? in a sentence. You don't even need to know what it means. Just make something up if you have to. Update: I know, Finsha. I should stop asking questions for the evening :(9 following . 15 answers 15. Report Abuse
33. How to use nomenclature in a sentence? Anca Safta:. As we're learning more, we don't even know if we have the correct nomenclature for non-celiac gluten sensitivity.. Jim Green: [This mission] probably has reignited the debate, but from a NASA perspective we don't get involved in that.
34. I need assistance using the word "nomenclature" in a sentence. Can you help me put this word in a sentence writs of assistance . asked by Anonymous on May 18, 2009; English. 1. Put two scrambled word pieces together and make one complete word. 2. There are scrambled word piece cards on the table.
35. ‘It is termed ‘humanitarian’, but a more apt nomenclature would instead be ‘crime against humanity’.’ ‘If you call with a complaint or a problem try to use the correct nomenclature or terminology for the part or problem you are addressing.’
36. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word nomenclature: . See nomenclature used in context: 3 poetry verses, 9 definitions: Help Advanced Feedback Android
37. Junior Vocab (Abrogate (Visual ( image), Use in a Sentence (The ministry…: Junior Vocab (Abrogate, Emulate, Nomenclature, Surreptitious, Forlorn, Dirge, Arduous, Omnipotent), the nomenclature, “tuxedo,” derives from the fact that the jacket first became popular in the resort area of Tuxedo Park, New York. Visual.
38. nomenclature is a 12 letter word, used as a noun, an SAT word with Latin origins, and has the letters aceelmnnortu (acelmnortu). Starts with n, ends with e, seven consonants, five vowels and four syllables. Learn how to use the easiest words finder here.
39. The word spurious may have its roots in the Roman praenomen “Spurius,” thought by some to have been commonly given to sons without fathers; likewise a message or instrument of doubtful provenance or origin today fits the nomenclature of being spur

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