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Looking for sentences with "Neritic"? Here are some examples.

1. Foraminifera indicate an outer neritic paleobathymetric setting
2. Zhuanghai district is located in the south of neritic area in Bohai gulf
3. These subfacies are considered to represent respectively the neritic basin the littoral tidal flat and the nearshore fluviolacustrine sedimentary environments
4. The neritic hydrophone is the key part of ocean seismic exploration and its property has direct influence on the quality of seismic data acquisition
5. neritic regions are shallow
6. So the technique and application of neritic hydrophone are paid more attention by geophysicist
7. Fe-Mn ores are confined to the neritic argillaceous-carbonate formation of the Lower Triassic Bocigou Formation and controlled by the stratum and lithology
8. D coal seismic exploration in beach and neritic zone has dual nature of land and offshore exploration Therefore the acquired seismic data are varied greatly in terms of energy frequency and phase
9. In neritic area the variable period reverberation caused by seabed terrain fluctuation is the main disturbance factor to the seis- mic data quality
10. Coquina of shoal facies micrite of neritic facies and sandstone of tidal flat facies may constitute the reservoir rocks in which the fractures serve as reservoir space
11. The bathyal-abyssal facies littoral facies neritic facies and delta facies are beneficial to oil and gas exploration
12. There were mainly neritic shelf and bathyal filling sedimentation in the Pliocene and Quaternary
13. This paper illustrated the data acquisition and processing approaches of -D coal seismic exploration in the beach and neritic zone in LK working area
14. The Dashui gold ore deposit is a super-large and special one found in Triassic carbonate rocks of neritic facies in the south of western Qinling orogenic belt
15. It is an optimizing method to develop offshore field or neritic field and to decrease the development lost
16. Secondary positioning technique is one of key techniques of seismic exploration in neritic transitional zone
17. The environments for the formation of organic material include neritic shelf open water environment and semi-enclosed lagoonal sedimentary environment
18. The Rhopilema esculentum Kishinouye a kind of widely distributed in neritic Cyphozoa belongs to Coelenterata phylum whose mesogloea is mainly composed of collagen
19. Taoyuan gold deposit locates in impurity carbonate rock containing volcanic materials of Lower Carboniferous lower rock formation littoral- neritic facies
20. Sea surface and bottom constituted sound propagation environment of the neritic acoustic duct field
21. Hydrocarbon source rock in Langshan Formation is mainly limestone of neritic facies whose thickness increases toward the depocenters The organic matter is mainly of sapropel type
22. The bathyal - abyssal facies littoral facies neritic facies and delta facies are beneficial to and gas exploration
23. The Mesoproterozoic Tieling Formation in Huailai Hebei province consists principally of an association of littoral- neritic carbonate rocks
24. It is suggested that the sandy lenticular bodies of alluvial flat and neritic facies are favourable reservoir zones for ultra shallow biogas exploration
25. Guantao gas cap reservoir of KD block is located in neritic area of Shengli petroliferous province and its gas formations can't perform systematic well testing on production platform
26. The deposit is located in clastic-carbonate sedimentary formation of neritic facies the Middle Devonian Xihanshui Group Anjiacha Formation
27. The current our country ocean energy develops to make use of with ocean space of overwhelming majority activity is at inshore with very neritic waters
28. 1. Foraminifera indicate an outer neritic paleobathymetric setting: 2. Zhuanghai district is located in the south of neritic area in Bohai gulf: 3. These subfacies are considered to represent respectively the neritic basin the littoral tidal flat and the nearshore fluviolacustrine sedimentary environments: 4.
29. neritic zone in a sentence - Use "neritic zone" in a sentence 1. These bivalves normally live under the surface of sandy and muddy sediments, in the neritic zone. 2. It lives in the Pelagic-neritic zone of the ocean between 61-180 meters deep. click for more sentences of neritic zone
30. neritic definition is - of, relating to, inhabiting, or constituting the belt or region of shallow water adjoining the seacoast.
31. neritic zone, shallow marine environment extending from mean low water down to 200-metre (660-foot) depths, generally corresponding to the continental shelf. neritic waters are penetrated by varying amounts of sunlight, which permits photosynthesis by both planktonic and bottom-dwelling organisms.
32. The neritic zone is the top ocean layer closest to the coastline and above the continental shelf. This zone extends from the intertidal zone (zone between high and low tide) to the edge of the continental shelf of the ocean floor, where the shelf drops off forming the continental slope. The neritic zone is shallow, reaching depths of about 200 meters (660 feet).
33. Define neritic. neritic synonyms, neritic pronunciation, neritic translation, English dictionary definition of neritic. adj. Relating to or inhabiting the ocean waters between the low tide mark and a depth of about 200 meters : neritic plankton.
34. The neritic zone is the relatively shallow part of the ocean above the drop-off of the continental shelf, approximately 200 meters (660 ft) in depth. From the point of view of marine biology it forms a relatively stable and well-illuminated environment for marine life, from plankton up to large fish and corals, while physical oceanography sees it as where the oceanic system interacts with the
35. As adjectives the difference between neritic and oceanic is that neritic is describing a marine environment of shallow waters while oceanic is of or relating to the ocean.
36. At neritic Diving we make sturdy polespears that are guaranteed to withstand rugged use. Every part and piece of the "neritic Big Blue" Polespear is completely interchangeable. This allows our standard package to be assembled as a 5,7,8, or 10 ft pole spear making it perfect for any occasion. Additional sections or roller conversion kits may be purchased, giving you the option to assemble any
37. neritic squid resources and cuttlefish resources in Japan ∗ This paper is the final part of a series of papers on octopuses, oceanic squids, squid fishing methods, and neritic squids. Yutaka Natsukari Faculty of Fisheries , Nagasaki University , 1–14, Bunkyo‐machi, Nagasaki, 852, Japan & Masatoki Tashiro Nagasaki Prefectural Institute of
38. Interesting and Enthralling Facts About the neritic Zone. The ocean is divided into multiple layers; like there are divisions in the Earth and the atmosphere. One such layer of the ocean is known as the neritic zone. ScienceStruck enlists some interesting facts about this zone that is bubbling with life.
39. Shelf life: neritic habitat use of a turtle population highly threatened by fisheries. Robin T. E. Snape. Corresponding Author. Marine Turtle Research Group, Centre for Ecology and Conservation, College of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Cornwall, TR10 9FE UK.
40. Most people chose this as the best definition of neritic: Relating to or inhabiting See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
41. Words created with Neritic, words starting with Neritic, words start Neritic
42. The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased. neritic Deposits shallow-water marine sediments that form in the continental shelf when bottom waters are well aerated. Various types of sediment develop in neritic deposits: detrital, or clastic (shingle, gravel, sand, and aleurites), clay
43. neritic definition, of or relating to the region of water lying directly above the sublittoral zone of the sea bottom. See more.
44. Knowledge application - use your knowledge to answer questions about neritic zones Distinguishing differences - compare and contrast topics from the lesson, such as neritic zones in cool and warm
45. In the nertic zone, photosynthesis occurs readily, nutrients wash in from the land, and the bottom provides shelter and habitat, whereas in the oceanic zone, surface waters typically have lower nutrient concentrations which results in much smaller populations than the more productive neritic zone
46. Definition of neritic in the D dictionary. Meaning of neritic. What does neritic mean? Information and translations of neritic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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