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1. Medical definition of Neuroglandular: of, relating to, or composed of nervous and glandular tissue.

Neuroglandular, Nervous

2. Neuroglandular meaning Relating to nerves and glands.

Neuroglandular, Nerves

3. Neuromuscular synapses are created when neurons terminate on a muscle. Neuroglandular synapses occur when neurons terminate on a gland. The major types of neural synapses include axodendritic synapses, axosomatic synapses, and axoaxonic synapses—each corresponding to the termination point of the presynaptic neuron.

Neuromuscular, Neurons, Neuroglandular, Neural, Neuron

4. Immunohistological methods were used to examine the relation between the metastatic potential of melanoma and expression of the Neuroglandular antigen (CD63) and other members of this family of molecules, CD53, CD37, CD9 and the target of an anti-proliferative antibody (TAPA-I), as well as MHC-class-I and -II antigens.


5. Neuroglandular (not comparable) Relating to nerves and glands.

Neuroglandular, Not, Nerves

6. The Neuroglandular junction is the gap between a neuron, and glandular tissue.

Neuroglandular, Neuron

7. A synapse between an axon and a glandular cell is termed Neuroglandular junction


8. In these last two cases, the connection points are called neuromuscular and Neuroglandular junctions

Neuromuscular, Neuroglandular

9. A Neuroglandular junction is the synapse between a nerve cell and a gland. Axoplasmic transport is the transport of substances or cell parts to and from the nerve cell body through the cytoplasm of its axon

Neuroglandular, Nerve

10. What is the definition of Neuroglandular? What is the meaning of Neuroglandular? How do you use Neuroglandular in a sentence? What are synonyms for Neuroglandular?


11. Recombinant CD63/ME491/Neuroglandular/NKI/C-3 antigen inhibits growth of established tumors in transgenic mice

Neuroglandular, Nki

12. Pathological Physiology of Neuroglandular System Crile G


13. Immunohistological methods were used to examine the relation between the metastatic potential of melanoma and expression of the Neuroglandular antigen (CD63) and other members of this family of molecules, CD53, CD37, CD9 and the target of an anti‐proliferative antibody (TAPA‐1), as well as MHC‐class‐I and ‐II antigens.


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15. In patients with Neuroglandular form of MVI having low interferon titres, high monocytosis in the blood was observed at the period of meningitis symptoms onset.


16. The Neuroglandular junction Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary


17. 1 ways to abbreviate Neuroglandular Antigen


18. How to abbreviate Neuroglandular Antigen? Get the most popular abbreviation for Neuroglandular Antigen updated in 2021


19. Neuroglandular junction; Synapse between neuron and gland; Structural Classification of Neurons; Anaxonic neurons; Found in brain and sense organs; Bipolar neurons; Found in special sensory organs (sight, smell, hearing) Unipolar neurons; Found in sensory neurons of PNS; Multipolar neurons; Common in the CNS; Include all skeletal muscle motor

Neuroglandular, Neuron, Neurons

20. Cholinergic synapses - Any synapse that releases ACh at all neuromuscular junctions with skeletal muscles fibers, many synapses in CNS, all neuron to neuron synapses in PNS, all neuromuscular and Neuroglandular junctions or ANS parasympathetic division.

Neuromuscular, Neuron, Neuroglandular

21. It disturbs the signal transmission at the neuromuscular and Neuroglandular junction by inhibiting the acetylcholine release from the presynaptic nerve terminal

Neuromuscular, Neuroglandular, Nerve

22. The occurrence of either clear or dense‐cored vesicles at Neuroglandular synapses suggests that at least two types of neurotransmitter substances control the secretion of mucus in the sea anemone pharynx

Neuroglandular, Neurotransmitter

23. Medically, the focus is on modifying the Neuroglandular control of saliva with the use of anticholinergic agents.


24. Neuroglandular synapses Skeletal muscle A neuron may innervate (1) other neurons, (2) skeletal muscle fibers, or (3) gland cells

Neuroglandular, Neuron, Neurons

25. Neuromuscular junction between neuron and muscle Neuroglandular junction

Neuromuscular, Neuron, Neuroglandular

26. Neuroglandular It is the synapse of a neuron and a endo/exocrine gland

Neuroglandular, Neuron

27. What is the abbreviation for Neuroglandular Antigen? What does NGA stand for? NGA abbreviation stands for Neuroglandular Antigen.

Neuroglandular, Nga

28. Location: cerebral cortex, hypothalamus, brain stem, cerebellum, spinal cord, and most neuromuscular and Neuroglandular junctions of sympathetic division of ANS

Neuromuscular, Neuroglandular

29. Since antidotes work differentially, it is helpful to remember that certain cholinergic synapses, notably those in bronchial smooth muscle, exocrine Neuroglandular synapses, and the vagus nerve, are muscarinic whereas others, particularly sympathetic cholinergic synapses and skeletal neuromuscular junctions, are nicotinic

Notably, Neuroglandular, Nerve, Neuromuscular, Nicotinic

30. Here we describe the results of immunocytochemical staining of the Neuroglandular system using an antiserum raised against this synthetic peptide.


31. In many cases, medications with strong correlations to dry mouth act on the central nervous system or at the Neuroglandular junction, the place where a neuron synapses with a gland

Nervous, Neuroglandular, Neuron

32. Three of the best characterized melanoma antigens include the melanoma-associated glycoproteins (MAGs) defined by two reagent families—the ME491 family (including ME491, 8-1H, and 8-2A) and the NKI/C-3 family (including NKI/C-3 and NKI/black-13)—as well as the Neuroglandular antigen (NGA) …

Nki, Neuroglandular, Nga

33. Neuroglandular antigens and coexpression of intermediate filaments Uwe Wollina Departments of Dermatology at the University of Koln, and the University of Jena, F.R.G


34. The neurotransmitter at all synapses and neuromuscular or Neuroglandular junctions in the parasympathetic division of the ANS is (a) epinephrine, (b) norepinephrine, (c) …

Neurotransmitter, Neuromuscular, Neuroglandular, Norepinephrine

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