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1. Nitromethane CH3NO2 CID 6375 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities, safety

Nitromethane, Names

2. Nitromethane carries its own oxygen, so it needs much less atmospheric oxygen to burn

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4. Pure Power Racing Nitromethane is the highest quality of Nitro available with a purity rating of greater than 99.9%

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5. This is the HIGHEST purity rating in the industry! No other fuel company uses a higher Nitromethane purity, NONE! Lesser grades of Nitromethane are available at 99.7% and below, but MotorSports Racing Fuels chooses not to use them.

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6. Our popular GEM Nitromethane now available in Quart sizes! 100% pure Nitromethane

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7. VP Racing Fuel - Nitro 50 NM50 - 50/50 Mix of Nitromethane and Methanol 5 Gallon

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8. Nitromethane is a little like gasoline that has been pre-mixed with nitrous oxide

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9. The big advantage of Nitromethane is that you can get a lot more power from each explosion inside the engine


10. Pound for pound, Nitromethane is less energetic than gasoline, but you can burn


11. We have Nitromethane in quarts, gallons, 5 gallon pail, 42 and 50 gallon drums


12. We are national distributors for PURFUELS, Nitromethane, URT RACING FUELS AND ELF RACING FUELS AND TOTAL LUBRICANTS

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13. Nitromethane Nitromethane is a fuel that is used mostly in specialized drag racing classes such as “Top Fuel Funny Cars”


14. Nitromethane’s chemical formula is CH3NO2


15. The oxygen in Nitromethane’s molecular structure means that Nitromethane does not need as much atmospheric oxygen to burn, part of the oxygen needed to burn Nitromethane is

Nitromethane, Not, Need, Needed

16. Blend of 50% Methanol and 50% Nitromethane.


17. Sigma-Aldrich offers a number of Nitromethane products

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18. View information & documentation regarding Nitromethane, including CAS, MSDS & more.


19. Nitromethane (CH3NO2) is a notable exception, and there have been numerous studies of its decomposition pathway [42,43,44]

Nitromethane, Notable, Numerous

20. Nitromethane is known as a monopropellant fuel, which means it has the potential to combust without any air at all


21. That’s why Nitromethane was once used as a rocket fuel


22. Fortunately for hot rodding, Nitromethane also has industrial-world uses-primarily as a dry cleaning solvent, which makes it readily available.


23. NOW that we are considering the use of Nitromethane it may be as well to get one well held idea out of the way before we go any further

Now, Nitromethane

24. That is that more power and therefore more performance can be obtained by simply adding more Nitromethane to the fuel tank.


25. Thus if you check 100 percent Nitromethane solution which is at 68 degrees Fahrenheit, the hydrometer will give you a reading of 100


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27. Other names: Nitromethane; Nitrocarbol; CH3NO2; Nitrometan; UN 1261; NM; NSC 428 Permanent link for this species

Names, Nitromethane, Nitrocarbol, Nitrometan, Nm, Nsc

28. Nitromethane reagent grade, 96% CAS Number 75-52-5

Nitromethane, Number

29. Nitromethane, either alone or in a mixture with methanol and castor oil, has a delayed but violent reaction with powdered calcium hypochlorite [Haz


30. Nitromethane reacts violently with hexamethylbenzene [Lewis 2544]


31. Nitromethane is strongly sensitized by hydrazine [Forshey, D


32. Nitromethane is a colorless, slightly viscous, highly polar liquid


33. Most of the 16 million pounds of Nitromethane produced yearly in the United States is used for the synthesis of derivatives used as pharmaceuticals, fumigants, and industrial antimicrobials


34. Nitromethane to complete and submit a "Top Screen" questionnaire to the Department of Homeland Security


35. Nitromethane is used as a stabilizer of halogenated organic solvents, rocket and racing fuel and a chemical intermediate


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39. Nitromethane also forms nitric acid when it burns incompletely

Nitromethane, Nitric

40. Experiments involved volatile fuels and additives including dinitropropane, acetone, methanol, nitrobenzene, propylene oxide -- and the one that won out as the “top fuel” of choice, Nitromethane

Nitrobenzene, Nitromethane

41. Visit ChemicalBook To find more Nitromethane(75-52-5) information like chemical properties,Structure,melting point,boiling point,density,molecular formula,molecular weight, physical properties,toxicity information,customs codes


42. You can also browse global suppliers,vendor,prices,Price,manufacturers of Nitromethane(75-52-5)


43. Nitromethane, 99%, pure, ACROS Organics™ Click to view available options Quantity: 1L 2.5L 10L Packaging: Glass Bottle Metal drum CAS: 75-52-5: Molecular Formula: CH 3 NO 2: Molecular Weight (g/mol) 61.04: InChI Key

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44. Nitromethane definition is - a liquid nitroparaffin CH3NO2 that is used as an industrial solvent, in chemical synthesis, and as a fuel for rockets and high-performance engines.

