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1. For these two Nephrotoxins, the transcription of luminal membrane transporters that handle reabsorption of urinary metabolites (e.g., glucose, amino acids, lactate, and 3-hydroxybutyrate) declines, and quantitative analyses suggest that the glucosuria and amino aciduria are caused by the downregulation of sodium-dependent glucose and amino acid …


2. Nephrotoxin: [ nef´ro-tok″sin ] a toxin having a specific destructive effect on kidney tissue.

Nephrotoxin, Nef

3. This page includes the following topics and synonyms: Nephrotoxic Drug, Nephrotoxin, Drug-induced Nephrotoxicity, Medication Causes of Acute Kidney Injury, Medication Causes of Acute Tubular Necrosis, Medication Causes of Interstitial Nephritis, Medication Causes of Glomerulonephritis, Medication Causes of Prerenal Failure, Medication …

Nephrotoxic, Nephrotoxin, Nephrotoxicity, Necrosis, Nephritis

4. The meaning of Nephrotoxin is a cytotoxin that is destructive to kidney cells.


5. A Nephrotoxin is a substance that is in some way damaging to the tissues in the kidneys


6. A Nephrotoxin is an example of a cytotoxin, which is a toxin that has specific effects on cells and important organs


7. Nephrotoxin stewardship ensures a structured and consistent approach to safe medication use and prevention of patient harm


8. Comprehensive Nephrotoxin stewardship requires coordinated patient care management strategies for safe medication use, ensuring kidney health, and avoiding unnecessary costs to improve the use of Nephrotoxins, renally

Nephrotoxin, Nephrotoxins

9. The real question is whether piperacillin-tazobactam has some weak nephrotoxic properties, which become clinically apparent when combined with vancomycin (a card-carrying Nephrotoxin)

Nephrotoxic, Nephrotoxin

10. Nephrotoxin use is common following pediatric CHS


11. While we found no association between high Nephrotoxin exposure and AKI, this may be related to the multifactorial nature of AKI in this population

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12. For many common Nephrotoxins, less injurious agents exist and Nephrotoxin exposure may represent a m …

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13. Definition of Nephrotoxin in the dictionary

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14. What does Nephrotoxin mean? Information and translations of Nephrotoxin in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


15. The Nephrotoxin-related AKI detection system at SCH automatically places orders for serum creatinines on patients who have met criteria for concomitant Nephrotoxin exposure


16. Citrinin was investigated as an antibiotic (Wong and Koehler, 1981), but relative toxicity studies showed that this secondary metabolite acted in animals as a Nephrotoxin (Betina, 1989), damaged the proximal tubules of the kidney (Phillips et al., 1980), and was implicated as a potential causative agent in human endemica Balkan nephropathy

Nephrotoxin, Nephropathy

17. This reduces Nephrotoxin efflux from cell into urine, which may promote accumulation of toxic substances within proximal tubular cells and cause cellular injury via apoptosis or necrosis

Nephrotoxin, Necrosis

18. At risk patients, such as those receiving multiple Nephrotoxins or prolonged Nephrotoxin exposures, can be targeted

Nephrotoxins, Nephrotoxin

19. Nephrotoxin synonyms, Nephrotoxin pronunciation, Nephrotoxin translation, English dictionary definition of Nephrotoxin


20. Nephrotoxin - any toxin that affects the kidneys toxin - a poisonous substance produced during the metabolism and growth of certain microorganisms


21. Nephrotoxin (plural Nephrotoxins) Any nephrotoxic substance

Nephrotoxin, Nephrotoxins, Nephrotoxic

22. Nephrotoxin Induced Acute Kidney Injury (NAKI) Exposure to nephrotoxic medications is common in hospitalized children

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23. Nephrotoxin Induced Acute Kidney Injury (NAKI) is an injury to the kidney which develops within 2 days of exposure to nephrotoxic medications

Nephrotoxin, Naki, Nephrotoxic

24. Description The 2-year fellowship program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy provides a strong foundation in conducting clinical research related to medication safety and Nephrotoxin stewardship with consideration to practical implementation and practice changes.


25. Nephrotoxin definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation


26. Synonyms for Nephrotoxin in Free Thesaurus


27. 1 word related to Nephrotoxin: toxin


28. What are synonyms for Nephrotoxin?



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 · Nephrotoxins can be sub-categorized by type, and while the term “Nephrotoxin” is ubiquitously used to describe pharmaceutical agents capable of causing injury, it is important to remember that non-pharmaceutical Nephrotoxins exist which are capable of causing significant morbidity and mortality.

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30. Nephrotoxin exposure is a common cause of acute kidney injury (AKI) in hospitalized children


31. Commentary” and debate, “Is an Environmental Nephrotoxin the Primary Cause of CKDu (Mesoamerican Nephropathy)? CON,” on pages 602–603 and 596–601 , respectively

Nephrotoxin, Nephropathy

32. Nephrotoxin answers are found in the Taber's Medical Dictionary powered by Unbound Medicine


33. Nephrotoxin: 1 n any toxin that affects the kidneys Type of: toxin a poisonous substance produced during the metabolism and growth of certain …


34. There has been no specific Nephrotoxin identified in lilies to date, and so a presumptive diagnosis is made based upon the finding of the cat eating lily leaves or flowers, and the development of acute renal failure

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35. What Nephrotoxin means in English, Nephrotoxin meaning in English, Nephrotoxin definition, explanation, pronunciations and examples of Nephrotoxin in English


36. Meaning of Nephrotoxin in English: Nephrotoxin


37. See nephrotoxic ‘Management includes correction of fluid and electrolyte levels; avoidance of Nephrotoxins; and kidney replacement therapy, when appropriate.’

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NEPHROTOXIN [nephrotoxin]

Frequently Asked Questions

What medications are nephrotoxic?

Common Nephrotoxic drugs

  • Acetaminophen
  • Aspirin
  • H1 antagonist
  • Cephalosporins
  • Cocaine
  • Diuretics
  • NSAIDs
  • Penicillins
  • Proton pump inhibitors
  • Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors
  • More items...

    Is Robaxin nephrotoxic?

    Robaxin is not associated with UTI nor with decreased urinary frequency. If you are taking other drugs that are nephrotoxic then urinalysis and renal function tests can be advised. Hope I have answered your query. Let me know if I can assist you further.

    What are nephrotoxic drugs?

    Nephrotoxic drugs. Acetaminophen is by far the safest analgesic for patients with renal failure (level V evidence). the relationship might simply be an association since patients with chronic psychotic disorders not treated with lithium are also at higher risk of chronic interstitial nephritis13 (level III evidence).

    What are nephrotoxic Meds?

    The most common drugs that cause DIKD include antibiotics, anti-rejection medications, antiviral agents, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, anti-ulcer agents and chemotherapy. Most studies have defined nephrotoxicity as 0.5 mg/dL or 50% rise in Scr over 24–72 h time frame and a minimum 24–48 h of drug exposure.

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