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1. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information (Nnpi) is a category of intellectual capital defined by the United States Navy to be "classified or unclassified information concerning the design, arrangement, development, manufacture, testing, operation, administration, training, maintenance, and repair of the propulsion plants of naval nuclear-powered ships and prototypes, including the associated shipboard …

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3. Classified Nnpi) and a need-to-know (NTK)

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4. This section describes the process for identifying if an item is Nnpi


5. Whenever a sentence, paragraph, document, file, photograph, audiovisual or electronic/IT media, or component contains, or otherwise reveals, at least one instance of an association of the following three elements, it is Nnpi:


6. Banner Marking for Specified Authorities: CUI//SP-Nnpi Banner Marking for Basic Authorities: CUI Category Description: Related to the safety of reactors and associated naval nuclear propulsion plants, and control of radiation and radioactivity associated with naval nuclear propulsion activities, including prescribing and enforcing standards and regulations for these areas as they affect …

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7. What does Nnpi stand for? Your abbreviation search returned 2 meanings


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9. Summary: Adding the Intel Neural-Network Processor for Inference (Nnpi) backend

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NNPI instruction?

This instruction defines naval nuclear propulsion information (NNPI) and establishes the safeguarding policies and requirements for such information. 2. Cancellation. NAVSEAINST 5511.32C. 3. Applicability and Scope a.

Is NNPI classified information?

Not all NNPI is classified information. While most NNPI is sensitive, the Navy recognizes that the public has an interest in environmental, safety, and health information, and that the basic research carried out by the Navy can be useful to industry.

What does NNPI stand for in nuclear power plant?

In some instances, small events that would normally be reported as "Events" or LOC (Loss of Control) to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission from other licensees can be classified as NNPI-C. This designation differs for similar "events" that occur on a secret network, which are referred to as "spillage".

What is considered mnpi?

MNPI means material information concerning the Borrower and the Subsidiaries and their securities that has not been disseminated in a manner making it available to investors generally, within the meaning of Regulation FD under the Securities Act and the Exchange Act. MNPI means material, nonpublic information.

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