Nitromethane, Nitroparaffin

45. Nitromethane has been detected in air, surface water, and drinking water (NTP 1997, IARC 2000)

Nitromethane, Ntp

46. The general population may be ex-posed by inhalation of Nitromethane in motor vehicle exhaust and cigarette smoke


47. In a simulated city driving study, estimated con-centrations of Nitromethane in motor vehicle exhaust ranged from


48. Nitromethane Market: Definition and Introduction


49. Nitromethane is a primary nitroalkane and the simplest form of an organic nitro compound

Nitromethane, Nitroalkane, Nitro

50. The chemical formula for Nitromethane is CH 3 NO 2

Nitromethane, No

51. Nitromethane is an oily, colourless liquid with a strongly unpleasant odor.


52. ニトロメタン (Nitromethane) は化学式 CH 3 NO 2 で表される有機化合物で、最も単純なニトロ化合物である。 やや粘稠な極性の高い液体で、抽出、反応溶媒、洗浄溶媒など、様々な工業的用途を持つ。 有機合成における中間体として医薬品、農薬、爆弾、繊維、被覆剤などの製造に用いられる。

Nitromethane, No

53. Nitromethane as such is a pussycat even in fuel-blown dragsters


54. Nitromethane plus trace amine is a primary detonator


55. VP Racing Fuel Nitromethane Armchair $ 549.00


56. Similar in many regards to Nitromethane, nitroethane is an oily liquid at standard temperature and pressure

Nitromethane, Nitroethane

57. Nitromethane, magical liquid containing all of the gods wrath when used in drag racing engines


58. Sometimes referred to "tipping the can" Nitromethane in a …


59. Nitromethane is a primary nitroalkane with chemical formula CH3NO2

Nitromethane, Nitroalkane

60. Nitromethane is used to make industrial antimicrobials and pharmaceuticals, and is also used as a soil fumigant and as a fuel


61. Nitromethane can also be used as a monopropellant, i.e., a fuel that burns without added oxygen


62. Nitromethane is made in three plants in China, one has been offline for a while, others needed retrofitting to meet new pollution requirements

Nitromethane, Needed, New

63. Other makers of Nitromethane are in Mexico and in India, mostly for agricultural, much of the worldwide Nitromethane is "controlled" by Chinese importers.


64. Additional Information for Identifying Nitromethane Molecule


65. Structure Data File (SDF/MOL File) of Nitromethane


66. The structure data file (SDF/MOL File) of Nitromethane is available for download in the SDF page of Nitromethane providing the information about the atoms, bonds, connectivity and coordinates of Nitromethane, which is not completely available in the chemical formula …

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67. Specific Regulatory Levels Posing No Significant Risk: Nitromethane; Chemicals Listed as Known to the State to Cause Cancer or Reproductive Toxicity; Notice of Intent to List Chemicals: Nitromethane, Tetrafluoroethylene, Vinyl fluoride, Spironolactone, Stanozolol, Clarithromycin, Dihydroergotamine mesylate, Hydroxyurea, Oxymetholone

No, Nitromethane, Notice

68. Nitromethane or CH3NO2 is part of the family of explosive compounds containing nitrogen and oxygen

Nitromethane, Nitrogen

69. Nitromethane and its relatives may be […]


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NITROMETHANE [ˌnītrōˈmeTHān]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is nitromethane and how does it work?

Nitromethane is a little like gasoline that has been pre-mixed with nitrous oxide. The fuel comes with its own oxygen atoms to help it burn. The big advantage of nitromethane is that you can get a lot more power from each explosion inside the engine.

What is the chemical formula for nitromethane fuel?

Multiply that by the 9,500 btu’s per lb of alcohol and our motor would be making 35,055btu’s at 7000rpms. Nitromethane is a fuel that is used mostly in specialized drag racing classes such as “Top Fuel Funny Cars” . Nitromethane’s chemical formula is CH3NO2.

Why does nitromethane burn with less oxygen than conventional fuels?

The oxygen content of nitromethane enables it to burn with much less atmospheric oxygen than conventional fuels. During nitromethane combustion nitric oxide (NO) is one of the major emission products along with CO 2 and H 2 O.

How is nitromethane used as a monopropellant?

Nitromethane can also be used as a monopropellant, i.e., a fuel that burns without added oxygen. The following equation describes this process: Nitromethane has a laminar combustion velocity of approximately 0.5 m/s, somewhat higher than gasoline, thus making it suitable for high-speed engines.

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