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1. Nerdy is the leading direct-to-consumer, curated gig economy platform for live online learning


2. 11 synonyms of Nerdy from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 30 related words, definitions, and antonyms


3. Nerdy: much given to learning and thinking


4. Nerdy synonyms, Nerdy pronunciation, Nerdy translation, English dictionary definition of Nerdy


5. Nerdy definition, of or like a nerd

Nerdy, Nerd

6. The Nerdy has one focus: To embrace the geek lifestyle in all of its forms by offering news, reviews and unique insights.

Nerdy, News

7. The deal will value Nerdy at $1.7 billion


8. Nerdy celebrates "NERDS" those who are nonconforming, authentic, and true to their passions

Nerdy, Nerds, Nonconforming

9. Nerdy 플래그쉽 스토어 서울 서울특별시 마포구 어울마당로 94-12 T


10. 스트릿 브랜드 Nerdy 공식스토어


11. Are you looking for Freelance Writing Jobs? Nerdyturtlez.Com is one stop solutions for all kind of Freelance Academic Writing Jobs for professional writers.


12. Nerdy Ink has no affiliation with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, J.R.R Tolkien, Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit

Nerdy, No

13. Nerdy’s flagship business, Varsity Tutors, is a two-sided marketplace that matches tutors to students in large, small or 1:1 group environments


14. Things the GW Users and Mods have deemed "Not Nerdy": Books must be fantasy/sci-fi or similar

Not, Nerdy

15. Non Nerdy book posts should remain at /r/gwbooks

Non, Nerdy

16. "Nerdy Glasses" posts


17. There needs to be another reference to something Nerdy

Needs, Nerdy

18. Nerdy Tattoos are awesome and we love them! We ask that posts only featuring only your tattoos be limited to a few posts.


19. Nerdy will have about $300 million in cash and is expected to trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NRDY, the companies said

Nerdy, New, Nrdy

20. ("the Company" or "Nerdy"), a leading direct-to-consumer, curated gig economy platform for live online learning benefiting both learners and experts, has …


21. Nerdy’s core paid solutions and free resources improve access and lower cost barriers to accessing high-quality instruction


22. Nerdy is committed to transforming how people learn through technology and making high-quality personalized learning accessible to all


23. Nerdy’s annualized revenue surpassed $120 million in the second half of 2020.


24. 🐰🐰 Blueberry Streusel & Coco Loco are LIVE!! 🐰🐰 Nerdy Nuts

Nerdy, Nuts

25. Nerdy is a leading curated gig economy and direct-to-consumer platform for learning and live online instruction


26. Nerdy, at the current share price of $11.70, trades at 8.6 times 2022 sales


27. Nerdy - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


28. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Nerdy adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house.": informal (geeky): cerebrito n común nombre común en cuanto al género: Sustantivo que tiene una sola forma para los dos géneros (humorista, comediante, músico).

Nerdy, Noun, Nombre, Nero, Neros

29. Nerdy Quilter Hello, my name is Jennifer Larimore

Nerdy, Name

30. Nerdy (comparative nerdier, superlative nerdiest) (colloquial, derogatory, of a person) Being or like a nerd

Nerdy, Nerdier, Nerdiest, Nerd

31. I got a pair of Nerdy glasses and clothes for Halloween


32. 75.8k Followers, 8 Following, 182 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Nerdy®︎ OFFICIAL JAPAN (@Nerdy_officialjapan)


33. A blank check company backed by private equity firm TPG said on Friday it will take Nerdy Inc public through a merger, in a deal valuing the online learning platform at $1.7 billion.


34. Hilarious Nerdy Shirts are the perfect gift for Geeky Guys and Girls


35. Talk Nerdy to me - Funny love card for valentines day or anniversary, for him, for her, valentine, gamer, boyfriend or girlfriend DeadGoodDoodles


36. To list on NYSE through a business combination with a SPAC TPG Pace Tech Opportunities (NYSE:PACE) at $1.7B valuation; Nerdy has built a comprehensive online learning destination that

Nyse, Nerdy

37. Nerdy: Naturally Exquisite Revolutionary Designing for You! Just a self proclaimed cool, Nerdy, unapologetically dope chick sharing her craftiness with the world

Nerdy, Naturally

38. Nerdy Michelangelo Flask Turtles TMNT Gifts for Him Superhero Geeky Couple Liquor Flask, Bridal Party Favor ShopGeekyMerch


39. 5 out of 5 stars (114) Sale Price $16.98 $ 16.98 $ 19.98 Original Price $19.98" (15% off) Add to Favorites Charmander birthday card / greetings card - cute, Nerdy


40. ‘his slightly Nerdy haircut and glasses’ ‘Adam is a shy, Nerdy college student.’ ‘He's a nice, ordinary guy with enough of a Nerdy streak to explain his social difficulties.’ ‘He describes himself as a "Nerdy" kid whose size worked against him.’ ‘By the end of the season, he ceased to be the Nerdy kid nobody liked.’

Nerdy, Nice, Nobody

41. In Tall, Dark, and Nerdy, we have Olivia (or Vance) as she's lovingly called by her best friend, Oliver, attending senior year in high school without Oliver


42. Nerdy references in Valentine cards can seem like a foreign language to the uninitiated, but that's exactly what can make them so endearing and even intimate


43. Nerdy Joy partnered with Merratie to create discussions around books and lessons from books to help users engage in productive and insightful discussions


44. Introduction: The Nerdy Personality Attributes Scale was developed as a project to quantify what "nerdiness" is

Nerdy, Nerdiness

45. See more ideas about Nerdy valentines, Nerdy, valentines.


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NERDY [ˈnərdē]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it really mean to be a nerd?

Nerd is a term that may be used with pride, or one that may be used in a derogatory sense. A nerd is typically a person of any race who has strong aptitude in the sciences, math, and particularly computer science, and who may also be viewed as out of step with popular culture in matters of dress, or who is socially awkward.

What does a word "nerd" mean?

Nerd definition, a person considered to be socially awkward, boring, unstylish, etc. See more.

What does "nerd" mean to you?

NERD means "Clever but socially awkward person". This is the most common meaning for NERD on social-media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.

What does a 'nerd' look like?

The evolution of the nerd has changed over the years from dweeb-like status, complete with suspenders, glasses, and a bad hair-do, to an appearance so closely related to the average person on the street that they are nearly indistinguishable, until you get them started on one of their obsessions, such as a television show or novel.

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