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1. Nictated synonyms, Nictated pronunciation, Nictated translation, English dictionary definition of Nictated


2. Verb nictate (third-person singular simple present nictates, present participle nictating, simple past and past participle Nictated) To wink or blink; (of certain animals) to close the nictating membrane

Nictate, Nictates, Nictating, Nictated

3. Scrabble point value for Nictated: 11 points


4. Nictated is a Words with Friends word


5. Words with Friends point value for Nictated: 11 points.


6. Nictated meaning Simple past tense and past participle of nictate.

Nictated, Nictate

7. Nictated is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 13 points. Nictated is a 8 letter medium Word starting with N and ending with D


8. 7 letter Words made out of Nictated 1)


9. The past tense of nictate is Nictated

Nictate, Nictated

10. Definition of Nictated with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information.


11. He Nictated, and boom! I see the green, brown, blue mess in the eyes of an angel!” “What the heck does nicted mean?” Scott asked, looking scandalized like it was something dirty.

Nictated, Nicted

12. What does Nictated mean in Latin? From (the participle stem of) Latin nictāre (“to wink, blink”)

Nictated, Nict

13. Indignantly interrogated as to whether he himself believed or exercised this abhominable and perabsurd superstition, he very gravely Nictated his dexter eyelid


14. Synonyms for nictitated include blinked, batted, fluttered, Nictated, winked, squinted, twinkled, flashed, flickered and shut and open

Nictitated, Nictated

15. Derived forms: nictating, nictates, Nictated

Nictating, Nictates, Nictated

16. The stallion was seized in 1806 at Ivenach in Mecklenburg with the whole properties of Count von Pless, it was with a grey coat, dappled on the rump (1), Nictated and with a short tail


17. The studio was aquarium of light; the woman and the girl blinked in the glare." Can we say following instead of original? 1) The studio was aquarium of light; the woman and the girl Nictated in the glare


18. The initiation index was the frequency with which nictation was started while dauers cruised the micro-dirt chip, and the duration was the length of time the dauer Nictated after initiation.

Nictation, Nictated

19. Shu Xiaohui Nictated while hearing Chen Chengduo’s words


20. There are 6 eight-letter words containing A, D, E, I, N and 2T: ANTIDOTE ATTAINED INSTATED Nictated NITRATED & TETANOID

Nictated, Nitrated

21. Inject incited Nictated insetted enacted incudate ingested anecdote instated unacted


22. The Eye in the sky Nictated, throwing off a sick, gleeful light


23. Adder's-mouths high-pressure kurung schwabacher ratifiers Galina Stiles Nictated foalfoot Edwardsian ,dressiness overhauling gaslike acoustico- brutalization Won Fuji-san dissyllabise thunderstick derail ,Abisag sambul sharp-ankled Anti-jansenist aromaticness Killy carrytale napoo punctuality festucine ,spiny-backed IHS nonconspiring icicle attabal post-Cesarean Bolte Keiko xyridaceous

Nictated, Napoo, Nonconspiring

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NICTATED [ˈniktāt]

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