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1. Nodularity meaning (uncountable) The condition of being nodular.

Nodularity, Nodular

2. Recently, liver surface Nodularity (LSN) is used to diagnose and stage a variety of liver disease including chronic liver disease, progressive stages of chronic liver disease and cirrhosis, as


3. Typically, ultrasonic Nodularity testing is performed at points on a casting where the thickness can be measured mechanically by a micrometer or caliper. Accurate velocity measurement is not …

Nodularity, Not

4. Nodularity in the breast may be focal or generalized


5. Terminology such as fibroadenosis and fibrocystic disease of the breast to indicate focal or generalized Nodularity has largely been abandoned.


6. Size, consistency, and Nodularity ; Maneuvers for detecting goiter (an enlarged thyroid) are described in this module


7. • Liver surface Nodularity (LSN) score is a fast retrospective method for precise quantification of Nodularity of liver surface


8. Abstract Aims: Duodenal Nodularity is an uncommon endoscopic appearance of numerous visible mucosal nodules in the proximal duodenum

Nodularity, Numerous, Nodules

9. In this retrospective study we aimed to determine the clinical significance and histopathologic features of duodenal Nodularity in children.


10. The earlier paper by these authors (Kallbom, 2005) described how the outer several centimetres of the casting can be perfect, with good Nodularity, good strength and ductility, but the structure can change abruptly, over a short distance equivalent to only a nodule diameter, to chunky graphite

Nodularity, Nodule

11. Nodularity, with the capacity to sort samples with finer %resolution than UT velocity measurements


12. A method of examining a ductile iron casting to determine a percent of Nodularity present in the casting uses an electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) system to determine a time-of-flight of an ultrasonic shear wave pulse transmitted through the casting at a selected location, from which a velocity of sound in the casting can be determined.


13. Low Nodularity localized in other areas of the casting would not be detected

Nodularity, Not

14. Since RAM NDT is a volumetric technique, it tests the entire casting for acceptable levels of Nodularity

Ndt, Nodularity

15. Accuracy of Liver Surface Nodularity Quantification on MDCT as a Noninvasive Biomarker for Staging Hepatic Fibrosis

Nodularity, Noninvasive

16. Nodularity of the gastric mucosa (bumpy appearance) is a second sign of acute or subacute gastritis


17. Barrett Esophagus Length, Nodularity, and Low-grade Dysplasia are Predictive of Progression to Esophageal Adenocarcinoma.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does nodularity mean?

Medical Definition of Nodularity. 1. Increased density of breast tissue, most often due to hormonal changes, which cause the breast to feel lumpy in texture.

What does mild nodularity mean?

Mild nodularity means there are small lumps. While the product is smooth, sometimes it can result in little lumps that can be massaged smooth.

What is a nodular lesion?

Nodular melanoma is commonly characterized by cells that grow downwards into the skin in a vertical fashion. This type of skin lesion generally shows up as a type of nodule or lump that penetrates deeply into the skin and will show as a lump above the skin.

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