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1. Phase if compounds show effectiveness in both a Nocicpetive and inflammatory model


2. Neuropathic pain descriptors were chosen by 73% of patients and a linear trend was seen in number of neuropathic and Nocicpetive descriptors chosen by pateints during therapy

Neuropathic, Number, Nocicpetive

3. This study shows that pain during radiation therapy have both Nocicpetive and neeuropathic qualities.

Nocicpetive, Neeuropathic

4. Transduction of Nocicpetive Signals 3


5. Pathwats responsible for pain originate with other sensory neurons in dorsal root ganglia, and, like other sensory nerve cells, the central axons of Nocicpetive

Neurons, Nerve, Nocicpetive

6. Reduced Nocicpetive thresholds compared to normal animals

Nocicpetive, Normal

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NOCICPETIVE [ˌnōsēˈseptiv]

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