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1. Manage your network risks with Nipper our accurate firewall and network configuration audit tool Nipper discovers vulnerabilities in firewalls, switches and routers, automatically prioritizing risks to your organization

Network, Nipper

2. Often Nippers A tool, such as pliers or pincers, used for squeezing or nipping

Nippers, Nipping

3. Nipper definition is - any of various devices (such as pincers) for nipping —usually used in plural

Nipper, Nipping

4. How to use Nipper in a sentence.


5. Nipper (Network Infrastructure Parser) open source tools to assist IT professionals with the configuration, auditing and managing of computer networks and network infrastructure devices.

Nipper, Network, Networks

6. Nipper was a real-life dog in nineteenth-century England who was painted by the dog owner’s brother, Francis Barraud

Nipper, Nineteenth

7. Nipper Guarantee Appliance is proud to carry a wide selection of first-rate quality appliances in Longview, Texas


8. KNipper Acquires Eagle Pharmacy! continuing to build the shortest path between patient and therapy

9. And its affiliates, including KNipperx, announced today the Company has finalized a transaction to acquire Eagle Pharmacy, LLC, a full-service, direct-to-patient pharmacy based in Lakeland, Florida that reaches nearly 200,000 patients a month.


10. This Nipper features superior sharpness and clean cutting for cutting plastic parts on model kits! They are equipped with a stopper …


11. Usually Nippers. a device for nipping, as pincers or forceps

Nippers, Nipping

12. God Hands SPN 120 ultimate Nipper 5.0


13. BANDAI SPIRITS ENTRY Nipper (WHITE) Out of Stock


14. GodHand GH-GN-125 Normal Nipper Plastic Cutting.

Normal, Nipper

15. Styles include our own, very popular Gimatic Nipper with built in sensor slides, standard and square body styles, sliding and pivoting Nippers

Nipper, Nippers

16. We also offer a complete line of Nipper accessories including intensifiers, mounting brackets, timing controllers, and replacement parts.


17. The Nipper is a compact automated guided vehicle for unmanned internal pallet transportation


18. It can easily lift pallets up to 1000 kg and navigate through narrow spaces, making the Nipper a versatile and intelligent pallet truck

Navigate, Narrow, Nipper

19. The name Nipper is synonymous with quality, for years we have been striving to guarantee the best service to our customers with always new products and maintaining a high level of our services

Name, Nipper, New

20. The iconic image of the RCA dog “Nipper” became part of the long heritage of the RCA brand and an international symbol of quality and excellence


21.Nipper” and his companion “Chipper” became the famous “RCA dogs”.


22. ‘I was only a Nipper but I loved all the outrageousness and the scandalous double-entendres even then.’ ‘When I was a Nipper this place was full of Russian troops, not Americans.’ ‘When I was a Nipper, my parents used to use loose tea to make a brew.’ ‘Overall, I was in amazingly good health for a little Nipper

Nipper, Not

23. A Nipper or tile Nipper (like a pair of scissors or pliers) is a tool used to "nip" or remove small amounts of a hard material, such as pieces of a tile which needs to be fitted around an odd or irregular shape

Nipper, Nip, Needs

24. Drop forged tile Nippers with soft plastic handle sheaths


25. Nipper is the largest of the four monumental terriers that once sat atop RTA’s distribution centers, and he’s the last dog to still exist on the building upon which he was originally installed.


26. Join our webinar to discover how this International airport used Titania Nipper to review and bolster it's cybersecurity by auditing firewalls, switches and routers and identifying fixes to …


27. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the Nipper crossword clue


28. Nipper (short for Network Infrastructure Parser, previously known as CiscoParse) audits the security of network devices such as switches, routers, and firewalls

Nipper, Network

29. It works by parsing and analyzing device configuration file which the Nipper user must supply.


30. See the computer game Jack the Nipper.


31. Nipper Name Meaning habitational name for someone from Nippe in Hesse

Nipper, Name, Nippe

32. Nipper Plants, also known as Walking Piranhas, White Piranhas, and Baby Piranha Plants, are small Piranha Plants


33. In the Yoshi's Island games, they are produced from Nipper Spores, which clashes with the suggested oviparity of Piranha Plants.


