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1. Niftiness meaning Quality of being nifty.

Niftiness, Nifty

2. Synonyms for Niftiness include adroitness, skill, deftness, adeptness, dexterity, ability, cleverness, expertise, cunning and nimbleness

Niftiness, Nimbleness

3. Niftiness (uncountable) Quality of being nifty.

Niftiness, Nifty

4. For a little extra Niftiness the characters gain Bouncer Points that can be saved up to enhance a character's physical attributes and to open special moves.: Yet it is the Niftiness of his movements that have enabled him to become a handsome leading man in the eyes of adoring Steelers fans.: The charm and Niftiness of her cooking is that it has coped with 20 years in Europe, America and


5. Neanderthal Niftiness on March 19, 2011 Featured in News to Know ScienceDaily: “ Neanderthals Were Nifty at Controlling Fire ” Neanderthals were no novices when it came to wielding fire, new evidence suggests—evidence that adds to our understanding of Neaderthals as …

Neanderthal, Niftiness, News, Neanderthals, Nifty, No, Novices, New, Neaderthals

6. ‘The charm and Niftiness of her cooking is that it has coped with 20 years in Europe, America and Jamaica and been impressively adaptive.’ ‘For a little extra Niftiness the characters gain Bouncer Points (essentially experience points) that can be saved up to enhance a character's physical attributes and to open special moves.’


7. Since cost, practicality, and NASA bureaucratic coagulation--not the Niftiness of space travel, which everybody's already convinced of--are the subjects on which light must be shed before Mars flight can become any more than a rhetorical goal, Wilford might have turned his considerable skills as a reporter toward these.

Nasa, Not, Niftiness

8. Sounds great with coffee!! It means what ever you might be describing is snazzifully nifty so the fact that it is nifty is pretty snazzy !!! My fridge is full of snazziful-Niftiness!

Nifty, Niftiness

9. Misspelling of Niftiness Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary


10. Niftiness synonyms, Niftiness pronunciation, Niftiness translation, English dictionary definition of Niftiness


11. Niftiness Niftiness Parlante, Nick 2004-06-28 00:00:00 Featured Columns station without computing a minimum value

Niftiness, Nick

12. Nifty (adj.) "smart, stylish, good-looking," 1868, of unknown origin, perhaps theatrical slang, first attested in a poem by Bret Harte, who said it was a shortened, altered form of Magnificat.Related: Niftily; Niftiness.

Nifty, Niftily, Niftiness

13. Daniel Jeremiah on WR Hunter Renfrow's acrobatic catches and Niftiness after the catch Apr 27, 2019 Check out this analysis from NFL Network …

Niftiness, Nfl, Network

14. Niftily definition in English dictionary, niftily meaning, synonyms, see also 'nifty',nitrify',naïfly',Niftiness'

Niftily, Nifty, Nitrify, Na, Niftiness

15. (see attached image) I admit, I squeaked a little over the sheer Niftiness of that feature


16. I got an 80s vintage PNV57E for its historical Niftiness, and even though I wasn't expecting much from them, I was actually really surprised


17. The fact that Bitcoin advocates rely so heavily on the Niftiness of its underlying algorithms and protocol is one of the best reasons to predict its demise


18. Works better than advertised, includes some Niftiness and holding up lightbulbs to it is just too cool for words


19. For all its Niftiness, the machine, which has a history of malfunctioning, is too distracting


20. Goten-vs-trunks-dragonball-z-my-epic-pixel-art-continues-subscribe-for-Niftiness


21. Daniel Jeremiah: Hunter Renfrow has a little Niftiness to him Check out this analysis of former Clemson wide receiver, now Oakland Raiders, Hunter Renfrow

Niftiness, Now

22. He can dominate with his array of post moves and his newfound element of quickness on the baseline he has added to his game along with his Niftiness and mobility.

Newfound, Niftiness

23. ANOTHER ROUND NIFTY Niftiness Auction in 15352 S Keeler St Unit B, Olathe, Kansas, United States 23 Monday

Nifty, Niftiness

24. Or the Niftiness of the Dial, a palm-size knob that sits on the Surface


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