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2. Nettling (countable and uncountable, plural Nettlings) (ropemaking) A process, resembling splicing, by which two ropes are joined so as to form one rope

Nettling, Nettlings

3. And finally, the smell of burnt Nettlings can deter a multitude of critters as they tend to hone in on the parameters of their vessels


4. Boiling blood, chitterlings, Nettlings or soap


5. Boiling blood, chitterlings, Nettlings or soap


6. Boiling blood, chitterlings, Nettlings or soap


7. Treeman ancient and lvl4 = either Nettlings, cluster of radiants, or scroll


8. Treeman ancient and beasts lvl3 = Nettlings and scroll


9. 2 Nettlings PROFILE Hello, we’re Billy and Jake Nettl of Cambridge How would you describe your business before Nettl? We were a print agency

Nettlings, Nettl

10. The path to this weekend softball reunion between the Nettlings and Fowlers has been both bitter and sweet


11. The assassin charged the very annoying (some might say Nettlings infested) hero and the big Knight unit tried to charge the Wood Elf Battle Standard Bearer (who held her ground, being blu tacked to it)


12. Boiling blood, chitterlings, Nettlings or soap


13. Boiling blood, chitterlings, Nettlings or soap


14. Asari: Treeman, Treeman Ancient (with Nettlings and Murder), Noble Bomb, 3 units of Dryads, 3 units of Bowmen, 2 units of War Dancers, Wyld Riders and Warhawk riders

Nettlings, Noble

15. Highborn with dawnspear, potion of strength and Nettlings would be perfect (225 points)


16. -Eye-bug, useful for allowing Nettlings npcs the ability to see, or even for research and crafting.-Will add more when I get some time

Nettlings, Npcs

17. Boiling blood, chitterlings, Nettlings or soap


18. Our experienced team of Nettlings can help you in printing a huge variety of products, building beautiful websites, any design work required and SEO


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does nettling mean?

Webster Dictionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Nettling Nettling(noun) a process (resembling splicing) by which two ropes are jointed end so as to form one rope Nettling(noun) the process of tying together the ends of yarns in pairs, to prevent tangling Nettling

Is stinging nettle root good for bleeding?

Other products containing stinging nettle root extract or a combination of stinging nettle root, saw palmetto lipoidal extract, pumpkin seed oil, lemon bioflavonoid, and beta-carotene don't seem to improve most BPH symptoms. Bleeding.

Is stinging nettle good for osteoarthritis?

There is evidence that taking stinging nettle by mouth or applying it to the skin might reduce pain in people with osteoarthritis. Research suggests that using stinging nettle might reduce the need for pain medications.

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