34. Vintage RCA Victor Nipper Dog Boating Cushion Outdoor Seat --- Retro Boat Kayak Canoe Pillow --- For the Collector That Has Everything CassandrasNotebook


35. Add to Favorites Nipper Victor Edison dog phonograph diary address note book 6-1/4" x 8-1/4" NOS VintageBakelite4U

Nipper, Note, Nos

36. Nipper-ng is the next generation of nippper, and will always remain free and open source

Nipper, Ng, Next, Nippper

37. Little Nipper dog and phonograph RCA record dogs lover repro Victorian BRASS pin pendant brooch B-DOG-116 sharkman123


38. 5 out of 5 stars (1,466) $ 22.99 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Little Nipper Dog Refrigerator Magnet LABELSTONE


39. Nipper has become a much-loved icon of the city, he's a doggone legend


40. Albany's Nipper was built in 1954 in Chicago and placed atop the RCA Building located at 991 Broadway


41. 12 synonyms of Nipper from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 23 related words, definitions, and antonyms


42. Nipper: a male person who has not yet reached adulthood.

Nipper, Not

43. Definition of Nipper in the dictionary

Nipper, Net

44. What does Nipper mean? Information and translations of Nipper in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …


45. Nipper celebrated his 40th birthday atop RCA/RTA building in Nov

Nipper, Nov

46. That's 300 in dog years! Along the way, Nipper picked up what appears to be an earing from afar, but is …


47. The DEWALT Multi-Function End Nipper is a great tool to have in any garage or tool box


48. Nipper --ios-router --input=testrouterconfig.txt --output=audit.html Figure A The system will immediately return you to the command prompt without providing any information.


49. Tulip Queen nominations open for 2021 Nippertown Staff Feb 3, 2021

Nominations, Nippertown

50. DanceFlurry presents Revolutionary History of Blues, Soul, and Funk Nippertown Staff Jan 27, 2021


51. Get the best deals for Nipper rca victor dog at


52. Nipper (1884–1895) was born in Bristol, England, and was a mixed-breed Jack Russell Terrier


53. Nipper definition: A Nipper is a child


54. Second visit to Nipper's was last night

Nipper, Night

55. Ended up ordering Nipper's Fries


56. N Nipper One of various tools or implements like pincers or tongs: generally in the plural


57. A form of grasping-tool or pincers with cutting jaws, used by carpenters, metal workers, etc; n Nipper An incisor tooth; especially, one of the incisors or fore teeth of a horse


58. N Nipper One of the great claws or chelæ of a crustacean, as a crab or


59. Nipper is a character created by MoNsTeR and appears in his level collection, Lost Evil


60. Nipper is a black rectangle with a red outline as well as red eyes


61. Nipper made his debut in Three Madmen, where he attacks the player along with Chatterbox and Loony.


62. Find 5 ways to say Nipper, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


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NIPPER [ˈnipər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Nipper mean?

Medical Definition of nipper. 1 : any of various devices (as pincers) for gripping, breaking, or cutting (as nails or cuticle) —usually used in plural. 2 : an incisor of a horse especially : one of the middle four incisors — compare corner tooth, divider. Keep scrolling for more.

What does a nipper do?

1. often nippers A tool, such as pliers or pincers, used for squeezing or nipping. 2. A pincerlike part, such as the large claw of a crustacean. 3. Chiefly British A small boy.

What does Nippers mean?

Medical Definition of nipper. 1: any of various devices (as pincers) for gripping, breaking, or cutting (as nails or cuticle)—usually used in plural. 2: an incisor of a horse; especially : one of the middle four incisors—compare corner tooth, divider.

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