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1. “The Never trumper Republicans, though on respirators with not many left, are in certain ways worse and more dangerous for our Country than the Do Nothing Democrats,” Trump tweeted earlier this

Never, Not, Nothing

2. Never trumpers unite! get your official Never trumper hat today! $25.00 ea


3. This particular Never trumper pitch to 2016 GOP Trump voters is, “Biden’s record on free trade, states’ rights, federal spending, and respecting U.S


4. Not coincidentally, the rotund Conway became a Never trumper when The Donald balked at appointing him solicitor general of the DOJ.

Not, Never

5. Never trumper (plural Never trumpers) (US politics) A conservative who opposes Donald Trump


6. 2019 November, Donald Trump (as quoted by AP News) the Ukraine call ‘concerned’ today’s Never trumper witness

November, News, Never

7. 1 day ago · Over 100 Never trumper Republicans are expected to sign a letter on Thursday stating that if the GQP doesn't stop with the Trump Personality Cult crap, they were going to start a break away party that were loyal to the traditional Republican values

Nbsp, Never

8. With no evidence to back up his charge, President Donald Trump called foreign service officer and Mike Pence aide Jennifer Williams a “Never trumper” on …

No, Never

9. 2 days ago · Another Utah County Censures Never trumper GOP Senator Mitt Romney

Nbsp, Never

10. I was a Never trumper until four days before the election.” The room went silent


11. I cannot tell you how often the term “Never trumper” is used in the presence of the president himself.


12. Finally, a Never trumper Admits It’s Time to Blow Up the GOP


13. “He’s a Never trumper, and his lawyer is a Never trumper,” Trump replied to reporters asking about the testimony


14. Why This Ex-Never trumper Wants Four More Years


15. On Friday, Trump told reporters at the White House that Taylor was "a Never trumper and his lawyer is a Never trumper." He did not provide any evidence to support his claims.

Never, Not

16. Never trumpers cross line with party operatives by targeting GOP senators: 'Taking it too far' 'If they were just focused on Trump, that would be one thing'


17. Fox replaced conservative, Christian Pro-Trump host with gay, Libertarian Never trumper


18. Never trumper Jonah Goldberg: Trump ‘Is Trying to Steal’ the Election 10,156 Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images


19. Confessions of an Ex–Never trumper


20. A Never trumper is anyone who believes in human decency, morality and the truth


21. High quality Never trumper gifts and merchandise


22. President Donald Trump on Sunday labeled one of his vice president’s top national security aides a “Never trumper,” a day after it was disclosed that she had said the …

National, Never

23. Kinzinger: 'Full-Fledged Never trumper' first appeared on Mediaite


24. One Never trumper who came around and explained his reasoning on Reddit exemplified how ideology and a sense of us vs


25. You know, Fox really ought to change the name of the network from the Fox News Channel to the Fox Never trumper Network, because that’s …

Name, Network, News, Never

26. Advisers bad-mouth Nielsen as a ‘Never trumper’ The president, who demands the loyalty of his aides, is increasingly disenchanted with his homeland security chief.

Nielsen, Never

27. Rand Paul, R-Ky., on Thursday as a "Never trumper" amid their Twitter spat on Paul's call for ending the Afghan war and for backing President Donald Trump's decision to fire John Bolton as national security adviser.

Never, National

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