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1. Nnue, (ƎUИИ Efficiently Updatable Neural Networks) a Neural Network architecture intended to replace the evaluation of Shogi, chess and other board game playing alpha-beta searchers running on a CPU.

Nnue, Neural, Networks, Network

2. An efficiently updatable neural network (Nnue, sometimes stylised as ƎUИИ) is a neural network -based evaluation function that runs efficiently on central processing units without a requirement for a graphics processing unit (GPU). Nnue was invented by Yu Nasu and introduced to computer shogi in 2018.

Neural, Network, Nnue, Nasu

3. Nnue, introduced in 2018 by Yu Nasu, were previously successfully applied in Shogi evaluation functions embedded in a Stockfish based search, such as YaneuraOu, and Kristallweizen.

Nnue, Nasu

4. What is Nnue? Both the Nnue and the classical evaluations are available, and can be used to assign a value to a position that is later used in alpha-beta (PVS) search to find the best move


5. The development team at DecodeChess reports that Stockfish Nnue is an aggressive, sacrifice-oriented playing machine


6. We are talking about Efficiently Updatable Neural Networks (referred to as Nnue, giving new meaning to backronyms) allegedly discovered by Japanese monks on sacred FORTRAN punched cards

Neural, Networks, Nnue, New

7. The introduction of Nnue to the Alpha-Beta search of Stockfish resulted in impressive gains, despite initial bugs and ridicule.


8. Stockfish+Nnue is a creation by H


9. Stockfish+Nnue (Nnue stands for Efficiently Updatable Neural Network) combines the brute-force computing approach of traditional Stockfish with the advanced evaluation capabilities of neural network chess engines such as AlphaZero and Leela Chess Zero.

Nnue, Neural, Network

10. Fisherov - UCI chess engine (Nnue) Rating JCER = 3279 Fisherov is a chess engine derived from stockfish.


11. This release features an Nnue network retrained on billions of positions, much faster network evaluation code, and significantly improved search heuristics, as well as additional evaluation tweaks

Nnue, Network

12. Nnue applies essentially this same principle to matrix calculations inside of the neural network

Nnue, Neural, Network

13. The network architecuture in "stockfish-Nnue-2020-05-30" is "k-p_256x2-32-32"

Network, Nnue

14. Using Nnue will require a download of about 10 MB (20 MB uncompressed) for the neural network file

Nnue, Neural, Network

15. We will refrain from using Nnue, if your browser communicates that your device is in save data mode


16. Update 6th Mar: There is now a "Use Nnue" toggle in the …

Now, Nnue

17. I'm told that the difference is coming from the new Nnue (efficiently updatable neural network) eval function

New, Nnue, Neural, Network

18. All Nnue modules (GEN, Nnue, LEARN) compiled into a single executable w/ UCI options for EvalNnue (if 'off' regular Stockfish evaluation is used) and UseEvalHash The download includes fast optimized PGO bmi2, avx2, & popc (sse42) binaries Assets 3


19. Efficiently updatable neural network(Nnue; ƎUИИ と図案化されることもある)は、Graphics Processing Unit(GPU)を必要とせず、中央処理装置(CPU)上で効率的に動作するニューラルネットワークに基づく評価関数である。 Nnueは那須悠によって考案され、2018年にコンピュータ将棋に導入 …

Neural, Network, Nnue

20. (b) Two versions of SF 12 are included – a pure Nnue version and a pure ‘classical’ version


21. Nnue-probe is library for probing Nnue neural networks for chess

Nnue, Neural, Networks

22. The core Nnue probing code is taken from CFish and modified a bit.


23. Nnue = efficiently updateable neural network backwards

Nnue, Neural, Network

24. Stockfish Nnue ready to use in the Arena Interface


25. A 100 game match between Stockfish-Nnue and the official Stockfish 11 will start


26. As we can see the Nnue nets since the last Sergio net (September 14, 2020) and SF13 the RMS fluctuates between 54 and 60

Nnue, Nets, Net

27. The new 5 kennyfrc test Nnue's show a decreasing RMS meaning a high similarity

New, Nnue

28. Next we are going to compare nets we found on the internet of several Nnue engines (table 3) and the SF13 versus Fat Fritz 2 (table 4).

Next, Nets, Nnue

29. Nnue: Note that you have to put the .Nnue file in the same folder as the .exe file to get the Nnue version to work properly

Nnue, Note

30. Stockfish_12_C0_Nnue_bmi2.exe – Intel processors post-Haswell (i3, i5, i7 4xxx) stockfish_12_C0_Nnue_avx2.exe – Ryzen processors stockfish_12_C0_Nnue_modern.exe – Most modern 64-bit processors


31. Reinforcement learning attempt on SF Nnue


32. Join NM Sam Copeland as he breaks down the intricate details in this computer chess masterpiece from the King's Indian Defense, played by Stockfish Nnue agai

Nm, Nnue

33. また、Nnueのコードはテンプレートを上手く使いこなし、高速且つ拡張性が高い形になっています。 【Nnue関数を自前で作る】 Nnue関数はcpuベースで動くように作られているため、基本的にやねうら王の学習方法を使い回すことが出来ます。


34. Stockfish on NCM should currently be using Nnue

Ncm, Nnue

35. BBC 1.4 + Stockfish Nnue (FINAL RELEASE) UCI chess engine by Code Monkey King Logo by Brendan J


36. • Mostly of the participants are played via nn-62ef826d1a6d.Nnue • Fat Fritz 2 engine is the free version (played via FatFritz2 v1.bin) • As usual, all engines are 64-bit, BMI2 is used, where available

Nn, Nnue

37. Training an Nnue network based on this evaluation was both an advantage and a challenge, requiring experimentation with architectures and data generation of billions of positions

Nnue, Network

38. Are they all worse than nn-62ef826d1a6d.Nnue ? The series of “green” nets were trained via RL (reinforcement learning) and possibly are very close to the maximum strength possible for the net architecture and size

Nn, Nnue, Nets, Net

39. The Nnue evaluation computes this value with a neural network based on basic inputs (e.g

Nnue, Neural, Network

40. The Nnue evaluation was first introduced in …


41. Nnue is specifically designed to run on the CPU with a much smaller net which has different components of it efficiently updatable (the UE in Nnue) so you don't need large batch operations, and instead benefit from a CPU and essentially gets rid of this bottleneck

Nnue, Net, Need

42. EvalFile is played via nn-62ef826d1a6d.Nnue and without any book Where all of the opening books are played without using any EvalFile The overall draw percentage (based on 500 games) is not so high 79% The Duel Match II's Individual Statistics (Higher is Better) Note: Only 4 opening

Nn, Nnue, Not, Note

43. The Windows executables works by default only with the file nn-62ef826d1a6d.Nnue

Nn, Nnue

44. Nnue completely revolutionized Shogi programs, leading to leaps of well over 100 Elo! It was their developers who shared their work with the chess world by adapting their open source Shogi Nnue code to the open source program Stockfish


45. Based on the success of Stockfish 12, the first chess engine to implement Nnue, numerous other engine authors

Nnue, Numerous

46. CREATING TRAINING DATA WITH STOCKFISH Nnue uci setoption name Use Nnue value false setoption name Threads value x setoption name Hash value y isready gensfen depth a loop b use_draw_in_training_data_generation 1 eval_limit 32000 use_raw_Nnue_eval 0 TRAINING NETWORK uci setoption name SkipLoadingEval value true setoption name Threads value x isready learn …

Nnue, Name, Network

47. I'm working on a small project to try to train a Stockfish Nnue network using Tensorflow

Nnue, Network

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